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Packers LT situation not up in the air

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Here's what Packers coach Mike McCarthy had to say about Chad Clifton's availability for Monday night's game against the Bears. McCarthy took the veteran tackle out of last week's game because of limited mobility due to a sore knee. If he can't start Monday night, rookie Bryan Bulaga will go up against Julius Peppers.

"Chad is making progress," McCarthy said. "He went through practice [Thursday] in a limited fashion, and we'll see how he is [Friday]. I'm hopeful that he'll practice either [today] or for sure Saturday is the plan going into the week. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Preferably [today] over Saturday.

McCarthy was asked if it was still up in the air who would start at left tackle.

"It's never been up in the air," McCarthy said. "Chad Clifton is the starting tackle. If he is medically unable to go, then we'll see what happens, but we won't announce that until game time I am sure."

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Bulaga will probably start, the Packers think he is ready and Clifton has not been good for a couple of years, not to mention his knees are shot.

The only reason they would let Clifton start is because of his contract.

Kevin you get to see a guy that you were raving about pre draft Bryan Bulaga. I know you root for Chicago all the time but doesnt it make you want to watch Bryan Bulaga and see him sucseed?

Your thoughts Kevin "NOT Bumstead" Armstead.

Hmmmm, Kevin raving about a draft prospect? How very odd.

Brando your question seems a bit double edged. Why not just ask Kevin what you want to ask him, instead beating around the bush? I am sure he would be fine if Bulaga were to succeed 14 games out of the year.

Strange thing is, I honestly don't remember Kevin saying much about Bulaga this year he wasn't around during the draft much and he mostly talked about Beadles and Johnson for the Bears. Not to say he didn't like him, I just don't remember it being much of a topic with him. Sense me a Kevin usually talk a ton of draft during our non-combat part of the season you would think I might remember. Hmmm how very strange, I don't remember that. It's a bit of a strange question though isn't it? Why the sudden intrest in if it's ok to root for other teams players?

Brando it's ok if you or anyone wants to like players who are not in Chicago and hope they do well. I am sure you are hoping Clausen does well even though the Bears play the Panthers and I am sure you want Golden Tate to do well even though the Bears play the Seahawks.

We all know what team you root for to. Packer fan, That's why your asking about Bulaga isn't it? Your all excited about your new tackle and want Kevin to reinforce your feelings on the matter because your worried about his first start against Peppers.

You are so busted. Hahahahaha.

All football is good Brando. Do you think your Packers would want any other team as their historical rival other than the Bears?Football= good, except for the Panthers, and maybe the Jags, no wait I am sure of it now the Jags need to go a swell. Stop thining out the talent pool in the nfl.

Try not to freak out to hard it is a joke. Or is it?

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