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Over/under on how many sacks Bears allow

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The website has set the over/under for Cowboys sacks in Sunday's game against the Bears at 2.5.

So what do you take, the over or the under? I'm thinking if the Lions can get four so can the Cowboys. I'd take the over, especially when you factor in crowd noise.

The also set the over/under on how many penalties Alex Barron would draw at one.

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I'd take the over on both!

Over, I would take the over if it was 4.5, I say 5 sacks.

OVER for sure. 4-6 take it to the bank

Over. I think the Cowboys will get to Cutler but only at a price.

Neil do you have any over/under on the Bears take-a-ways or sacks for defence?

Over on the sacks, put me down for 8. As for Barron, he is not starting, so 0 penalties. Unless he lines up for special teams, then he can draw one flag.

Just to be contrary, I'll take under.Cutler will show his mobility, and Romo will find out what Peppers, Anderson, and Harris are all about.

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