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Narrow win over Detroit Lions not looking so bad

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I'm not sure many people are surprised that the Detroit Lions are 0-2.

But, the Lions gave the Philadelphia Eagles today at Ford Field. Yes, the Lions lost 35-32, but the offense put up 444 net yards, and rookie Jahvid Best (who had 36 yards against the Bears) had 232 yards against the Eagles and scored three touchdowns.

Backup quarterback Shaun Hill had 335 passing yards but threw two interceptions to go with his two touchdowns. I think it's safe to assume that Matthew Stafford would have performed better.

Maybe the Eagles defense isn't very good. But, they held the Green Bay Packers under 300 net yards and Aaron Rodgers, projected by many as an MVP candidate, to 188 passing yards and a 73.1 passer rating.

Everyone knows the Lions defense is going to have some problems. But, I firmly believe that if Stafford can get healthy, the Lions offense can be an explosive one that can put up some big numbers.

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True dat Sean!

By Creighton on September 17, 2010 11:16 AM
Cowboys will run over the Bears, Colombo and Davis will abuse Anderson and Harris. Cowboys defense is to good and they will run at will on the Bears. Bears will put up some yards in the passing game but not the points to go with it. 24-13 Boys.

Wrong, wrong and WRONG again Creighton! Open mouth, insrt foot! I love it!!!

You hated the Martz hiring, you thought Bowman was n't a "football player" and you slamm every dude in a Chicago uniform. on e word: WRONG!

Go root for the Packers cheesehead loser!@!!

The Detroit win is what is (lucky) but the Bears left a lot of points on the field in that game. I bashed Lovie for the Coaching but it shoulkdn't have come down to the catch.

This Lions team is going to surprise some people when they get it all together.

Shaun Hill doesn't suck.....the bears are a very good defense.
The reason Dallas put up so many yards is because the bears d shut down the running game

By Reality Check!!! on September 19, 2010 7:30 PM

True dat Sean!

By Creighton on September 17, 2010 11:16 AM
Cowboys will run over the Bears, Colombo and Davis will abuse Anderson and Harris. Cowboys defense is to good and they will run at will on the Bears. Bears will put up some yards in the passing game but not the points to go with it. 24-13 Boys.

Wrong, wrong and WRONG again Creighton! Open mouth, insrt foot! I love it!!!

Hey reality Check-

"Crybaby Creighton" won't be around for awhile... He has too much crow to eat.

He and the rest of the Negative crew will probably change s/names.
Misery loves company and Morrissey, Telander, Biggs, Dave Haugh, Pompei, all will be stumped to write something positive.

Watch it, I predict "Crybaby Creighton" will come back with a long dissertation. Blah, blah blah blah... dude has ZERO credibility..

Hey Sean, do you think MAYBE the Eagles overlooked the Lions.

I bet you still wearing your "Purple" undies Sean. Old man Favre looking pretty old right now.

BTW You play the teams that's on your schedule, that's all you can do.

Hey, hey, G. That's getting awfully personal. But, in hopes of defending myself from these constant attacks that I'm a "fan of the Vikings" because I covered them for 10 years, I must insist that I'm wearing black boxer briefs.

That's all.

By Sean Jensen on September 19, 2010 9:27 PM

Hey, hey, G. That's getting awfully personal. But, in hopes of defending myself from these constant attacks that I'm a "fan of the Vikings" because I covered them for 10 years, I must insist that I'm wearing black boxer briefs

Good to see you have a sense of humor. However I meant what I said in my reply to your email. Censorship is kind of wrong (IMO).

The "Negativity" of you writers and most bloggers was just sickening, these past 2-weeks. I look forward to posters like-
"Cry baby Creighton"
and a few others jumping back on board this week, and your fellow writers eating CROW, all week.

Welcome to Chicago...

I don't want anyone to be upset, but we just can't let people say anything they want on here. And, ultimately, Neil and I have to approve all your comments. We both try to stay on top of this, as much as possible, and not let too much time pass.

Believe, there have been some really ridiculous comments that we just can't have posted in this forum. Many of those, though, do come from "Anonymous" people. I appreciate that most of you put your name on your comments. I think that's one of the great strengths of this forum.

Hope everyone understands.

Well, I gotta get back to eating my "crow," as Gee suggested.

Hey Cry-ton if you were so sure the Bears would lose then why don't you become a fan of the Cry-boys????

"In fact I (Creighton) am so sure that Angelo will not get him [Cutler] that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck... First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

Hmmm still waiting...

Well I am still here and I already posted hours ago so, I would say I am not hiding from anything. Not sure what I would need to hide from. Unlike you too who are both new posters from out of the blue. I would say you are doing the hiding. Bears have 14 games to go, I don't think they will make the playoff's. Good game plan today though. But I have seen enough.

By the way wrong again? About what who would win the game? Oh well let's see who goes to playoff's.

I didn't see either of your predictions. What a surprise don;t even have the guts to make them. By the way I was not really that wrong. Cause I did write this. Had an argument wit ha cowboy fan right here on this blog.

By Creighton on September 16, 2010 1:22 AM
Well Partyup, Peppers is as good as Ware but he does play a different position. Put Ware in a 4-3 scheme and let me know what his numbers are, same for Peppers at ROLB. Oh and Free has never faced Peppers, he needed help against Orakpo, this is not Flozell in his prime so don't kid yourself. True last year he did not have a great game against the Boys but he was also not playing all that hard. In 2007 he did not play against the Boys. In 2005 he had 3 sacks against them, in 03 he had a sack, and in 2002 he had 3 sacks against them. So in 3 out 5 games against the Boys he had good games.

As for Coverage. It depends where the recievers line up. It's usually not the same guy all game long. Calvin Johnson is better than anyone on the Cowboys and he didn't do much. So it can be done. Bryant is a nice young reciever but watch his game, he doesn't know how to run routs yet and Roy Williams hasn't tried to be good in years. Bears play zone a lot of the time so more that one Bear corner will have help over the top. Tillman is very solid and Bowman is a question mark. Urlacher is one the best coverage LB's in NFL history. He, Pisa and Briggs will be on JW most of the time, and JW didn't exactly explode in his first week and he is not used in the endzone very often. The Boys really only have one stud reciever and JW. Not to say it's not enough, but it really depends on if they get the run game going and stay with it. If that happens the Boys can be a lot more effective in the recieving game. Game planning is the key to this game. The dropped the running game last week for no reason and it was working. Who knows what's going on with them.

I do like Ware though, I like Ratliff better but I like 3-4 defenses, but that's just me and while those guys are great, it doesn't make Peppers bad. He has been a great player for a long time. I will ask you again why is a Cowboys fan hangging out on a Bears blog. We all know they are 20 point favs or whatever and should win the game rather easily, but if they don't what a sorry place you will be in. The Bears don't really have anything to lose. Last I checked nobody considers them a real playoff team, nobody is picking them as a super bowl fav, and if they have a bad season we can get rid of Lovie and crew, and if they win we win. It's win win for us, but for your team, Super Bowl favs, all that talent and yet they manage to come up short every year. I don't think your boys are that good, and the Giants are better than them. The last team to win the Super Bowl in your DIV and you already lost a DIV game to an under dog. The Bears are under dogs too, be cearful what you wish for. To bad your team was not as smart as Baltimore and didn't grab Boldin, enjoy Roy Williams. Hahahaha

Still not a great O-Line in Dallas either, even when healthy at least not for passing.

Still saying Peppers is not good is ludacris. Also how would you know who is or is is not affraid of the Bears LB's what are you in the mind of ever coach in the nfl. What kind of crazy claim is that? By the way Spencer is not in Peppers league and who said they are the best LB tandem in the league? Heck Washingtons Tandem looked better than your guys and Harrison a Former Defensive player of the year and Woodley are also better, not to mention all 4 of their LB's are better than your teams 4. The best player on your defense is Ratliff. Why do you think the year Ratliff became a starter Ware saw his numbers take a big jump. Not saying the Boys have a bad defense they are great, but please their are damn good players around the NFL and Spencer and Ware are not the only guys. Trent Williams shut down Ware more than once last week and he is a rookie a good rookie but a rookie none the less. It happens all the time if it didn't Ware would have sack on every down. Cooley did a nice job on Ware too.

I am eating CROW as well.

I was definitely on the negative train up till right now. Didn't think there was enough from the O-line. Didn't think we could run the ball (we can't so far, but we may not have to). Didn't think there was enough from the receivers, but they have shown a lot.

BUT!!!! The best surprise so far has been the defense. Sure, they gave up a lot of yardage. But, they forced 3 turnovers, and put a hurtin on Dallas physically. The threat of Peppers clearly is enough for the D-line. Urlacher is a future hall of famer, and he has been everywhere so far. Dallas was forced to be one-dimensional for the entire game.

I am not ready to say the Bears are definitely going to the playoffs just yet, but they look good so far. Right now, they look better than anyone in the NFC East, the AFC East, and anyone else on the schedule sans Green Bay.

BIG BIG BIG GAME NEXT MONDAY!!! Turnovers will be the story.

Sean TMI, and I wouldn;t tell these guy that kind of stuff. They tend to get a little to excited. And yes the Lions are better than some people think. But some of us already knew that.

I hear ya, Creighton. Just trying to keep it light.

I did write in my season preview, though, that the Lions offense would be much improved... It was inevitable, given the number of premium players they've gotten with high draft picks!

That's right hold "Cry Baby Creighton's" hand Sean.

I know he must feel like an "idiot" about now.

He was the poster's ring leader of the "negative ninnie" crew, the last few weeks.
It must be killing him to be SO WRONG, about where this team would be after today. Hey crybaby Creighton, you can climb back aboard the bandwagon. Nuff room for ya, plenty jumped off, but are too afraid to show themselves...

Hey Sean Pass him a bowl of that "Crow"- while you at it...

Sorry Creighton but that's what you get for being so bold and brash all the time. I don't think it's working out for you pretending to be a football expert. But maybe you can go back to your old job?

I want Orton back! Throwing perfect deep balls and passing for more then one touchdown a game isnt bears football!

So, that's what it's like to have a real OC. After years of waiting for Turner's "halftime adjustments" that turned out to be half adjustments timed too late, the Bears got someone in Martz who can change their gameplan within the game. Fantastic.
Yet Creighton, you state: "I have seen enough."? Sometimes you come off as knowledgeable, sometimes you come across as a real grump, (to put it nicely in the friendly spirit of the forum!) That statement takes the cake for me. You've seen enough to know the Bears aren't a playoff team? How is that exactly? How does a fan of a team say that?

I know, now the pundits will come out with the usual excuses for the win that Dallas (suddenly) isn't a good team. Hogwash. They are a good team with great players across the board, but the Bears were better coached, and had key players step into difficult roles i.e. Omiyale who does deserve a lot of credit regardless of what Creighton thinks. I think I'll take Kreutz's word on this one when he said, "Frank's our MVP this week."

Highs -Wow, a Bears coach that can make adjustments! When's the last time we saw that around here. Great job by Martz. And Cutler was pretty close to perfect. There should be a special category for fumbles caused by a right jab. If so, Tillman goes to the Hall of Fame. The defense was hitting hard.

MIddles - Hester was Jeckly and Hyde. Some great plays but then he drops the passes that hit him in the hands and he is officially terrible at punt returns. O-line came together great throughout the game, but still no holes to run through.

Lows - Despite the hard hits, I"m not sold on this defense. The Cowboys stopped themselves more than the Bears did. Not much of a pass rush and third and long conversions are still way too common. Maybe Marinelli can talk to Martz on how to make some adjustments.

"By Brando on September 17, 2010 2:15 PM
Bears-38 Cowboys-20. Early mistakes by the Cowboys will haunt them in the first half. The Bears will have the lead at half time and never look back."

Besides the Bears score I was on the money on this game. Next monday vs the Packers will be tough. Both teams need to bring their jock because whoever wins next week is atop of the NFC North all by themselves.

By the way Creighton that was a really bad cover and change of subject to not even tell yourself that you were wrong. You will be wrong all year and your gonna hear it all year. Yes I do see the Bears as a playoff team.

The Bears D is looking like the 2005 and 2006 D of old. The Bears held a high power Dallas offense to 13 points. 13 points!
Dallas was suppose to be the power house offense not Da Bears.

Lets go Bears.

ahhh....ohhhh SHOOT!! dar n itr dar ni t darn it!!!the bears won agian??? ahhhh!!!!!

fine. you win this time brando. you ans your so called "bears fans" but ill be back....oh yes i will soon the bears will loose and i T HE GREAT CRAP-TON WIL RETURN IN MALL MY GLORY!!!!! I GIVE FACTS!!AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

but you guys now me old rap-ton...just trying ot be posative..

ps ill be my pink panties tha is! :)

I love the Bears. And I hate the Cowboys with a passion. That being said, yesterday's game ROCKED.

Going into Dallas and slapping the Cowboys around is no easy task, even if they are in some slump. That team is loaded with talent. Even the usually wooden Lovie was shown trying to fight back a huge grin because he knew how significant that win was.

The Bears were pretty much flawless in their execution.

I think the thing I loved the most, besides the win, was seeing the defense actually crack some heads. They haven't looked like that since their last few winning seasons like Brando said. Chris Harris, Urlacher, Briggs...these Bears are out of hibernation and boy are they hungry. Give some props to young nickeback D. J. Moore too.

On offense, Martz is a frickin' genius. Unlike the Turner days, I find myself unable to predict the play calls. He and Cutler may be the cockiest SOBs in the League and their pairing is working. I mean, 3rd and forever and they hit Knox for a 59 yarder!? Wow! Turner would have called a receiver screen.

Creighton, just how do you not see these Bears as a playoff team? I think they are. You got on me about seeing some positives in the preseason now I have to return the favor on you being so negative during the regular season when things are looking up. This is a good team so enjoy it because as you well know, they don't last forever.

Lastly, I expected to see Armstead post on here but he probably hasn't moved from his spot in front of the TV since 3 P.M. yesterday, eerily grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Give him time though, the euphoria will eventually wear off. Any second now. I'm sure of it. I think?

Hey Gee, you have never been on this blog before. And the only talk you have done about the team is after the game. "Yeah I knew that happen, totally called it" To bad you didn;t write it down before the game. Boy you sure know a lot after the game.

Keep talking boys cause after the season is over none of you will be here. You will change your screen names again and pretend like you knew something.

Nice call Brando.

You wan't to know why I don;t think they are playoff team? Fine.

Dallas did more to lose on offense then the Bears did on defense, over 400 yards of offense?

The two teams the Bears have beat have zero wins between them.

The offense can't run the ball.

The offense has been horrible on third downs 1-11 this week.

The defense was bad and has been bad on third downs.

They have yet too play a team who is actually playing well.

The offensive line can't pass block and needs constant help.

They basically lost a game to Detroit that the officials handed them.

Their big statment game came against a team that scored 1 TD against the Skins.

While the LB's have been active and very good, the D-Line has done jack.

When both your lines are not playing that well, and your QB is constantly getting hit it makes it hard to get to the playoffs.

The only hope for this team is on Cutler and Martz. However no QB is going to be healthy enough to make it through a full season when he is on pace for over 80 knockdowns. Eventually all those hits add up.

Creighton, your response to these guys indicates that they are getting to you.Don't overreact. As Bear fans we do need to see the positives and somewhat underestate the negative. I picked the Bears to win by more than they did both games, but at least they did win.I'm picking them to beat the Packers Monday as well, but Statistics would indicate that the Pack should win by two or more touchdowns.

I too am a huge Bears fan. You know, 2 kids named after Bears, haven't missed a game since 1976, my family all knows that if you're married or buried and there is a game on..well, you'll get a card. In both cases, a sympathy one. But being a fan of a team is not putting on rosey colored glasses and chugging the blue and orange kool-aid. This is not a good team.
They beat the Lions because they're a better team than the Lions. {Oh yeah, that Gearheadboy did list the ways the Lions had improved this past off season just this past week.} They beat the Cowboys because they outcoached them on a game plan level. Did any of you watch any of the post game prognostication yesterday? It wasn't how the Bears BEAT the cowboys, but how the Cowboys beat themselves. To a certain extent it p'd me off. But on the other hand they're right. Deon and Irvin were talking about how the Cowboys are trying to run too many weapons in and out of the game not allowing a RB to get into a rhythm. It is also not allowing Romo to get into a rhythm.
I would take their WR's over ours any day. The TE comparison isn't even worth mentioning at this point, and as a whole, I would take their defense over the Bears. There are some exceptions. Briggs being one.
2 wins do not hide the fact that your OL is horrible and you still can't run the ball. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how both defenses were suckered by the play action fake yesterday. It also doesn't hide the fact that your WR's are average at best. Yes, Hester made a great catch. And for you Calvin Johnson backers, THAT is how you complete the process. And Yes, Knox made a nice catch on the bomb, but these guys are just average and some might get some decent numbers from being in this system. If you think your WR's scare people, just look at how much the past 2 teams blitzed the Bears. They aren't concerned with the underneath routes or doubling deep if they're blitzing LB's and safeties. 2 wins also doesn't hide the fact that your defense still can't stop a 3rd and long. And where was Peppers yesterday? Did he make the plane ride? Mark Anderson is still Mark Anderson. A great cheerleader, but a mediocre DE. Tillman slipped so many times on artificial turf {DRY artificial turf for that matter} that I thought he was wearing those shoes kids wear with the rollers on the bottom. And 2 wins doesn't hide the fact that your QB is getting beat up out there. Wouldn't it be typical Bear's fan luck to finally have a QB that matures in a system designed for his best attributes and have him lost due to injury?
As I told the West Virginia football fans last week after Marshall choked them a win. "Your goal is not to beat Marshall. Your goal is the national championship." Same applies to the Bears. Their goal is not to beat the Lions, or the Cowboys, or the pack for that matter. It's to win a Super Bowl and do everything in their power as a management team and coaching staff to accomplish that goal. Would I like to see them win every game? of course, who wouldn't. Winning that "next game" approach was Dave Wannstedt's and I hated it.

Kudos to Cutler and Martz, a tremendous game plan on offense. I would like to see the tight end Olsen dialed up more often, he was wide open a few times.

The defense again did pretty well, sometimes a little soft with the coverage allowing some 3rd downs but overall a great job. Special teams however did a surprisingly poor job of coverage allowed a punt return for TD. Still worried that the pass rush is getting some push but certainly is not being dominant with sacks and pressure.

Without the punt return the defense only gave up 13 points and in the NFL that will win most games during any year.

Go Bears, kick the Pack back to Rush Limbaugh field after the Monday night affair in Chicago.

Creighton, just admit you were wrong.

Stats don't reveal everything. While you have some good observations, you're excessive negativity blinds you.

@Creighton: Dallas did more to lose on offense then the Bears did on defense, over 400 yards of offense?

You don't understand the Cover 2

@Creighton: The two teams the Bears have beat have zero wins between them.

And only two games have been played. The Bears are responsible for half of those teams losses. This argument is ridiculous.

@Creighton: The offense can't run the ball.

You don't understand the Mike Martz offense.

@Creighton: The offense has been horrible on third downs 1-11 this week.


@Creighton: The defense was bad and has been bad on third downs.

The defense was only bad on third downs. They made big plays.

@Creighton: They have yet too play a team who is actually playing well.

No one played well in week one, including the Bears. The Cowboys weren't playing that badly. Tillman FORCED those turnovers. That's not poor play by Dallas, that's great play by Chicago.

@Creighton: The offensive line can't pass block and needs constant help.


@Creighton: They basically lost a game to Detroit that the officials handed them.

Not true. There were 30 seconds on the clock. The Bears had timeouts and pro-bowl returners and field goal kickers.

@Creighton: Their big statement game came against a team that scored 1 TD against the Skins.

So a road win in Dallas, a trendy superbowl pick and playoff team from 2009 isn't a quality win?

@Creighton: While the LB's have been active and very good, the D-Line has done jack.

Not true. No one sacks Romo. They did a good job containing a powerful Dallas running game.

Right on Creighton! You let them stupid Bears fans know just how bad their team is. Say it with me now Go Packers!!!

Thank you estevenj for the common sense. Gearheadboy is starting to sound a bit like Creighton Jr. If you look at what the Cowboys offense did: lots of yards, few if any big plays. Max run was 8 yards, max pass play was 28 yards. The cover two puts the plays in front of them, stopping the big play-- bend don't break. Yes it's frustrating sometimes as a fan when you see the other team move up and down the field, but if a team of as talented as the Cowboys can only put 13 points on your defense, you are all good. They weren't sputtering, playing badly or any of the same old excuses. They were playing well, but got scared and got beaten up.
O.k. it's two games, too early for a realistic prognosis but I like where this team is going. Is there any team out there at the moment that doesn't have kinks in the armor?

estevenj I didn't say it was a bad win, I said it was a good win. I just don;t trust this team yet. They still have to many problems, yes some of them can be fixed. If they beat the Packers on monday night, I won't have to admit I wrong. I will be wrong.

As for this

@Creighton: "The defense was bad and has been bad on third downs.

The defense was only bad on third downs. They made big plays."

I didn't say the defense was bad I was only refering to third downs there.

I also don't think this was a statement game. Beating a struggling team at home, who has problems with coaching and scoring is not a statement game. Beating the Packers on Monday night football is a statement game. I don't care if Dallas is a trendy pick, they stink right now. And don't tell me they played well against the Lions, they literally missed like 4 easy scoring chances and made a ton of mistakes.

Beat the Packers, defend your turf and I will be eating a lot of Crow. For this year. Not the last 3 though, I was right those years.

Tell me how beating a non-division team, who is playing like garbage is a statement game. They have 7 more road games are those all statement games too? I thought the Packers where the Bears rivals and a trendy Super Bowl pick, and playing well, and the Bears play them on monday night. That seems like a statement game to me. Not beating a team by one score that can't get out of it's own way, or nearly beating yourself in week one.

The Vikings where a Super Bowl fav coming to the season but boy they do not look like it. Same as Dallas. Playing like garbage. Niether team has an offense and can't execute on offense, but both have good defenses and zero wins.

To all the Haters. It's going to be a long cold winter.
This team will get better and better as the season advances.

By Creighton on September 17, 2010 11:16 AM
Cowboys will run over the Bears, Colombo and Davis will abuse Anderson and Harris. Cowboys defense is to good and they will run at will on the Bears. Bears will put up some yards in the passing game but not the points to go with it. 24-13 Boys.

Paul what's the matter last week you had them scoring 47, only 33 this week?

By Creighton on September 20, 2010 3:35 PM
"I also don't think this was a statement game. Beating a struggling team at home, who has problems with coaching and scoring is not a statement game. Beating the Packers on Monday night football is a statement game. I don't care if Dallas is a trendy pick, they stink right now."

Creighton you say the Boys will run all over the Bears now you say that the Bears winning this game was NOT a satement. Well by the way you predicted the game if the Bears won then it would be a big statement.
Your a joke and you statements you made prove it. Before sounding like a jackass study the team the Bears play. I seen the Cowboys were mistake prone and what i did say was not way to far fetched. you on the other hand make "meatball" predictions on what the media feeds ya.

I like how you still think of week one as a "win". That's loyalty!

Gotta agree with Creighton here......

- Bears can't run the ball
- Bears can't convert on 3rd down consistently
- Defensive front four cannot get pressure alone (necessary in the Cover 2)
- Offensive line cannot consistently keep Cutler upright
- Secondary still getting regularly burned

Teams that can't run and can't convert on 3rd down don't win enough games to make the playoffs.

Remember fans, the Bears were 3-1 last year before imploding. I figure they'll be 4-3 at the bye week, then 3-6 the rest of the way. The latter half of the schedule (like last year) is brutal.
Cutler will get injured at some point - or at least dinged-up enough that it will affect his performance. Our smaller players will wear down as the season goes on (a Lovie-Angelo trademark).

Any team the Bears play that doesn't turn the ball over, doesn't take stupid penalties, and has a decent passing attack will win. On defense, all they have to do is rush 3 and drop 8, Cutler will have no chance (and will probably get sacked).

Oh by the way, nice draft choice on Chris Willams Angelo.....the Bears will probably release him like Columbo and he'll flourish elsewhere.......

If anyone is interested in a new way to get your Sunday highlights, here it is. I'll be dropping this online every Monday morning by 8 AM. Enjoy


#1: I am no one's 'Jr". I have my own original thoughts and it's funny, you don't refute anything I say, just call me a name. Which is getting pretty popular on here. Another seemingly new poster talking about stats. Must be some beer gut patting, tight Ditka jersey wearing, sports wannabee.
At any point in the game when the Bears had the Cowboys in 3rd and long were you confident they were going to come off the field? I wasn't. And the 2 interceptions were deflections off of tipped balls, not a result of shutting down the receiver(s). And here we are 90 some million dollars later and this defense still can't muster a pass rush without blitzing. Those are facts and if I am branded a "hater" for telling the facts, then so be it. Now we have some guy explaining how the cover 2 is a bend but don't break defense. Wow, next post he will tell us that hot wings are You were probably one of the ones back in the pre-season who was on the "run Lovie and his defense out of Chicago" bandwagon. Now after 2 wins, you're polishing Lovie's shoes. Keep drinking the Kool-aid and wearing those rose colored glasses, the view is excellent.


Dear lord there has to be a way to summarize your thoughts. At least when Creighton goes off on a million word rant it's funny. Your's are just boring and, you could learn to make use of the return key.

I love how you focus in on all the negatives and the bad stats and, in your mind, all the Bears' good plays they got "lucky" on.

But here's the most important stat of all. Ready? They won.

Just what the hell did you expect from the game? For them to hold Tony Romo to 0 net yards, register 20 sacks, have Forte run for 200 yards...? Guess what, we faced a good football team on their turf, we fought in a battle that could have gone either way and it wasn't pretty but we won. This isn't a video game and winning in the NFL is a hard thing to do.

One last thing...

"At any point in the game when the Bears had the Cowboys in 3rd and long were you confident they were going to come off the field? I wasn't."

Seriously? Who gives a rat's @$$ how you felt on 3rd and long? Go write a Chicken Soup for the Neurotic Fan's Soul if it will make you feel better.

Gearheadboy: my apologies for the name calling. I don't like it either and it seems pretty puerile.
As for your other comments, no I'm from the South originally which is maybe why I think I understand a character like Lovie. The man has a lot of pride, is stubborn and is loyal to a fault. I know Chicago loves the loud mouth characters, but I've always really respected Lovie for his cheery disposition and stoicism in adversity. It's a Southern thing I guess. I actually didn't become a fan of the Bears until I moved to Chicago in 2005 either, something about the history of the team and the quality of their head coach I really liked.
Now, onto the game. I think the defense absolutely does generate a pass rush without a blitz. Ask Romo. The guy was misfiring consistently in the second half, always scrambling. O.k. they didn't sack him, but sometimes the stats lie. Sacks help, but pressure can win a game. You don't think he heard the footsteps and that he had all day to pass? Did we see the same game?
Yes, the Bears aren't perfect and two games don't mean a thing later in the season but Dallas did not beat themselves and they aren't a bad team like Creighton and ESPN/SI and other sycophants currently claim.


Calm down and put your crying towel down. I will even double space if you quit whining. I think I do a d**m fine job of expressing my thoughts. And hey, let me clue you in on something. Since you seem to be the one who has the video game delusion...for the defense, 3rd and long should matter. And I am sure for the real fan, it matters as well.

{There, you happy?} If you read these posts at all or even bother to listen to Chicago sports talk radio, you would see/hear that I give credit where credit is due. And I merely brought up the negatives because:

A: {You still happy, Mike?} They're the facts

B: It is the glaring negatives that are going to derail this team. This isn't 2006 where the OL was younger, better, Grossman was on fire the first quarter of the year, and Thomas Jones was a beast (sorry Kevin). I'll take Cutler in a heartbeat, but if you can't run the ball when you have a lead, you're doomed to fail because you can't rely on your pass defense to get you the ball back.


I watched the game again last night and honestly don't know what you were watching. Romo didn't missfire much, he threw for over 400 yards. And I posted my last post before the last blog entry showing where the Bear's rank both offensively and defensively. Outside of the last drive against Detroit and I think less than 100 yards by Stafford in the 1st half of that game, the Bear's have dropped to 28th against the pass pretty much due to the cowboys game. And other than the Bowman hit on Romo, they didn't really even touch him. There wasn't a stat line during the game of how many times Romo had been hit or knocked down like there was with Cutler. Once again, watch the game. Any time the cowboys wanted to throw the ball to Austin or Bryant on that 15-20 yard crossing route, it was there. A missed FG {very makeable}, 2 tipped interceptions {both in Bear's territory} and a punched out fumble. I would say that constitutes beating yourself.

No one wants to see the Bears win more than me, but I am not going to ignore the facts.

eugene I never said the Cowboys beat themselves, I said the Bears almost beat themselves against Detroit.

Yes Brando I thought the Cowboys would get it together for their home opener and beat the Bears. By he way the runs up the middle where working. Then the Cowboys got cute and brought in Jones. The fact is the beat a team with a lot of talent that is playing really bad football.

Would you call the way the Cowboys have been playing good football?

Also Brando at no time did I ever say the Cowboys game was a statement game. I have said the Packers game would be the game. The Bears and the media claimed it was a statment game. Show me one place I ever said it was as you claim I said.

Gearheadboy: So you don't think Peanut punching the ball out, Chris Harris annihilating Roy Williams, and DJ Moore making an INT had anything to do with the turnovers?

Did Dallas just lay down and hand the ball to Chicago? Is that how the game went down? 'Cause that's what it sounds like you're saying.

The Bears did not play well in certain phases of the game. Dallas did not play well in certain phases of the game. The Bears won. It is over. L for Dallas. W for Chicago.

I am with Creighton on the pass-protection and third down issues on both sides of the ball with Chicago (I understand your post now Creighton BTW)

But for both of you, the whole "they didn't play well argument" is really pretty stupid.


THERE ARE VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS. See Chicago v. Arizona 2006

Also, in a 16 game schedule, every game is a statement game ... until the next game :)



You have to READ what I said. Don't assume what I said. And like I said before...GO BACK AND WATCH THE GAME AGAIN.

First off, Harris' hit on Roy Williams, although a great hit, didn't cause a fumble. And the 2 DJ Moore INT's, were tipped balls from somewhat badly thrown balls...not from great man on man coverage of the Bears...hence the term "beating yourself." Ask any coach and he will tell you that if a runner/receiver has the ball tucked away and it gets jarred lose from a hard helmet on ball hit, he can pretty much live with that, but any coach will tell you that a ball should never get punched out and if it does, it's due to not tucking it away. Once again, great play by Tillman, he does it quite often, but in every case {Packers, James Jones a couple of years ago, I think Peterson last year, and Williams on Sunday} the player didn't have the ball secured properly.

I never said they didn't play well. I brought up certain facts {that no one has yet to dispell} regarding certain areas that didn't go well. Such as 3rd and long, run blocking, and a pass rush. Am I happy they won? of course, it's a much more calm atmosphere in the Gearhead household when they do. But my goal is the Super Bowl, and EXPECTING the GM and coaching staff to put together the best pieces to accomplishing that goal. For the past 3 years, they haven't done that and part of that has been Lovie's stubborn pride. The other part of that has been Angelo's lack of talent evaluation and poor drafting.

Back as late as 3 weeks ago, I would guess that 90% or better of the people posting on here wanted Jerry, Lovie, marinelli, and Phillips gone. I have to imagine with those percentages, that some of you that are trying to blast me were part of that contingency. I was and still am of the mindset that Angelo, Lovie, and Phillips should go. I have made my feelings on Marinelli known. If the Bears go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl, then Lovie is here to stay and good for him, but whether or not they win the SB, I want Angelo gone. If, by miracle, the Bears make it that far it will be in spite of Angelo, not because of him.

Once again, good debate.

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