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Mulligan: Olsen could still be dealt

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In case you missed it, this is an excerpt from Mike Mulligan's column today. Here's the link:

The 53-man roster is due Saturday afternoon, so the Bears have been making the league rounds on the off-chance they can get a draft pick for one or two of the guys they're going to cut or choose among. That's just standard operating procedure. But a league source said Tuesday there is still talk that tight end Greg Olsen is available. Olsen trade talks heated up at the owners meetings in March, and the team thought there was a deal to be made with the New England Patriots on draft day, only to see them grab a tight end in the second round and come back the next day for another in the fourth round.

Since then, there has been nothing but tireless propaganda about the way Olsen fits into Mike Martz offense. Now, it seems possible that the struggles of 2008 first-round pick Chris Williams could lead to a trade of 2007 first-round pick Olsen because newly minted veteran tight end Brandon Manumaleuna has to play as an extra blocker. The problem remains the Bears' reluctance to trade Olsen for anything less than a second- to third-round pick despite his market value being roughly a fifth-round pick. The situation is complicated by Cutler's friendship with Olsen, who has received favored-receiver status with the quarterback.

An Olsen trade might be just the distraction needed if the Bears are going to cut one of three former third-round picks currently on the bubble: RB Garrett Wolfe, DL Jarron Gilbert and WR Juaquin Iglesias. It's painful to give up on draft picks, no doubt, but the easiest way to ruin a franchise is by magnifying one mistake by making another, making a bad selection and then keeping the guy because he's a draft pick.

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Sure, get rid of Olsen so the new coach next year will be without a TE that can catch. Here's a better idea, trade Williams for a LT that can block and keep Olsen, the bears best reciever.

Newly minted veteran tight end Brandon Manumaleuna was gonna be an extra blocker regardless, Chicago should still hold onto Greg Olsen, Olsen's ability as a receiver from his tight end position still adds another dimension to Chicago's offense. Also, I doubt theres anything out there worth trading Olsen for, trading Olsen would only take talent away from Chicago's offense, and thats never a good thing.

I think Garrett Wolfe's days in Chicago are numbered, its starting to look like 2nd year runner Kahlil Bell is pretty much locked in as the #3 back. Wolfe's a good special teams player, but is simply not an NFL caliber running back. Bell seems like he'd be a better option as an every down back if the injury bug were to ever come after Forte & Taylor, thats the bottom line and why Wolfe is probably gonna be the odd man out.

Cutting 2nd year end/tackle Jarron Gilbert wouldn't surprise me. Gilbert has been a disappointment because he never developed into the under tackle Chicago thought he would when they brought him in. Henery Melton seems to have the inside track as Chicago's #2 option at the three technique. Gilbert is at defensive end, and this years 4th rounder Corey Wootton may make Gilbert expendable?

As far as receiver Juaquin Iglesias, I wouldn't give up on him just yet. Iglesias has nice hands and good size at 6-1 210lbs, and Chicago needs a couple bigger receivers like Iglesias for down on the goal line, I'd keep him around GO BEARS!!

Olsen should have been traded long time ago, before the draft when he had any value. Let's face it, his an average TE at best. Can't block worth squat, no matter who coaches next year.

In order to run the Martz Offense, the TE has to block majority of the time. Guys like Clark, Manumaleuna and Davis are more valuable for this offense. If the Bear's want this offense to be successful, they need the extra blocker to help out the offensive lineman and running backs. Trade him for an offensive lineman or draft picks asap, cut all ties and move on. Let Martz run his offense the way he knows to make it productive.


You have got to be kidding me?! Des Clark has been the best hands on the team for the last five years, and the team/coaches will agree with that. He can't stretch the defense, and he's not quick, but he sure can catch the ball. Johnny Knox is also a much better receiver than Olsen. I really don't know why you think Olsen is worth keeping around. Maybe you have images in your head of a great play Olsen made, but honestly, he is just a major disappointment. I just posted on here a few days ago that I wanted Guard Ben Grubbs in the 2007 draft and not Olsen. Grubbs went to Baltimore at 29th overall.

BTW, the new coach for the Bears next year will be Bill Cowher. It's already set in stone when the Bears go 4-12 this year. I'll take your bets now.

Olsen has been a major disappointment and will continue to be. His YAC was horrible last year, and he just doesn't have that killer instinct that I thought he would have for his size and strength. Again, I wanted Ben Grubbs though.

I've said a number of times here that Chris Williams is my favorite Bear and I will continue to support him as such. He looked great after he was moved to the left side last year and will improve. I'm more than sure Coach Tice will have him ready by next week's opener. BTW, don't be surprised to see the Bears LOSE to the Lions. Our defense will be weak again this year.

Mikey, here's an idea, trade that bum Tommie Harris for another tackle or guard since you want to trade players. When will people realize that Harris is just as worthless as Benson was.

This is just made up garbage, to stir up any kind of stew, cause the reporters are so tired of hearing the same positive spin over and over by the coaches and players.

You can tell it is garbage cause it makes no sense. Trading Olsen now won't get them a better offensive line right now, and whether he is on the team or not has no impact on how often they may play Mammothula. This coaching staff and GM knows they have to win now or else they won't be here next year, so how does getting a future draft pick help them now? It doesn't. And what could they get for Olson that will help them now? Nothing. It makes no sense right now. It is simply made up garbage by reporters desperate for a good story

the fact is Olsen is neither bad nor great. he's a good player who if he keeps improving probably will end up looking like a guy that should have been drafted in the late 2nd or third round. he does have value to the Bears and to trade him for a 5th round pick is not going to happen particularly given the current staffs slim odds of being around next year to use the pick.

Admit we made a mistake and trade Olsen to the Panthers to get Jamar Williams back. Train him up to be SS and bench Harris. Wright to FS. As if ...

MikeyP - if we trade OLsen we don't ahve a TE that can catch? What are Kellen Davis and Dez Clark? Davis can block too, and he's 2" taller ....

By Kevin Armstead on September 1, 2010 6:06 PM
"Newly minted veteran tight end Brandon Manumaleuna was gonna be an extra blocker regardless,"

I am actually surprised Wootton has not played better after all the hype they placed around him.

If your going to trade Olsen wait till the season starts, someone with a WCO will see their TE go down and if they are a contender they will have a huge need for a recieving TE. However the league is flush with good recieving TE's so his value may not be very high no matter what the Bears do. There are 23-24 really good recieving TE's in the league right now. Olsen as the Bears primary reciever was only 11th in yards among TE's and ranked 47 in average. Teams are just not going to give 1, 2 0r 3 for those numbers and no blocking. But you may get a 4 or 3rd at the most from a desperate team.

I do believe that Kellen Davis is the future at the TE position for the Bears but Olsen has to be worth more than a 5th round pick.
Teams draft TEs in the 1st and 2nd rounds every year hoping to get a guy with his speed, size and hands to creat the mismatches in coverage their looking for, and don't devalue him simply because he's only the most reliable reciever the Bears have had the past couple years.
YAC is bad but he stratches the feild and rarely drops a pass so his value is good and the Bears are right to not let him go too cheap.
In a good offense, maybe the Patriots, I could easily see him being all pro.

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