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Mulligan: Olsen could still be dealt

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In case you missed it, this is an excerpt from Mike Mulligan's column today. Here's the FULL STORY.

The 53-man roster is due Saturday afternoon, so the Bears have been making the league rounds on the off-chance they can get a draft pick for one or two of the guys they're going to cut or choose among. That's just standard operating procedure. But a league source said Tuesday there is still talk that tight end Greg Olsen is available. Olsen trade talks heated up at the owners meetings in March, and the team thought there was a deal to be made with the New England Patriots on draft day, only to see them grab a tight end in the second round and come back the next day for another in the fourth round.

Since then, there has been nothing but tireless propaganda about the way Olsen fits into Mike Martz offense. Now, it seems possible that the struggles of 2008 first-round pick Chris Williams could lead to a trade of 2007 first-round pick Olsen because newly minted veteran tight end Brandon Manumaleuna has to play as an extra blocker. The problem remains the Bears' reluctance to trade Olsen for anything less than a second- to third-round pick despite his market value being roughly a fifth-round pick. The situation is complicated by Cutler's friendship with Olsen, who has received favored-receiver status with the quarterback.

An Olsen trade might be just the distraction needed if the Bears are going to cut one of three former third-round picks currently on the bubble: RB Garrett Wolfe, DL Jarron Gilbert and WR Juaquin Iglesias. It's painful to give up on draft picks, no doubt, but the easiest way to ruin a franchise is by magnifying one mistake by making another, making a bad selection and then keeping the guy because he's a draft pick.

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I think it's important for the Bears to give Gilbert (and Melton) another year; Wolfe strikes me as the guy who's been given time and doesn't provide much value or upside; especially now that we have Chester Taylor.

The tough decision is going to come down to giving up on Iglesias (and keeping Davis) or dumping Davis to go young with Iglesias. Rumor mill is that Davis has had a great camp and fits this offense better. Is Iglesias the new Mark Bradley? or solid backup to Aromoshudo?

Trading him is a good idea.
I am really high on Kellen Davis.
He's every bit as good as a receiver as Olson, and he's a better blocker.
Right now, Bears have 4 solid TE (Don't know much about Manumaleuna, but lets assume he's a very good blocker)

You know, making a clickable link in a web story is NOT a difficult thing ...

Let me start by saying that I would like to be shocked, but I'm not. They tried trading this man before and no one wanted him and appaprently it hasn't sunk in yet. No one is giving them a high draft pick for him. The TE position is no longer just a person on the team, they are a requirement for success. Jermichael Finley would get a huge draft pick on the market because of his level of talent. If they're keeping him because of a friendhsip then they have just shown once again why they don't need to be in charge of a franchise. Romo and Witten are friends, because they were paired together to produce points. Olsen was never any good and keeping him because their friends is a bad choice. Iglesias hasn't even played that much so we don't know what he can do. Friendships don't count in sports and if he favors Olsen then that pretty much tells us what he thinks of the rest. Olsen has no up swing-blocking is a requirement now in the NFL and he doesn't fit. Cut him and get it over with.

This would be a big mistake. The time to trade him was before the draft, when we could have used the picks to either get another offensive lineman or move up to get Morgan Burnett. Getting a 5th rounder now does nothing for us, and we might as well keep him and see if we can get production out of him.

Let's face it...the way the offensive line looks, and how badly the defense has been covering, this team is a long shot to win the division. That means no playoffs, and likely the coaching staff gets cleared out. There are rumors that Tice would be a potential candidate to replace Lovie, but more than likely it will be an outsider, and they might have a use for a receiving TE. Olsen is no Tony G, but he is a decent matchup problem, especially if the offensive coordinator knows how to put him in a position to succeed. It took Dallas Clark 4 or 5 years to get to the point where he is catching 100 balls per year, and Olsen is as athletic as Clark is.

Trading him for a mid round pick is a much bigger failure than releasing Gilbert, Iglesias, or Wolfe. You can spin that to say you have better players on the roster. Giving Olsen away because you brought in an offensive system that doesn't match your best offensive weapon is just plain sad.

Besides, who wants a TE right now? Tampa Bay? Winslow is constantly banged up. Cleveland? Buffalo? St. Louis? Those are all I can think of.

If it is either Gilbert or Iglesias then Angelo should be terminated - NOW!!!

Whatever. None of the above proposed moves would have any impact on this year.

Here is a simple formula. If they aren't doing the job well, get rid of them.

That is what Ditka did when he got here in 82. "Popular" players were cut, but for the betterment of the team.

Lovie did it in his first year, cutting Brian Robinson. He wasn't good. So he let him go.

For some unknown reason (probably ego and loyalty), he has let good players and coaches get away since 06.

Olsen needs to go. He is a liability in this offense(he can't block) and he is mediocre in every other way as a tight end.

yea get rid of the best reciever on the team because you have a LT that can't block a pop warner DE. What happens next year when the new coaching staff is here and they don't have a top TE or LT?

This is just made up garbage, to stir up any kind of stew, cause the reporters are so tired of hearing the same positive spin over and over by the coaches and players.

You can tell it is garbage cause it makes no sense. Trading Olsen now won't get them a better offensive line right now, and whether he is on the team or not has no impact on how often they may play Mammothula. This coaching staff and GM knows they have to win now or else they won't be here next year, so how does getting a future draft pick help them now? It doesn't. And what could they get for Olson that will help them now? Nothing. It makes no sense right now. It is simply made up garbage by reporters desperate for a good story

Well it makes some sense, first Olsen has not stood out in the offense, second they need all the roster spots they can get, 3rd they are deep at TE and need help from them blocking.

The best thing they can do is wait till the season starts and you know at least one recieving TE end will go down in WCO and then you have some leverage. Unless the Cowboys or another are desperate, I don't see it happening right now.

But they do need help in blocking and Olsen is not going ot get it done, the Bears have given up 16 sacks in preseason, it was reported that 16 is the most they have given up in a pre-season in over a decade going back to probably the 97 team or 99 team.

Does this make too much sense?

N.E.: Logan Mankins-OG
Durable(80 games),young (28),All Pro(twice),former
1st rounder(2005)
Currently a contract holdout.
A better OL than anyone on the current roster.

Bears: Greg Olsen and Dan LeFeVour(never,make the practice squad)

Ok, first of all. we are talking about a team who's #1 WR is a 5'11, overrated, overhyped, washed up former CB in college career, yes that man is DEVIN HESTER! Now you want to trade a TE who LED THE TEAM IN RECEPTIONS.
When Olsen is lined up at WR, he is an instant matchup problem, 6'5" 255lbs. Sorry but I cant think of any 6'5" CB's in the league that could match his ability for a TE.
We are also talking about a Coach (Lovie Smith), who is a Tony Dungy follower, and if you ask me. Anyone who was a coach under Dungy is just like him, WEAK! Its proven by the team. Look at this bears team since 2006(SuperBowl). offensive line has gotten progessivly WORSE, WR's has been let go (BERRIAN), and nothing has been added significantly in the draft for defense, NOTHING!
7-9 and 9-7 has been our record the last 3 years since. and i dont even see this team, with THIS OFFENSIVE LINE, even getting 7 wins. All i can say is, I cannot wait to see this team fail JUST SO LOVIE SMITH CAN GET HIS USELESS A** OUT OF CHICAGO!

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