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Moore could be target on Sunday

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Expect the Cowboys to attack nickelback D.J. Moore on Sunday. That's what's coach Lovie Smith is expecting, anyway.

The second-year cornerback from Vanderbilt played in only three games as a rookie last season but the 2009 fourth-round draft pick has taken on a bigger role this season and could be a target that quarterback Tono Romo tries to exploit because of his inexperience on Sunday.

"That would be our guess, too, that they're going to try to match D.J. up a little bit," Smith said. "But D.J. has done well throughout camp. He played well the first game, and he's looking forward to this next opportunity."

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If they know already that he will be a target then can they place someone better back there? and I hope they dont expect Peanut to be one-on-one all day with Austin. Remember Owens in 2007, he ran all over the bears that night. I hope they learned from that night.


With rules written the way they are, there are few corners in the league that can match up with any quality reciever throughout the game. The match up between the Bears corners and the Cowboys recievers may be the shouldn't be. No quarterback, not Brady, not Manning, and certainly not Romo can throw the football effectively looking out his earhole. Pressure is always the first and foremost key to a defensive game. Even if the Bears don't sack Romo, they must put him on a short clock...that allows DB's to jump passes and play aggressive. Fail to get pressure, and all of our DB's will look foolish.

You're right Mouser.

bears are going to win 42 to 40 on a last second field goal. cutler and romo will both pass for over 400 yards. each will get sacked 6 times. 3 by peppers.
big question- why isnt everyone all hepped up about getting vincent jackson? why wouldn't he be worth a high 3rd round or even a second round pick? when did chicago EVER have a wr of that quality? the best reason to get him is so MINNESOTA DOESNT!!!! if they dont get him, i hate to say it but they are dumb. what's new?
jerry please do this.
lifelong bear fan.

roddog we wont score 42 not even close.

Because Jackson is a west-coast offense kind of receiver. That fit for Turner's offense, but not really for Martz's.

And because the Bears have already skipped two the last two years without any low draft choices. Unless George Allen is the coach, you can't keep doing that.

Don't worry the Queens will gag either way, they always do.

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