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Mike Martz takes blame for short-yardage woes

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Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz said he didn't adequately prepare his players for short-yardage situations in the 19-14 victory over the Detroit Lions.

The Bears converted one of four chances on third- or fourth-and-one.

"When I saw that happen, I just knew... I just knew," Martz said. "You know when you haven't prepared your guys well for something, and that was a coaching deal.

"And if we spend more time on it, and help them adjust to some of the things that happen, we'll be much better at it," he said. "This is me. This was all on me. I blame myself. We did not spend the time that we needed to spend on it, getting all these other things ready. I felt comfortable with where we were with it, but we just got to get all the nuances of the goal line down and we can do a better job in that."

Here are other highlights from Martz:

* General impressions of the offense: "We made good progress. We're no where close to where we need to be and where we can be. We know there's going to be a process, but we need to get there pretty quick, and we will."

* On his young players: "That first game, I have a much better feel now where all these guys are. The young guys, they were a little on edge. A little - what's the word? - tentative to begin the game, then we worked into it pretty good. They competed very well. They competed very well, and obviously that's a big deal. So I was pleased with that part as well."

* On if the Bears can do anything "fancy" in goal line situations: "No, you don't need to be fancy. You just got to execute. Fancy's got nothing to do with it. It's just lining up and making sure everybody does what they're supposed to do, which takes more reps, and takes more time. Shoot, that's me. That's a coaching issue. That's not their fault."

* On the Dallas defense: "Good. They're a very good defense. Obviously, they're very good up front. Very impressive, when you watch them, especially at the end of the year last year. People didn't move the ball very well on them. It'll be fun for us. It's a nice challenge for us. I'm anxious to see our guys handle that situation, in that environment."

* On DeMarcus Ware: "He's an awfully good player, but so was the guy we saw lat week. We're going to see those kind of guys throughout the year. He's a special player. We all know that he is. Obviously, when you see a special player like him, he's in that category where you got to account for him. There's no question."

* On Devin Hester getting one ball thrown to him: "You know, that just happens. We didn't go in there thinking, we're going to throw a lot of balls to [Devin] Aromashodu, or this or that. It just happens during the course of the game. We had some things that we were trying to get, and it just didn't work out."

* On if it was Hester not getting open, or Jay Cutler not getting the ball to him: "It's just what they do defensively. It changes his read, if they do something and the ball goes to another side. I will say this: if you ask every receiver in the NFL if he was open, there's not one of them who won't say he was open. So, I can promise you... Yeah, I was open, and three guys covering him. That's just the way it is. Every receiver that's worth a hoot at all, when he comes to the sideline. Hey, were you open? Yeah, yeah, I was wide open. So, that's why you like 'em."

* On the pass protection: "It was real good towards the end of the game, especially. The offensive line got better with every snap. Very pleased with them, as the game went on. Some of the times we were holding the ball a little bit."

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ahhh...he should take the blame sense he ais a total LOOSER@@@!!!!! feelas i called it all along wehns i told you martz would NOT be good foot for thisd offense and waht do you now???? man i am allways RIGHT!

ans i cant BELEAVE the bears won....they should have LOST just ;eik i wanted them too so we could FIZRE lovie angelo vbBICH marinelli tice ans whoever else is on tehjat teM!! oh wewll at lewadt my precius packers won :)

but yo guys now me old crap-ton...just trying to be posative..

ps ia ma king. no quesuitonds!!

PLEASE Crap-ton, invest in a dict-shun-airy!! I agree with you that the BEARS should of lost, but MARTZ is way smarter than he looks as an offensive coordinator! When is the last time that your pee brain of a peanut shell can remember when the Bears moved the ball down the field so well. Granted, it was the LIONS, but the LIONS defensive front is going to be a force to reckon with once they gel.
I blame LUV-ie DUB-BEE for all the fumbles in the game, not the players! When you don't practice hitting during team drills, why should it come to a suprise to the "Legend in my own Mind" that the players fumble so much! A BEARS fan for life, I can't wait til the "Jerry, Ted and Lovie" comedy show get's cancelled at the end this season. Serious man, if you write like you talk [in stuttering], talk slower!

How do you run a goal line set without a FB? You have H-Backs Martz..where was Dez Clark? And with all of Forte's speed and moves,, why not get him out on a sweep play and let him dance/juke into the end zone??? Forte is a good RB, but he is not a pile mover. We were lucky againt the Lions.. now we get a PO'd Cowboys team looking for a win. This game has a$$ whoopin all over it. If the pathetic Lions D can get 4 sacks.. hell Ware can get 4 all by himself. This was not the year to play fast and loose with the OL. We needed proven players and/or blue chip college prospects. We obtained neither. Watch... Lovie will say,, not my fault. Look at how bad the OL is!! Early guess.. Cowboys-31 Bears-17. Cutler goes down at least 5 times. Not a hater,, a realist. From a fundamental stand point,, this team was built backwards. It does not matter what kind of razzle-dazzle modern O you run.. if the 5 up front cant do it.. you go down.

Even if every player executes his assignment, a RB like Forte, Taylor or Bell, or especially Wolfe, will not be able to gain that short-yardage. You have to use the correctly type of RB, they are called Powerbacks. It's mostly technique, but it's also size. The Bears have a powerback on the team. That's 260lbs Henry Melton.

Macktruck Melton played half his college career as a successful powerback, 25 games, 625 yds, 4.7ypc, 16 TDs. One can see his powerback rushing on youtube.

Melton is currently a backup undersized DT who made the team with his ability to pushback 300lbs lineman. His DT preformance not only proves his pushing power, but his DT training has certainly made him an even stronger powerback.

As the Bears O-line has trouble getting line push, has no QB sneak, currently doesn't have a powerback (besides Melton), and Melton only plays Special Teams -- why wouldn't Martz try using Melton for short-yardage?

Sculpt, power teams have powerbacks, Martz does not run a power offense nor does he have the personnel. You can be the Fridge for all I care but if you've got no push from your interior linemen you're pushing the pile nowhere.

The Bears simply arent built for that, few teams still are and even then the best still have a tailback and a big FB in front. Nobody was saying LT was too small for goalline carries in SD 3 years ago, he could jump! You just need to design your plays around the abilities of the guys you've got, Forte's a one cut zone runner by trade but he'll get in on a straight dive or power play if there's any push up front.

I hope Mr. Martz's employers keep this information in his personnel file for his annual review.

And by the way "Crap-ton on" - JFC, in what language are you attempting to express yourself? A typo is one thing, but fortheloveofgawd r u dum ... or just a Packers fan?

I finally got to see the game (thank goodness for WBBM) on NFL replay last nite and was able to slo-mo those short yardage plays. I think they may be able to fix it. Individually most of the line was actually getting a decent push. Except Omiyale was getting killed so badly it didn't matter.

Garza was OK. Louis did fine, Kreutz did fine. They never really ran over Williams, but he got some push. All that genius analysis about Olsen's blocking can go hide under a rock. Olsen may have had the best blocking day of anyone on the team. He had his guy pushed 3 yards deep in the endzone. On each play it looked like a defender came free as if somebody blocked the wrong man. It looked like Forte was trying to make moves in the hole instead of just bulling his way in. It also looked to me like Detroit was stacked up inside and was vulnerable outside.

They can clean up their execution and make it happen. They have tackles who can get a push if Omiyale can't. Franky better tighten up. They kept extra tackles this year for a reason. You have to believe Tice is not going to put up with a guy getting knocked off the line for very long. I wonder if Forte is going to be the short yardage guy? They may need to go to Taylor, or even Bell. There are a lot of teams, like the Ravens for example, that basically have a short yardage specialist.

By Crap-ton on September 15, 2010 7:36 PM

Crap-ton, I have to agree with By Mike Z on September 15, 2010 8:32 PM "PLEASE Crap-ton, invest in a dict-shun-airy!!"

Though Mike Z utilize a few short Internet idioms, in this blogs we type all words completely and correctly for the most part. It has nothing to do with not interpretation or being old heads. We just like to read WORDS correctly utilized from Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus.

Invest in one quickly or from this point I will not waste time reading any of your posts. And you might have something good to say.

Remember this is not Twitter.


I think the Bears did bring in a short yardage/goal line runner, unfortunately, he went down with an injury for the season during training camp. I'm talking about the 6-0 244lb rookie Harvey Unga. As a 3 year starter at BYU, Unga put up 3 straight 1000 yard seasons, and ran for 36 tds, his 244lb frame would have been great on short yardage situations, buts thats not doing Chicago any good right now.

Chicago should have gotten a little more creative down on the goal line, Detroit has a great set of DT's, Suh is a beast (there I said it), and Williams is 320lbs, so going up the middle or between the tackles might not have been the best idea, especially without a true fullback, the Bears should have ran some sweeps or tried a dump off pass, anything but going between the tackles vs a couple tackles like Suh and Williams. Again, Martz's needs to try some different things down on the goal line, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

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