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McCarthy didn't want to concede touchdown

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Mike McCarthy said he did not consider letting the Bears score a touchdown in order to get the ball back with enough time for Aaron Rodgers to try to tie it.

It's a sound strategy in certain situations, and coaches don't often enough think outside the box. I agree with McCarthy in this situation, however. After seeing the Raiders and Saints miss routine field goals late in games on Sunday, and after watching the ultra-reliable Robbie Gould miss (granted, it was a 49-yarder) earlier in the game, McCarthy made the right call.

"I did not consider letting them score at the end," McCarthy said. "I felt they missed a field goal in the game ... There was talk about it, but it was not the decision we made."

What McCarthy said next should make Bears' special teams coordinator Dave Toub feel good.

"They performed better than we did," he said of special teams. "That was obvious. They won the field position battle, I think. I haven't looked at the statistics. I thought their coverage teams covered better than ours did. Their return game was more productive than ours. I thought we had some things going into the game we could take advantage of, but we did not. I thought their specialist handled the football better. So, it was not a positive for us tonight."

The Packers average starting field position was their own 21, the Bears their own 36.

Here's what McCarthy said about Devin Hester's 62-yard punt return for a touchdown:

"I thought we had good coverage. I thought, in that particular situation, you obviously want to place the ball at certain places on the field against Devin Hester. We're in a backed-up situation, trying to change the field position. You gotta cover the ball once in a while. We've been covering the football better, that didn't happen and obviously, that was a huge play in the game."

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By Brando on September 26, 2010 11:21 AM
"20-17 overtime win for the Bears. Defense will be the key in this game. Just like last week the Bears might give up alot of passing yards but they need to keep the Packers in front of them. As far as the Bears go on offense they need to get their running game going and I see this game they will."

Great game but darn the Bears needs to run the ball better. I dont think the poor running game is a product of bad running backs but more so the bad blocking.

Greg Olsen another touchdown another great catch. I guess Martz does know how to use a tight end...yup I said it Creighton Martz does know how to use TE's. All that whinning about Greg Olsen needs to be traded cause there is no use for him... That is showing to be B.S. .

The lil Giants are gonna get their heads bloody Sunday the Bears defense looks like a champion defense!

THE MONSTERS ARE BACK EVERYONE!!!! Even the negative nancys are coming around and eating MAJOR CrOW!!

By Creighton on September 19, 2010 10:28 PM
Bears have 14 games to go, I don't think they will make the playoff's. I have seen enough.

Ohhhhh really?????????

By Creighton on September 28, 2010 8:43 AM
All that said I man enought ot say the Bears are a pretty good this year, and should have no problems making the playoff'


Oh my, 3-0 and Homer Tard Nation is coming out of the woodwork!!!! 16-0 and Super Bowl here we come!! 22 Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers! It is because I say so!

Creighton how could anyone say the bears will not make the playoffs this early in the season even when they look so good? You have seen enough? Wow. You sir are a moron.

Still not sold on this team. They are iver extending the defense and the explosive offense has been anything but.

Brando as for Olsen, I don't think Martz knows how to use him that much. last week that was a Cutler call to throw the ball to Olsen, not Martz. And Cutler and Olsen said that. Great offense though, they put up what 16 points a home game on average. Wow, very impressive.

These arn't the monsters, love the throwbacks though. At least I know why Lovie started the whole monsters thing up. It's the Bears featured throwback this year.

Reality Check.

This is really how you feel about yourself isn't it. I bet your not even from Chicago. You are suck up, and you always do what ever cliche you think is most appropriate. Never had an original thought in your life. You know the offense isn't very good, and the defense is getting over extended. You know Cutler is getting pounded into dirt and you know it won't be long before the defense starts to get tired and breakdown and Cutler gets sick of being beaten sensless. By the way Reality check. Reality Check yourself, I actually spoke to all the Bears today and everyone in Chicago, they want to know who you are why you think you can speak for them. They also said they loved me and that I am the best Bear fan ever and you are worst. They gave me permission to speak for all of them and they think you should be a Packer fan and move Green Bay sense that is clearly the land of the stupid.

I got news for you they are not that good.

Oh and Brando my prediction was closer. In fact it was exact, OT, ha, running game, ha. Amature.

I got question for you Hayes. How smart do you think it was for the Bears to hand the ball off and try running it in for a TD given the situation at the end of the game? I mean wouldn't the smart play have been taking a couple knees. Same amount of time runs off the clock and you kick the FG. Running the ball like that you could get a fumble. In fact hasn't Forte had a couple of fumbles in the that area? What was Martz thinking? Was he trying to bump up his stats a little. Make himself look better. It's not a very good coaching call that's for sure. And in what is becoming the norm his offense failed to punch it in again.

Well Jeff I will tell you why, because they are not very good. Just everyone else is not very good.

No Running Game
No pass defense
Not much pressur efrom the front 4
A garbage O-Line
A offense that clearly is not all there yet and plays better on turf than on grass.
A QB who is getting pounded.
A defense that can't get off the field.
A team that is losing the time of possesion battle.

They have a very good run defense right now.

Sorry that does not sound like a playoff team to me. Does it sound like a good football team to you. It's a long season and we will se in the end. I hope I am wrong but I don't think they are that good and I think they have to many holes that have been there for years. You know it's hard to have a good offense when you are sitting on the sidelines.

Oh and reality check you left your caps on. Forgot to mention that earlier.

Creighton do you have any real friends outside of cyberspace? It seems that all you do is come on this blog and tease Bears fans for attention. I remember looking at your facebook page earlier in the year so your behaviour does not surprise me. You are beyond pathetic.

Watch the replay (particularly the angle from the scoring end-zone). Kellen Davis sends AJ Hawk flying with a vicious block on the return. AJ was communicating with one of his teammates, and never saw it coming. SICK HIT!!!

I don't know about all the rest of this flotsam. (reading that outburst under the words "reality check" is like a caption "flat chested women" under a picture of Jessica Simpson), but it's safe to say you did blow the prediction on Olsen. Not only is he catching meaningful passes, he is blocking pretty well too.

As far as predictions, start with this as your baseline:

Detroit------MS Predicts 20-13 Bears-----Actual score 19-14 Bears
Dallas-------MS Predicts 30-20 Bears-----Actual score 27-20 Bears
Green Bay----MS Predicts 17-13 Bears-----Actual score 20-17 Bears

I said last nite would be an ugly/beautiful NFC North game where the defenses would be the real stars. If anybody wants to pay my expenses and take me to Vegas, it could be arranged.

Bears won the turnover battle, and thus, won the game. That is all they need to do the rest of the year.

Plus. Hester looks to be back! Dangerous as ever. This will be huge the rest of the year. Great field position will ensue as punters try to not kick to Hester rather than go for field position. that punt return was covered well. Hester was just so fast, he outran all the coverage to their proper angles.

While I agree with Creighton that in some areas the Bears don't look so good, then again, who does at this point in the season? Are there any teams that appear so dominant that the Bears aren't up there with the best of them? This team has always been at it's best when it capitalizes on the opportunities given to them: call it luck if you will but the team also isn't just rolling over as they have done in tight spots in the past.
One thing I'm not sure about is how the defense is getting "overextended"? What does that mean exactly?
As for the offense, they are moving the ball better than they have in the past. There hasn't been a time where I'm watching, thinking oh, the game is on the line and they won't be able to get past the first down marker ala the Turner offense. Not a lot of points yet but I'm sure it will come. Anyways, I'll take those burnouts at the 1 any day over the usual-- punt from the 50 put the pressure on the defense style-- that we're used to seeing.

What embarrasses this city is when "fans" sit around with "kool-aid" mustache's, dopey grins, and are still using the term "Da" when referring to the Bears. Some people still are not recognizing the facts. Any Bears fan wants the team to win every game, but there are aspects of this team that are going to get exposed when the schedule gets tougher.
If the Bears go 7-0, but then have to have Collins {or Hanie} step in because Cutler goes down, then what does it all mean?...nothing.
One knock against Cutler should never be his toughness. I don't think Manning gets hit as many times in 3 years as Cutler has in the last 3 games. Omiyale and Shaffer player very well the other night. The great Olin was his typical below average self. BTW, did any of you see the Dolphins/Jets game on Sunday night? At the end of the game when the Dolphins were trying to score Chris Collinsworth said that Rex Ryan had to pull out of a typical Jet's blitz situation because they didn't want to leave Marshall one on one. The same exact reasoning I gave last week for the Bears making a run at Jackson. If there are no experienced O-linemen out there to take some of the pressure off, then do the next best thing, bring in a legit double team threat that will prevent blitzes in certain situations.

And Creighton, you are right. 2 years ago in Minnesota, the Bears were on the goal line and I believe Forte fumbled 2X. Is there not a QB sneak in that huge playbook?

Why was the defense getting sucked in to the play action fake when the packers couldn't run the ball for the past 2 games? Peppers had a good game defensively. Sure there were some holding penalties, but he still didn't have a sack {or multiple} and how many times did he just flat out blew by the tackle? that would be none.

Over extending the defense is having the Bear's defense out there for more than half a quarter on the SAME drive. MSBears, the defenses were def. not the stars of this game. Stopping the run in a pass happy league doesn't impress me that much. I want some 3 and outs on occasion. The stars of this game were the Bear's punt return team and the little yellow hankies flying all over the field.

I will hold off judgement as to whether Hester is "back" since it was against one of the worst special teams units in the league. Let him start averaging 15 yards a return and scaring defenses again and we can say he's back.

One last thing. Ever see Manning, Brees, Rodgers, or Brady line up wide in the "wildcat"? No. Get Forte the !@#$^ out of there and let Cutler do his thing. I agree 100% with Jaworski.

This is going to be a long season. The Bears HAVE been winning with luck. The defense will be abused, they are benching pro-bowl players for not performing. They have underlining problems that need to be addressed quickly other teams have good film on them now. It get tougher not easier.
It sounds like the bears fans are really the goofy cub fans and are putting the bears in the superbowl just like every april & may the cub fans are talking world series.

Comments are getting bit out of hand here.Back up and take deep breaths--anger management. Worked for Z., might work for you guys (and gals?). I enjoy most of the bloggers on this site, but sometimes a little more maturity would be in order. Of course at age 75 (76 next month)I would guess that I've had a bit more time to mature than most of you and besides, I've lived long enough to know that this, too, wiil pass.

Gearheadboy, you play football? Ever? The reason Peppers had no sacks is becuz he was HELD the whole game!!! Where do you get do not be 1 dimensional, Bernstein fan I bet. You make the team 1 dimensional so you clear half of YOUR mind up, not for their sakes, it limits your keys on defense. Go home, play touch football with your son, and let the men out there do what they do.

And take that talking like a Packer fan pumpkinoodle headboy home with you. I'd say take Creighton, but I don't know which one is the real Creighton. You people couldn't watch a good game if it bit you in the a** let alone actually comment on what happened. You need this sports media to tell you what happened instead of learning(by doing) on your own, and trusting your instincts.

PS JohnF, Hitman, Villano, Anne, where are you. Stuckinwisconsin, where are you too?

Hey Chuck,

You ever heard of Hukked on foniks? I couldn't make out most of your post. What are you, Jethro Bodeen and only made it through the 6th grade? And yes I have played and coached football. So, are you saying Ware of the Cowboys, Freeney of the Colts {Mathis too}, Williams of the Texans, Allen of the Vikings, {just to name a few} don't get held? And having seen the game 2X and the fact that it is on again now, he wasn't held on every play. And you still didn't answer my question. How many times did he just flat out blow by his tackle? I like Peppers, but to have what, 1 sack through 3 games {2 of which were against injured players} is a bit alarming. And if Anderson/Izzy on the other side or the DT's were getting to the QB you could say it was because of the emphasis put on stopping Peppers, but the other guys aren't getting there either.

When you learn how to put a sentence together then maybe I will be able to figure out what you were saying about 1 dimension. And it's obvious that you don't listen to the radio because some of mine and B&B's on air arguments have been classic. Keep playing your madden and try again.

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