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Matthews sack streak ends

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Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, who had six sacks in his first two games, was was involved in a lot of plays but never took quarterback Jay Cutler to the ground, thanks largely to a solid performance by backup tackle Kevin Shaffer.

"He hung in there against a great player," Smith said. "Our whole line did that."
It was far from a perfect performance by the offensive line. Overall, however, the Bears were satisfied with a line that gave up six quarterback hits and three sacks.

With starting left tackle Chris Williams on the sideline with a hamstring injury, rookie seventh-round draft pick J'Marcus Webb saw the first action of his career while spelling Shaffer.

"This is big," Shaffer said. "We have that attitude that we want to win every week. We're 3-0 and we feel pretty good about where we are right now."

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By Creighton on September 27, 2010 4:13 PM

"Matthews can't continue on his current trend nobody is getting 48 sacks in a season." :)

I have also been one of the Shaffer supporters. While he is not great he is a smart vet and the best RT on the team. Did I see Webb also playing last night?

As for the Bears being satisfied with the line play. Bull nobody could be happy about the way they are playing. I am pretty sure the team does not want to see Cutler get killed. A couple of Packer penalties kept the line from really getting killed like the hit to the head on Cutler.

Speaking of poor tackle play someone needs to thank the Packers for Clifton and Tauscher the gifts that keep on giving. You the QB finishes his Cadence and the Center snaps the ball, then you can move.

Excuse me "did I really see Webb out there?"

Watching Clay M. getting controlled for the most part did my heart good. I do not like the guy even though I recognize that he is a terrific talent. Maybe it's his arrogance that bugs me. I'll go you one better, Creighton and say that not only will Matthews not come close to 48 sacks, but he will not complete the season playing every game. He plays with such abandon that I think he is lucky to not be on injured reserve already.He is going to get his bell rung big time, but the guy is definitely a force out there.

Yeah Paul I agree Roid Rage has a bad wheel to begin with and he plays reckless. Let him get hurt, those 3 USC LB's are all suspect IMO.

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