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Martz returns to sideline

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Mike Martz's plan to call plays from the coaches' booth this season has been scrapped. You know what they say about old habits. The offensive coordinator thought he would be better able to organize his thoughts and play sheet in the relative privacy of a booth but missed not being able to communicate with players on the sideline.

"With everything kind of new we wanted to have a situation where I could talk to everybody," he said. "I can go talk to Mike Tice and talk to the quarterback and whoever you need to talk to and make adjustments. I just have a better feel for the game on the sideline."

Many coordinators prefer to be upstairs, where they have a better view of the field. Martz said he actually sees the game better from field level.

"It got to the point where I got frustrated upstairs," he said. "The frustration is you have to wait to get someone on the phone you just can't go over there [and talk]."

In the end, it came down to communication, which is especially important between the coordinator and the quarterback.

"The biggest thing is, I want to see Jay when he comes off the field and sit down and tell him what we're going to do on the next series and give him the heads up on things," Martz said. "You can really do that over the phone."

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Is this guy refreshing or what?

Back when Martz & Tice were hired I said "we'll finally have some passion on the sidelines again." These guys, Marinelli included, talk and coach (verb) and we haven't seen alot of that over the Lovie yrs except for Ron Rivera. oh ya, we went to the Super Bowl then...

Manny, Martz is refreshing but unfortunately I think Martz interviewed for a job last Sunday. I can see JJ coming after him after the season is over, I would rather see the Bears dump Lovie and promote Martz. I know that would be unrealistic for the ownership to figure that one out.

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