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Martz addresses Aromashodu situation

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Mike Martz addressed why Devin Aromashodu played so sparingly against the Cowboys and had this to say:

"Devin is a bit of a specialist in that he doesn't play the slot, which we asked him to do in the opener. He's not comfortable in there. He's not familiar with it. All four of our other receivers do play the slot and the outside. Devin just plays the outside so his opportunities to play are reduced dramatically because of his limited knowledge of what we do at that position. He's not a slot or a nickel guy. He's outside. It has nothing to do with Devin's performance."

Be that as it may, word is Aromashoduce short-armed some balls after absorbing some big hits against the Lions and the coaching staff lost confidence in him going over the middle. No one will say it on the record, of course, but sources say this is reason why he was on the sideline vs. the Cowboys.

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ok why bother even writing what martz said if at the end your going to write what you believe the issue is. always love unnamed sources

I understand that Martz was not here last year, but "short-arming" balls thrown to him...hmm, you mean like Knox did several times last year including not even finishing some routes causing a couple of interceptions?

Sometimes you have to come down hard on a player based on their attitude and work ethic, but sometimes you have positively reinforce an inexperienced player like Aromashodu. He took a couple of good shots to the mid section on some of those quick slants over the middle.

I go back to my original post when all of this started on Sunday night/monday morning. To single out one player for making mistakes in the Detroit game when so many of them made {in my estimation} more glaring ones, is idiotic and petty.

And to the guy who said earlier in the week that Bennett and Aromashodu have similar skill sets. Yeah, only if Bennett grows 2-3 inches, gets faster, and learns to seperate from a defender.

Word @ Gearhead.

Only problem is Bennett is a better blocker, and Matz's schemes are built around them.

I would be a lot more concerned if the Bears were struggling moving the ball through the air. Dallas has a much better secondary than Detroit, and we were moving the ball well.

That said, I like Aromashodu and the matchup problem he presents, especially against Green Bay. Woodson will either cover Knox or Olsen on Monday night, and that means more opportunities for the rest of the group. Hester, Bennett, Aromashodu, and the running backs should have a good game receiving. I will say Aromashodu needs to develop the consistency week in and week out to make himself impossible to take off the field by the coaching staff. That route against Detroit was very well run, but he let the ball drop right through his hands. He makes that catch, and maybe the catch/no catch was a non-issue. We could have broken the game wide open after that, but we didn't go deep for a while after that play. Those kinds of dagger shots to the opposing defense early in the game are the kinds of tone-setters that keep them on their heels, which opens the running game, and backs off the pressure.

DA has dropped passes his whole career, that's his biggest flaw. I agree with Hayes. DA dropped what looked like the best pass I have seen Cutler throw his entire time as a Bear and it would have been a TD. It was a perfect pass and he couldn't bring it in.

Bruce and Holt where almost never in the slot so that is BS. It's a little bad news but there is a reason he has bounced around. Cutler likes him he was given a shot, and he came up short (armed).

The good news is you can see that the recievers are competing with each other.

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