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Marinelli defends Tommie Harris

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Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli was asked about Warren Sapp's critical comments about Tommie Harris and had this to say:

"I believe in Tommie Harris. There's no doubt about that. All of you have witnessed how hard he has worked in the offseason. He hasn't missed a practice. I believe he's going to be an impact player. He had a good, solid start. We all understand the impact of that position. He and I and not him alone. Me and him are accountable together to get this to the highest level we can do. He's going to be a dominant player this year."

Sapp played for Marinelli in Tampa, in case you forgot.

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Harris has been a non-factor for year and he is still non-factor. Sure 2-3 times a year he has a good game against a bad guard but he has done nothing.

Bears have not addressed the need for a replacment with him either. Spare me the Melton garbage, the guys is decent against backups in preseason.

Maybe they can throw another 100 million dollar contract at a FA to get a replacment cause you know they won't draft one. This organization is going to be such a mess to fix.

I mean really we only need 2 OT, 2 Guards, 1 Center, 1 Stud reciever maybe 2, a RB who can score from a yard out, 1 LDE, 1 DT, 1 maybe 2 Corners, and 1 manybe 2 Safeties, other than that everything is fine.

Tommie worked hard? That's great what does that have to do with how well he is playing. Tim Shaw worked hard most of those guys work hard, most of the guys in the nfl work hard but that does not make all of them good players.

But Lovie is going to show everyone. Tommie is back, Hester is a Number 1, Chris Williams has All Pro ability at LT.

Neil I have heard an ongoing rumor that Angelo is out of power at Halas hall. That Ruskell and Lovie are running things and Angelo is just breaking Ruskell in to the organization. Any truth to that or have you heard that rumor? I also heard he will retire after this season and may consult for the draft.

Creighton - " Mr. Fix It " - You are an idot man. That all I got to say & I am sure most will agree with me when I say you should find another team to pretend to be a fan of. You are the most pessamistic person I have ever seen post comments or even speak of the Bears who was a fan. They have played 1 game. Relax Jack. Maybe if you said some good stuff here and there people wouldn't hate your a*$ so much. It wasn't the Backs fault he didn't score from the 1 it was martz & who shut down C Johnson? Right. & We are 1-0 right now #1 in offense & #1 in defense with the NFC offensive player of the week granted it was the lions and we didn't look good but again it is week 2 and we got the Boys. See what happens sunday and then talk.

Creighton -
Two things.

1) If you hate Angelo, wait until you get a load of Ruskell. He ruined a Superbowl caliber team. Timmy is the anti-Jerry in the draft room. Jerry loves small school prospects with high measurables and injury track record to match. Timmy loves big school prospects with high character, marginal measurables, and clean health. Oh, a defensive player from the SEC with "strong work ethic" and "intangibles", done, take him. He botched the Hutchinson deal, trying to save $600k but got a poison pill instead. Never bothered to replace HOF LOT Walter Jones. The Deon Branch deal, all Timmy. This guy inherited a talented team and pissed it all a way. Oh will you love this guy.

2) I agree with 99% of what you post. That said, you're exagerating a bit on needs. Probably 2 OT, 1 OG, 1 Center, 1 LDE, 1 DT, and 1 Corner… in order of importance. Lance Louis has looked like a decent piece to the puzzle. He held is own for the most part against Suh and Dockett in the preseason. He's a very young guy that Tice will develop. He's been the most consistent after Olin so far this year (incl preseason). WR will be OK, they are still young and learning in a new system - they could upgrade here but this is really low priority relative to others you mentioned. RB is fine, just get 4 new O-line and anyone can punch it in. Safety is lower priority. Wright looks to be the guy at FS and between any of the 4 SS and Manning (who they will resign) on the roster, they're OK there. Agreed on all other needs. This line is beyond pathetic, the Def is old in key positions. Yeah, overall this team is a mess. I don't know how they don’t go OT, G, C in rounds 1-3 next year.

I dont get the fixation with this guy. He is injured half the time and the other half doesnt play very well, yet everyone is waiting for him to be this dominant force to be reckoned with. In the meantime we let Alex Brown and Adawali go......2 of our best defensive players.

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