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Major Wright suffers another injury

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Major Wright left the game late in the first quarter with a hamstring injury.

The rookie safety injured his hamstring while chasing Dez Bryant on Bryant's 62-yard punt return for a touchdown. He wasn't hit on the play, but pulled up lame near the goal line.

Wright missed the final three preseason games after fracturing his thumb in the first preseason game.

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....Meanwhile Morgan Burnett is still starting for the packers...Keep stuttering and trying to fit square pegs into round holes, Jerry.

Wow, BEARS up on Dallas at the half! Now regarding Major Wright, the Bears wan't him to be like former Mike Brown, unfortunately I don't think they meant as far as being injured though.......Bears D-fense looks real for a change.......! GO BEARS!!

Actually, he was hit on the play. A Dallas Cowboys player hit him across the back of the leg at the end of the play.

Gear Head. STOP HATING!!

Actually, it was an illegal block that wasn't called. But he still is injured. Where are all the posters? Or should I say the haters?


What am I hating about? Put your kool-aid down and learn something about the game of football. As I have said many times on here and on the radio...ANYTIME you want to put your Bear's fan pedigree up against mine, you'll lose. And you need glasses, he was barely touched on the play. You don't pull a hamstring from a block. He pulled up because of the hamstring and then was run in to.
And the FACT still remains that the Angelo got "pantsed" by the packers by trading up past the Bears to get Burnett. And you must have been one of the "rocket scientists" after the draft talking about what great "value" the Bears got by drafting Wooten in the 4th round and LeFevour in the 6th round.
And EVERY Bears fan should be "hating" on Angelo every time our maturing franchise QB is pummelled because he has failed to address the offesive line..except for those like you who have to be told where the laces of a football are. Hey got a kool-aid mustache..

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