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Major Wright expected to be sidelined at least three weeks with hamstring injury

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After undergoing tests, including an MRI, rookie Major Wright's strained hamstring will need about a month to heal, according to a league source.

Wright suffered what is believed to be a second-degree hamstring strain Sunday in a 27-20 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. In the first quarter, on a punt return, Wright hustled from the middle of the field toward the left sideline, attempting to prevent Dez Bryant's 62-yard touchdown. But, around the 15-yard line, Wright pulled up and hopped a few times. Then, he slowly walked toward the Bears' sideline, barely putting any pressure on his left leg.

Wright is not expected to be placed on injured reserve, which would end his season. The timing, though, isn't too damaging because Craig Steltz, who missed more than a month with a high ankle sprain, is on the verge of returning to action.

In the season opener, Wright rotated at free safety with veteran Chris Harris with Danieal Manning starting at strong safety.

It is the third injury for Wright since joining the Bears. He missed a portion of training camp with a groin strain and broke his finger in the preseason opener. At Florida, though, Wright was very durable, not missing a game in his final two seasons and playing in one as a rookie with a cast on his hand.

"He hasn't been injury prone or anything like that," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "Guys pull muscles. He was running hard trying to stop a touchdown. I can say those other injuries were not something that should be ever-lasting for him."

The Bears had high hopes for Wright, the team's top draft pick. But it'll be interesting on Monday night because the Green Bay Packers traded up to select Georgia Tech safety Morgan Burnett four picks ahead of the Bears in the third round. Burnett has started both games, and he has seven tackles and one interception.

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Well the Wright/Burnett storyline will have some enduring interest, but what interests me is the here and now story.

Chris Harris is a veteran player who, one has to assume, can count. His year started pretty good with a trade back to the Bears and what looked like a desparate need for his services.

His best position is strong safety. However, it's starting to look like the Bears have finally found a position that Danieal Manning can actually play in strong safety. If so, Harris is in trouble. He gives up a big edge in talent to Manning, and the Bears have enough players on the draft bust list.

If Manning can handle the strong, they really need Harris to be an option at free safety. However in the Detroit game, he found himself watching from the sideline during a critical fourth quarter drive. Lovie said it was merely Wright's turn in the planned rotation. Yeah right!

Hopefully in about a month Wright will be able to play again. It can go two ways for Harris. One way is that the Bears defense is playing well with good safety play. In that case Wright will be a valuable special team player who has time to grow into a free safety. The other way is that we spend a month hoping that Wright can come back quickly to stop the bleeding.

Chris Harris has a month reprieve to show what he can, or cannot do. Like I said, we can be pretty sure he knows how to count.

This could go badly for the secondary against the Pack. We are going to need all the help we can get, and Wright seems to do a better job of getting in position to make a play than Harris, Steltz, Bullocks, or anyone else they throw out there. Having Manning and Wright at the safety spots gave us our best option as far as athletically, but we will have to make do with what harris is doing. he is laying people out, but after they catch and secure the ball. We need a few of those hits to come as the ball arrives to make a difference.

MS, Manning has always been better at SS, the Bears tried to force him into the Free position because they thought he could cover because he was fast.

The big worry for me is not the starting safety position. But look at all the special teams players that are down right now. Steltz will be slower than usual in his return. You can't run with a High ankle sprain. They tend to linger a long time.

The Bears had Burnett ahead of Wright on their own boards, they just didn't want to make a move. The close enough draft mentality. "Well we didn;t get the guy we wanted but this guy plays the same position so close enough."

Wright looks like he will be a decent player, but he really does look more like a SS to me. He is better in the box.

Sean what is up with Chris Williams? We have the Wright news, but Williams had a Hamstring injury as well. Has he had an MRI to? I believe he has. His injury is just as importants as Wright's why are the Bears being so quite about Williams. Something smells fishy. They have no problem talking about Wright, could Chris Williams have a Windy City miracle and his injury has healed. One can only hope.

Has Williams been practicing? The Bears can ill afford to lose their Tower Power on the left side. The Vikings may have the Williams wall but we have the Chris Curb, if we are lucky someone might trip over him on the way to Cutler.

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