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Lance Briggs make Super Bowl prediction

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When Lance Briggs was asked if he was looking forward to playing in the Cowboys new stadium, he said: "It will be the first of two times this year. We have to warm it up for the next time so we're comfortable."

That's as close to a Super Bowl prediction as you're going to get from the Bears linebacker.

Super Bowl XLV will be held at held at Cowboys Stadium on Feb. 6.

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Hahahaha, gotta love Briggs, he's always good for a laugh.

Someone pinch Briggs he's dreaming. Like the confidence but get real it's not happening.

Lance might be on something, lets hope so.

On another note:Matt Forte. And it doesn't get much better than a seven-catch, 151-yard, two-touchdown performance in the opening game. The yardage total was the second-highest for a running back in Bears history. Forte, meanwhile, was the third running back in NFL history to record 150 or more receiving yards and multiple receiving touchdowns in a game. The other two were Brian Westbrook (2004) and Joe Cribbs (1981). Forte showed a nice burst on an 89-yard screen plan and put his exceptional ball skills on display for his 28-yard game-winning touchdown catch. I'm sure he would have liked to punch the ball into the end zone during a failed goal-line effort in the fourth quarter, but Forte established himself as a force in this offense regardless.

This week Forte, I predict that he will have near 100 yard rushing 1 TD and 5 catches for around 60 yards and no TDs. I might be drinking some koolaid but Matt Forte has been the best running back the Bears have had sence well Neil Anderson.


PPF has their game breakdowns up. Bears Lions. Or any game you want to check out.

This was a matchup both teams initially conspired to lose before making valiant, last-ditch efforts to win the thing.

After combining for 7 fumbles (5 of which were lost), they both then engineered drives which actually won, and then should have won the game.

We won’t go into the rights and wrongs of Calvin Johnson‘s disputed touchdown (the officials interpreted a dodgy set of rules to the letter), but we will look at who performed well, who should have done better and how a large rookie contingent fared — including prized Ndamukong Suh.


The Detroit defense appears to have made significant positive strides since 2009 while the offense, if anything, has regressed slightly.

The most positive addition so far is Kyle Vanden Bosch, who had an excellent all-around game (+6.1 overall rating) while once again proving to be an ironman to boot. He played all but one of 79 defensive snaps and got consistent pressure, registering a hit and 7 hurries and making life very tough for Bears LT Chris Williams’. In addition, Vanden Bosch registered a +2.7 grade in run defense after making 8 tackles, 4 stops and showing terrific hustle to chase plays down from behind.

As jokes go, “Why did Josh McDaniels trade Alphonso Smith for Dan Gronkowski? Because he knew Bill Belichick had a Gronkowski and he wanted one too!” made me laugh. While Smith didn’t exactly set the world on fire here in his Detroit debut, he must have at least made coach Jim Schwartz smile, because he did a very capable job in relief. Aaron Berry originally had the slot cornerback role but when he was injured Smith came in and played 31 snaps, mostly against the two Devins (Aromashodu and Hester). In 18 plays in coverage, Smith allowed only 1 reception (for 6 yards) and also showed very good skills in run support, notching 3 stops and a +2.1 run-defense grade. He got called for one hold (on Aromashodu), but overall made a positive impression and may well win the job, long-term.

On offense things were far less rosy, and Brandon Pettigrew is becoming something of a disappointment. He was supposed to be the prototypical multi-talented tight end: an athletic receiver who also had superior blocking skills. This game was actually a step back from an average first season. He struggled in the passing game (15 pass routes, 2 targets, a catch for 6 yards and a bad drop) and was beaten consistently as a run-blocker (-2.8 run block rating). He only played eight more snaps than backup Tony Scheffler, and if this continues, expect that number to shrink even further.


This was a real improvement for Jay Cutler (+4.5), as he overcame a strong defense, poor pass protection and multiple fumbles to win the game. He looked much more in control, and if he can just cut out the poor deep throws over the middle, he will be well worth the cost of the picks to the Bears. He threw three times into the deep middle (more than 20 yards) and was 0 for 3, including an interception. If you took just those throws into that area away, his passer rating would have increased from 109 to 131, and our pass grade from +4.5 to +6.5. He actually performed better when pressured and his actual rating when hit or hurried was 132.9.

When Chris Williams moved to left tackle last year upon the coaches finally deciding Orlando Pace had gone a season too far we feared the worst. He had a poor start on the right, and stepping over to the left looked like it might finish him. Fortunately for the Bears, he improved and we looked forward to watching him progress this year. However, he had an awful preseason, getting beaten constantly, and it looked as if our initial fears might be realized. This game solidified that view — he had a shocking day (-6.2). He gave up a sack, 2 hits and 4 hurries in protection as well as a holding penalty. In addition, his run blocking was worse, as Vanden Bosch regularly got inside him to make tackles for no gain or loss.

All three of the Bears linebackers played well, but it’s perhaps most relevant to highlight just how good Brian Urlacher (+5.4) was in this game. He made a similar positive start to the first game last year before being cut down by injury in the first half. This year he not only made it through the game but he looked even better. He got a sack and hit on five blitzes, gave up next to nothing in coverage (32 drops, 4 targets and 2 catches for 12 yards) and 7 of his 9 tackles were stops. Particularly impressive — and not normally a staple of his game — was the way he took on and beat the fullback. If he can continue this against better players than Jerome Felton, we may be able to confirm a return to full form.


While everyone is keen to crown Ndamukong Suh immediately, we’ll take our time before handing over the family silver. It’s not that he wasn’t impressive in some respects: He looked very difficult to block at times and got a sack, a hit and 2 hurries. But it needs to be remembered this was off a very large number of rushes and was only just above average for an interior lineman on that number passing plays. In addition, the way he threw back Frank Omiyale on 3rd-and-1 will make many highlight films, but the number of times he fell straight into traps probably won’t. It’s this lack of savvy that is the biggest issue at the moment.

After giving away the early part of the draft, Chicago’s first pick in 2010 was Major Wright. He was rotated at deep safety with Chris Harris throughout the game and ended up playing 40 percent of the defensive plays. He was partially responsible for the 24-yarder to Bryant Johnson that got Detroit moving on its final drive, but other than this he had a very quiet 23 snaps.


In the battle between Isreal Idonije and Mark Anderson for the right to start opposite Julius Peppers, Anderson may be the winner on paper as he was actually in for the first defensive snap. However they played a very similar number of plays (29 against 32, respectively) and both had positive outing against the run (both graded +1.6). However, Anderson got no pressure at all from his 18 rushes while Idonije managed 2 hurries in his 19 attempts to get to the QB.

At Brando, Forte is the second best back the Bears have had since Anderson, don't overlook the often overlooked Thomas Jones. By far one of the best backs in the NFL over the past 5 years. Severely under-rated.

I am not so sure Forte was that great. He had a lot of yards in the passing game against a really bad secondary and he is a nice mismatch there. But he did have some fumbles and drops, and he didn't do much in the running game, which is job.

Bu the big concern is the goal line. This is not the first, second or third time Forte has struggled down there. In fact he is the lowest rated goal line back in the nfl over the last three years according to a report Laurence Holmes spoke about. In fact his goal line performance against the Lions was one of the worst performances by a back over the last decade.

I am not saying it is all his fault but it needs to get better. He runs to tall into the hole and he really does not seem to be looking for a hole, more like he tries to push the pile.

Hey Creighton. I just realized, you should be a sports writer. You could be the next Mariotti.
Get a blog.

2 other running backs in the history of the NFL has ever, ever did what Forte done. Ok.

1.The 89-yard catch was the longest play from scrimmage by a running back in Bears history.

2. It also tied for the Bears longest play from scrimmage in Soldier Field history, equaling Vince Evans 89-yard TD pass to Rickey Watts on Sept. 1980 against the Vikings.

3.Forte’s 201 yards from scrimmage 50 rushing and 151 receiving were the most by a Bears player since Neal Anderson had 209 119 rushing and 90 receiving on Dec.1989 versus the Packers.

4.Forte’s 151 receiving yards were the most by a running back in NFL history on the opening weekend of the season.

5.The 89 yard reception was the longest by an NFL running back since 2001.

6. NFC offensive player of the Week.

Creighton that was 6 reasons why Matt Forte had a great game. Matt Forte did something Last Sunday that we have never seen from a Bears running back. What he did VS. the Lions did win him player of the week. That is a good thing not a bad but Im sure you will turn that in a bad thing...???

Didn't say he had a bad game Brando. In fact as I pointed out I was talking about his goal line running. I also pointed out it was Holmes not I who said it. So complain to him. I just relayed the message showing a different point of veiw.

Some reasons I though he didn't have a great game.

His short yard rushing

His goal line rushing

His rushing.

His fumbles

His dropped passes

Complain to Holmes if your upset. His big recieving day came on 2 receptions. One was broken coverage, the other was missed tackles, broken coverage and and a mismatch. He is a running back who is not very good a rushing the ball.

Your stats are garbage by the way. What real records did Forte break.

"Forte’s 151 receiving yards were the most by a running back in NFL history on the opening weekend of the season"

What kind of stat is that? What kind of BS record is that? Opening weekend? Did he break or tie the regular season single recieving record for a RB? Answer no. Wow he had almost as many yards as Anderson did in one game. Wow.

What did Forte do. You say only two backs have ever done it. What did he do and who where the backs? No running back has ever had 201 yards from scrimage? Or no running back has ever had 150 yards recieving? You say only two guys have ever done what he has done? What did he do? He had 2 catches, two big catches but until he learns how to run, I don't think he is a great running back. Give me a real record not some fan BS opening weekend. Look it's either a regular season game or it is not. What next he is the only running back to where blue Nike's on an alternate weekend while hoping on one foot.

You want a real record. 14 100+ rushing yards in a row. That's a record. Alternate weekend, afternoon games after the by week, while in the rain playing against and AFC rival fan boy records me jack.

I think he had a very good game recieving, but that's about it. Did you think he rean the ball well? Did you think he did a great job on the line, how was blocking? I think Chris Johnson had a great game, but I am one of those crazy guys that thinks RB's should run. Recieving is a nice bonus, but he still needs to run.

I know Johnson had 285 yards from scrimage last year in week 2 and 3 TD's so I am pretty sure Forte did not break any NFL record as you claim. I am looking at the record book and I don't see you record listed.

What did he do that only 2 backs have ever done before?

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