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Kreutz has confidence in Omiyale at LT

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Olin Kreutz seemed to indicate that Frank Omiyale will be starting at left tackle against the Packers on Monday night.

Then again, I could be reading too much into it.

Kreutz was asked if he was confident in whomever ends up playing left tackle. Here's what he said: "It's always an adjustment. I think Frank can do the job. I believed in him last week and I believe in him this week."

Bears coach Lovie Smith will likely shed more light on the situation when he meets with reporters after practice.

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What a shock. Didn't Kreutz say Omiyale was going to be one of the best guards in football? I believe he did.

Omiyale some major problems. The good is he has a great frame, is a very good athlete, has long arms and has nice feet. The bad is he plays to high, he bends at the waist instead of the knees, he lacked the range to play RT so I can only assume sense he needs more range at LT that he lacks the range there as well. Also like Williams he has no hand punch, and may actually be too nice to play on the offensive line. He is also not a good run blocker but with the Bears doing so little running that does not matter.

Neither he nor Williams are physical players, most of the best LT's to have played the game have been very physical players. Finnesse linemen tend to fit better in a zone.

Some physical LT's have been Pace, Munoz, Covert, Jones, Long and Ogden.

Neil I think your right, I think that is exactly what Olin was indicating. Given the tight lipped nature surrounding the supposed Chris Williams injury. I mean they have no problem talking about Wright but Williams well that's a big secret. After all he had no problem walking around after the game. While Wright was limping around all reports have indicated that Williams seemed fine and was walking around.

When are we going to get our Jay and Martz talk?

Omaliyale looked better at Left tackle than Williams although he was helped with some chip blocks on Ware etc.

He seemed more at home on the left than he seems on the right. Maybe when Chris Williams returns a right tackle spot may be the best for him particularly if he does not play any better than the last two games.

i actually hope williams doesnt play and shaffer does. i think it worked out better that way.

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