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Jerry Angelo: "Jay wants to be coached"

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said quarterback Jay Cutler immediately believed in new offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

"We saw it right away, particularly in OTAs. Jay wants to be coached," Angelo told senior reporter Larry Mayer. "He respects Mike's experience and expertise. He puts in the time to take advantage of what Mike brings to his position.

"Great quarterbacks have great coaches; they're synonymous throughout the history of our game."

Angelo also told the team's website that Sunday's win against the Dallas Cowboys was a statement game "because we got little, if any credit, for beating what we considered a much improved [Detroit] Lions team.

"Statements are made when you do something others say you can't. So yes, I was happy about the way we responded to the challenge, but it's only one game. Monday night has the making of what could be another statement game. We'll see."

Finally, Angelo said he's never watched a road game that went "south" so quickly.

"With the injury [to Chris Williams], the pressure the quarterback was under as well as a hostile environment, to handle that and settle down and find a way was great to see," Angelo said. "Our players and coaches are to be commended on how they handled it. They're exceptional coaches and we saw why."

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ahhhh.....shut you littel mouth ANGELO!!!! taht was not a statment game!!! i nEW the bears would win....theyu just got lucky enough and the reefs help tehm out buy tthe bears stil SUCK. i now you loosers are thinking well gee crap-ton dalas has good team with probowelers all over and the bears beat them at home isnt that meansomething? ans is say means i AM KING!!!!! you bring that up agIAN ans i will have to smack you around brando and kjevin BUMstead... you well see wehn the PACKERS (ohhh love me some packers) CRUSH teh BEARS at soldier feild!!! ahahahah!!!!!

but oyu guys now me old crpa-ton....just tyring to be posative..

ps jay i keep leaving you message but you nevr pickup?????? oh i now...its that kristin kavaliir TRAMP isnt it....ohhhh taht burns me UP!!! dont yuou want to see ME in pink panties instead of HER!?? :)

Hey Crap-ton....
I AM impressed by the adjustments that the Bears made against the Cowboys defense, and the way the Bears defense held up against Romo and team.

On the other hand
Noone is impressed by you or your misspelled - half whitted - ranting. I'd bet you call your self Crap-ton because your scull is filled with a ton of crap!

Some suggestions for you:
1.) Learn to type.
2.) Learn to spell.
3.) Learn to read.
4.) Read what you type before you post...

When you say you knew the Bears would win, I guess you figured that the refs would call plays that you didn't like and that you knew they would "get lucky". If you knew those things would happen you would truely be psycic. Fact is, I think you are just psyco.

Go Bears!!

Hey #1BearsFan, I agree with your comments, but you might want to check the spelling of "half-witted" and "psycho." At least you spelled "misspelled" correctly.

"Monday night has the making of what could be another statement game"

Could be another statement game? A top 2 NFC team, you biggest rival, super bowl favorite, division rival, at home, monday night, tied for the division lead, and it might be a statement game?

It's a must win game, you have to beat the teams in your division. Easiest way to the playoffs, win your division. How is this anything but a statment game. Or is it a statement game if you win and just another game if you lose?

You tell him number 1 Bear Fan guy.

And Paul you tell number 1 Bear fan.

Oh and Kristin Cavallari is not a tramp. She is a little hottie, why can't you be happy for Jay? I wonder if this will turn into a love triangle with Lauren Conrad? News flash Cutler to appear on the Hills.

The skins and the Vikes continue to try and work a deal for Action Jackson.

And "skull"... you're correct that Crap-ton is an idiot though.


You must be new.

Crap-ton is a parody of Creighton, a poster incapable of saying anything postive about the Bears, and incapable of admitting he was wrong about anythihg.

He's selectively posted this week, because he basically played himself last week with his predictions. Generally, he comments on every post.

Apparently the #1 Bears fan is new to these message boards

I'm shocked anyone even reads crap-ton OR Creighton for that matter. Anyway, at least Jerry didn't try to take any credit for a great win !

Ahhh it's IDC and MrMick, what your three year self banishment is over because the Bears won two games? Hahahahaha, I actualldid post on every article or almost, they just didn't get posted ask Neil why. None of them where abusive. 3 or 4 posts are missing, not much I can do about it.

Mick you read everything I write, so does IDC. We will see where the team ends up at the end of the season as usual. I mean you really couldn't ask for an easier year to make the playoff's. The east is garbage, the vikings are bad, the west is horrid, and outside of the Saints the south is a joke. I mean my god the Bucs have two wins they are just as amazing as the Bears, Chiefs too.

No team has ever started off hot and faded.

By Crap-ton on September 22, 2010 11:28 AM

By Creighton on September 22, 2010 4:53 PM

One and the same! One and the same!

No, I do not write everything you write. For starters, I don't have time to read your eight page diatribes. Why?

I have this thing called a life. When I have other things to do, I don't post. I especially don't post in the summers. It's the Bears offseason. Its nice outside. And there are beautiful half-naked women tipsy on cosmpolitans that I would rather talk to more than you or anyone else on this board.

What I have noticed, is your complete 180 on Martz. You tried to convince everyone the Bears couldn't learn the offense, that Cutler was a bad fit the the scheme, and that Martz would not improve the offense significantly.

Now, you are a huge Martz fan, praising his in game adjustments and connection with Cutler.

If this continues, were you wrong about Martz, or have you already developed selective amnesia?

I have to laugh whenever an "internet spellchecker" has so many misspellings.

: )

Don't you people get it? You all get so irate at Crap-ton, and that's exactly why it's so funny!!! I have missed him for these last few months because he makes everyone so mad, but he's just ripping on Creighton and Kevin Armstead and all these "armchair coaches". He's misspelling on purpose to make a Jamaican sounding accent, you tards!!! Him and Bandit are here to keep all of us in check, and it's great. I'm as big a Bears' fan as anyone (even named my second daughter after Payton and Sayers), but the way they make you people so mad is hilarious. does anyone remember Howard Stern when he was good? same thing...

PS Bandit, you must be satisfied with your JayJay, because I haven't heard from you in awhile. Don't make me fly to Chi-town to have a threesome with you guys... ;)

By ldc on September 22, 2010 5:55 PM
"No, I do not write everything you write. For starters, I don't have time to read your eight page diatribes. Why?"

But you just read what I wrote again and you are quoted as saying I post on every article on this blog. How would you know that unless you check every article for what I wrote?

"I have this thing called a life.'

No you don't. People that feel the need to say that are usually the most guilty of not having a life.

I have done a 180 on Martz you say. I have been impressed but I am also not sold on him yet either. First no running game, second the offensive line and third nobody has much game film on this teams offense yet. Oh and lets see how it continues to progress in the winter. As for a 180 on Martz I could be wrong, or I could be right but two games is not exactly a huge sample size. Not to mention so far they have been better on turf then grass. Lots of slips in that first game.

Also if you claim to have a this big life how come you are always posting at the Trib Mr. Life, heck why even post at all, clearly you have better things to do? And before you get upset and say you do have a life and then go on some rant about being a very important person. Just remember you are once again reading something I wrote, while you are blogging. Lighten up. You blog man, your just as bad as the rest of us, mot to mention you enjoy my writing. Good or bad doesn't matter and right or wrong doesn't matter. This blog is a snooze fest without me and everyone knows it.

You think is me or who I am? Hahahaha this is just a persona, a caricature. Just like everyone else on this board. Or do you actually ask people to call you Idc? I like being the villian. I'll take the opposite stand of every post of this board if I have to. Do I ever agree with anyone on anything? Do you think I will actually ever say I am wrong? Why? What fun would that be? D oyou think there are rules or something some sort of blog code?

You don't have the guts to say what you wanna say. You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fingers and say, "That the bad guy." So...what that makes you? Good? You're not good. You just know how to hide--how to lie to yourselves. Me, I don't have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say goodnight to the bad guy! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. Come on. Make way for the bad guy. There's a bad guy comin' through! Betta get outta his way!

Once again you are letting someone get to you, Creighton. He/she even got you to admit that you would never admit that you were wrong. If "Creighton" is in fact a caricature, then it's a caricature of your true self exaggerated;either way sometimes a bit silly.By the way, Paul Manter is a real person and has and will have no problem admitting when he was/is wrong.

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