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He's back: Johan Asiata

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The Bears have re-signed guard Johan Asiata to the practice squad.

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OH MY! He's just the bestest and wonderfulest guard in the whole NFL. Well, besides Omiyale when Omiyale was one, and a great one at that!

Oh wow who cares? I no a ot of you total homer fans have been cheering that thisis the best bears team ever and that they will go 16-0 and win the the superbowel but the facts are in the stats.

They cant run the ball. All those people saying Forte is back I hav yet to see it. He looks as bad as last year running the ball. taylor has done nothing aswell.

There secondary is weak. Rogers was able to throw the ball wherever he wanted with no trouble. Romo put up 400 yards.

There pass rush is weak. No sacks this week no sacks last weak. I think every fan that understands football knows how much of a waste Peppers has been. One sack in three games. Wow and this si the same guy who STOLE $91 million dollars from the Bears. Angelo you did it again. Frigging genious.

The offesnvie line is just bad. Cutler wont make it the season behind this line. Oh no wait we have John Asiasta on the pratice squad on woops nevermind superbowle here we come for sure.

The APackers should have won. They beat themselves with all the sloppy penalties.

The Cowboys shold have won. Ditto on the why.

The Lions hould have won sense the Bears were sloppy, lost the ball a bunch of times and in the end needed a stupid rule and the refs to bale them out.

So there you go. Three games the bears have been extremly luck in and all three should have been ;losses. I think everyone has a littel luck but it will runs out sooner or later. You will see. This is the same team as last year. The Bears will miss the playoffs and htere I will be at the end of season saying I told you you and that I was right all along like the last threee seasons.

Creighton must have had a bad day. Everything he says is a putdown. Have the Bears been lucky? Of course. But they also helped make their own luck. Cutler is better than last year. The defense is better. And, yes Forte is better too -- he is no longer hampered by injury.

TO say Julius Peppers is a waste, however, is just plain wrong. He single handedly helped keep the Bears in the Packers'game with his rush, the blocked field goal and his constant pressure. Stafford is still recovering from Peppers in Detroit. Obviously, Creighton is not seeing the same game as the rest of us.

BTW, you misused the word "there" several times and mispelled a bunch or other words. You might want to fix that since you consider yourself a great analyst.

You get a B+ for analysis and a D- for spelling, syntax and punctuation.

Is Asiata the only guard they have backing up Garza and Louis? I know Edwin Williams is listed as a combo player, but he is really being groomed as a center right? They tried Marten at guard, but at that size his natural position is surely tackle?

Obviously he can't play in a game while on the practice squad, but it looks to me like on any given week Asiata could be one play away from starting the following week. Does anybody know for sure?


Despite the fact that you said it like a total tool, I agree with most of what you said. Except the part about Peppers. He earned his salary in the Green Bay game, and if anybody else on the line could make a play he'd be a total beast. Fact is, he's all alone on that line and yet he's still making some plays. Makes me wonder what they might be if they had kept Alex Brown.

Everything else you're saying, though, is true. Teams can pass at will on the Bears and the only way they don't score is if they shoot themselves in the foot. That's not a winning strategy over the course of a season. Plus, still no running game and way too much pressure on Cutler.

But, there are reasons to be optimistic. The offense has the ability to keep the Bears in any game. Plus, it's still early and the offense should keep improving. If the defense can make some improvements then things could get exciting. Basically, Martrz has done his job, now Lovie needs to do his. Which doesn't bode well from past experience, but he's finally figured out how to bench people without an injury excuse, so maybe he can figure out how to effectively use the blitz (psst Lovie, rushing the linebackers up the middle hasn't worked in four years).

By the way, what is a "superbowel?" Is that something you have after eating too many Italian Beefs?

Creighton is it? Cool name. If you are as annoying in person as you are on this post...may the dear sweet lord keep us from ever meeting. Amen.

Creighton is it? Cool name. If you are as annoying in person as you are on this post...may the dear sweet lord keep us from ever meeting. Amen.

What will it take, Creighton, for you to recognize that the Bears are actually pretty good? Yes, they have been lucky,but they have also shown a lot of resilience and the ability to take advantage of their opponents' mistakes. If they beat New York,they're in solid shape to win a couple more and be at 6 and 0. That's a heck of astart for a push to the playoffs. Things could still fall apart, but so far the ball has bounced their way,and every team needs a degree of luck. I hope the Bears remain good and lucky.

Boy these posters with their 1940s mentality. No running game, so. No pass rush, what qualifies as a pass rush? Sacks. QB pressures. QB Hits. TFL? We have plenty of everyone but sacks. No defensive backfield. So we have a beast of a front 7. Bad o-line? We have backs and TEs to chip.

You can say that against two of the top offenses in football, but after week 1 it was...if they expect to play like this and win, the Bears will be 1-3.

Before the season MOST OF YOU HAD THE BEARS 0-4 or 1-3. At the least now 3-1. This offense is a monster, and I have said that since week 1...look in the archives. You cannot lose with playcalling and desire to succeed is as great as Martz, even if the team loses, these players win by default. Bears will win sun. Go 4-0. Or lose and go 3-1, but 1 thing is for will be entertaining, and those Packer fans who post regularly on this site from FULL COURT PRESS will shut up or look at the scoreboard.....LOL.

And for you haters, I said so to no running game for 1 reason. Teams are daring the Bears to pass, 8-9 in the box. When they back down, they will run.


You spelling is deplorable. I can appreciate that you like to weigh-in on a multitude of topics but you really need to learn how to write more efficiently. The fact that you are obviously not a true bears fan is a topic for another day. The fact that you can only talk negative about a 3-0 start speaks volumes about youself.

Sorry, Creighton, I don't buy the "GB, Dallas and Detroit shoulda won" and "the Bears are lucky" logic. If GB, Dal and Det should have won, they would have. If they were truly better teams (on all 3 phases, not just in the passing game) they would have beaten the Bears. But the fact remains that they didn't. Stats are fine and good, but the only stats that ultimately matter are W-L record and points allowed, and the Bears shine in both, regardless of how they got there.

- Detroit's offense sucked until the last drive and you can argue all day the Bears won on a bad call, but Detroit also benefitted from a bad call (Best's alleged TD run where the ball never crossed the goal line) so let's call it even.
- Yes the Cowboys threw all over the field, but they couldn't score, and they turned the ball over because the Bears D applied a lot of pressure (depsite no sacks) and their secondary wasn't that good
- The Packers committed penalties because they are undisciplined (which smacks of a good, but not great team), were scared of Peppers' pressure (again, despite no sacks), and because the Bears receivers were getting free in the secondary.

I'm not saying the Bears aren't without problems or concerns, as you've pointed out (i.e. no run game, o-line is weak, they get passed on all over the field), but so far, they are not giving up points when it matters and are doing enough on offense to win, despite these shortcomings. No team in the league is without issues, but good teams find a way to win despite them and the Bears are doing that right now. And Peppers has been a monster presence despite the pedestrian numbers. Aside from the FG block, just watch the tape and you'll see.

Does this mean we're going 16-0 and headed to the Superbowl? Who the hell knows? But I can certainly appreciate 3 wins, 2 against quality teams that were considered title contenders before the season started, ugly or not.

Success makes it's own luck.

Teams that are very good against either the run or the pass often have distorted stats in the opposite because if a team cant run they have to pass.

The bears are at or near the top against the run, time of possession, scoring, turnovers, and wins. Cutler is solid.

They have a wealth of coaching experience with former success in the areas they are focused on.


ima crap-ton ans i aporve this massage!

For years the same guy has been doing the blue Creighton thing and for years you think it is me. Click on the link, you know the name, my Name. I do have to get that shirt though, I love that freakin pick.

Hahahaha no wonder I love this place you guys will believe and fall for anything.

I already wrote that I enjoy the three wins. But that does not mean I am sold on this team.

A bad O-Line
Only 1 guy on the D-Line that can get pressure, and remember somthing they have not run up against a good O-Line yet.
No Run game
An offense that has not played well at home, and does not play as well on grass.
A QB that continues to get pounded.
An explosive passing game that has been anything but explosive.
A horrible secondary.

I don;t really think the Bears have improved that much, I think the rest of the NFC has come back to the Bears. Nobody is playing very good football right now.

Maybe they will be good and the offense and defense will improve on their problems. It doesn;t matter much to me if they make the playoff's or not although I would prefer they make it. If they play good football and keep improving I am happy. Urlacher is playing great football, Briggs and Peppers as well. I would have said Cutler to until this week, but he should bounce back. But who else is really playing lights out on offense?

Special teams is returning to form, and I much prefer Lovie 2.0 who has actually discovered the term player accountability. But it only seems to apply to his defense. Unless he did Bench Williams and it's not an injury. Which will earn him more respect in my eyes cause he was the worst player on the line.

Right now does anyone look amazing in the NFC or is everyone looking kinda mediocre. Bears have a nice run defense but can't control the clock, can't run the ball, have an offense that has yet to click at home, can't stop anyone on third and long, are getting shredded by passing games. That's not great football. Right now the NFC is soft, even the Saints do look great.

I have missed that "Creighton" in the blue print nonsense. Thanks for pointing that out, "Creighton" in the black. We oldsters too easily miss the nuances of the new technology. From here on out I'll simply ignore the blue print guy. One wonders why someone would bother to do that. Must lead a really dull life, getting too little attention.

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