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Harris played like 'Blind dog'

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Last week, former Buccaneers defensive tackle and current NFL network analyst Warren Sapp made critical comments about Tommie Harris, saying he played like a "Blind dog in a meat house." Harris deflected the controversy, but when asked how he played after Sunday's game, he said: "Like a blind dog in a meat house."

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Great game. Maybe the naysayers and pundits can start to BACK OFF!!! Go Bears!!!

You get em Tommie.. Don't let these haters bring your spirit down...Go Bears!!!

You get em Tommie.. Don't let these haters bring your spirit down...Go Bears!!!

Keep working hard Tommie and all the haters will fade away with their foot in their mouths... Go Bears!!!

bearhatersstop please remove your lips from harris's rear, maybe he can then start playing football they way he should with peppers along side him now.

You suck Tommie !!!

Up rooted to TX you seem to know a lot about lips on rear ends. Sounds like you do a lot of eating in that area. You must be another one of the bear haters out here salty over the fact that they are winning. Want to see Lovie fired and Cower hired? Why don't you become a Cowboy fan and comment in their news paper. You must hate yourself because you know nothing about uplifting others. Your life must be miserable, you loser! Go Bears!!!

There has to be a point where Harris starts playing like we are paying him. I saw several plays where he was knocked down by one blocker, and any time a second person got involved, he was 4-5 yards downfield, or 10 yards off to the side of the play. Adams and Toeaina are the only ones playing like they belong on the line at DT. For being healthy, Harris sure isn't looking like his old self.

Time to stop the favoritism, and play the guys that show they want to be there. Someone has to start making plays on the inside, and Toeaina is the only one showing up in the backfield.

I'm not the one with lips on the rear. Harris is playing like crap and as a true BEAR fan would, I will call him out and give him credit when he deserves it.

A tackle could have a good game and it could go completely unnoticed. Thats because the create a push up the middle that sets up the edge rushers. Don't be fooled into thinking a D-linemen must have sacks to be playing good. I bet if you ask, Romo would tell you he felt the push up the middle and how it caused him to throw before he wanted to. Cut the man some slack and stop beating him down. Not hard to kick a man when he is down. Try encouraging people instead of verbally abusing them because you can. Go Bears!!!

So bearhatersstop Romo had no pocket to step up into? I know he moved some but unless I'm mistaken he had a pocket to move up into, which means there was NO push in the middle.

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