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Frank Omiyale fares well against DeMarcus Ware

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DeMarcus Ware is one of the league's best defensive players. So it looked like the Bears were going to be in for a long day when left tackle Chris Williams left the game in the first series with a hamstring injury.

Kevin Shaffer replaced Williams, and he had two penalties on the ensuing series. But then the coaching staff switched Shaffer to right tackle, his more natural position, and swung Frank Omiyale to left tackle.

Ware's final stat line: "Three tackles, one tackle for loss and two quarterback hurries, one of which was against Williams on the first series.

Omiyale is one of the unsung heroes of the Bears win, especially since he said he didn't get much help against Ware.

Asked how much he had to block Ware one-on-one, Omiyale said, "Quite a bit.

"I took pride in coach [Mike] Martz trusting me. I'm going to enjoy this one."

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Great to see the Bears win over the Cowboys.

I need to see the bears o-line for 2 more games before I will start feeling comfortable. The biggest thing so far I've seen is this coaching staff(not Lovie) can make adjustments on the fly. I really hope they keep this up even though I really want Angelo and Lovie gone.

What a win. Omiyale I thought did a solid job. Brings up the question of is he our LT? Deffense gave up yards but made Dallas one dimensional and played solid. Briggs and Urlacher very solid again. Cutler did outstanding the whole game. Early on I thought they would be carting him off or he would fall apart and start forcing throws. Cutler showed what he can do in a real offense. I never felt so good eating my own words. I predicted 34-13 Cowboys.

How are you gonna give the credit to the other coaches, but give the blame to Lovie???? He is the head coach and all calls go through him, good and bad. Give him his due today.

Thank you realist, at least you are manning up. Still to early, after this GB monday nite game, I will have a better idea of this offensive line, and the defensive backfield. Seedy, tell me what you think about this game.

Actually it Martz and Cutler. The Bears started mixing quick drops in to keep the Dallas D off balance. They also used a lot of max protect and 6-8 man protection Omiyale was not on Ware much. Ware was also going against Shaffer as he switches side. Tons of credit to Martz and Cutler played off the charts.

Lovie did nothing ot lose the game, but his defense gave up over 400 yards and Dallas often shot themselves in the foot on offense. Which is their problem all in all it was a good game plan by the Bears alround. Given the play of the Dallas offense I would say next week is the first real test for the D. This week it was a test for the offense and they came up big.

Omiyale didn't have to deal with many deep drops and had a lot of help. The Bears scheme beat the cowboys scheme. Still can't run the ball and Cutler is on pace for over 80 knockdowns.

The quick drop adjustment and help is what kept the Bears offense going. Cutler was under pressure the whole game.

Chuck I agree. I need to see more of the o-line and secondary as well. But today they got the job done enough for the win. Anyone else think it was over when Williams went down and in came Kevin?

Oh and Ware had 3 hits, 1 sack, 3 hits 2 hurries. That's actually a really good game. Oh and I meant he wasn't on Ware solo much.

What where Peppers stats?

Where is Crap-ton when you need him??? These Bear haters really need to find another team to hate on... Go Bears!!!

You are stuck in your world Creigton, and that's it.

Look at Pompei's REPORTING on the other site. He stated that Martz, with Tice, the person you said was garbage, created a series of protection changes. Even Paul P., the coordinator with the Cowboys, said the changes made in personnel and protection helped slow down the team.

Are you going to suggest a veteran defensive mind doesn't know what he's talking about?

And clearly, after the changes were made, the team improved in protection. But since you think Tice and Omiyale are garbage, your response is predictable.

You also fail to mention that the defense shut down the Cowboys running game. Felix Jones was an absolute not factor.

Yes, they gave up passing yardage. But they clamped down near the red zone. It was all junk yardage, which is why the Cowboys only scored 13 offensive points.

And in case you forgot, what you are moaning about is the design of Lovie's scheme. Don't give up big plays, and force turnovers.

The game plan was successful. That's why they won, and won with relative ease.

But of course, you chose to cherry-pick once again.

bearhatersstop, you are the one that really needs to take a look at the bears. 2 wins against 2 unimpressive teams and you sound like the last 3 years don't matter. A true bear fan will call out the bears when they are not playing up to standards.

You have a point realist, my only hope was Kevin not get this former Pro Bowl QB killed....and Tice made a nice adjustment, and they win. This monday will be a big test for this offense.

I have to support Creighton here. Omiyale looked god because of the offensive adjustment to shorter drops and shorter pass routes. Since the Bears improved right after Williams went out and Omiyale took his place, assuming Omiyale is the reason for the improvement is a natural but erroneous assumption. The technical term for such is th post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy.In layman's terms, because an event follows an event the former event is erroneously considered the cause.

up rooted to TX, I bet you insult kids when they are not up to your standards. Why do you think being destructively critical of somebody is positive reinforcement? Are you perfect and on your game all the time? The Cowboys were predicted by many of the "experts" to represent the NFC in the Super Bowel, did you know that? Detroit will show you they are a better team than people think as the season goes on. No team plays error free football this early in the season. You really need to find something or somebody else to hate on. "Misery loves company must be your motto." People who hate themselves find it easy to hate others. Is life that bad for you? Go Bears!!!

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