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Forte's field day

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Bears running back Matt Forte coughed the ball up twice, including one that the Detroit Lions capitalized on with a touchdown.

But, Forte was arguably the most encouraging offensive player in the debut of Mike Martz's offense.

Forte managed just 50 rushing yards on 17 carries (2.9-yard average). But, he thrived in the Marshall Faulk role, catching all seven of the passes intended for him and turning it into 151 yards. He showed tremendous patience on his 89-yard touchdown on a screen. He waited for center Olin Kreutz to take out the first defender, then he waited for tight end Greg Olsen to occupy a Lions defensive back.

But even more impressive may have been the 28-yard touchdown on 2nd and 18. Forte got a step on his defender, and he made a difficult twisting catch in the end zone.

"I knew it was man-to-man coverage because the safety walked up so I knew either him or the linebacker had me," Forte said. "I went around him and Jay made a great throw and I caught it."

Cutler called Forte a "great player" and highlighted is intelligence.

"He has such a great feel for football," Cutler said of Forte. "Knows when to cut. Knows when to make it happen."

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Matt Forte is a smart player, the screen pass proved that in the way he let it all get sat up. And the guy's got to be in the top 3 as far as receiving backs out of the backfield, 151 yards is amazing, and that touchdown catch at the end of the game was all guts, especially the way Forte sacrificed his body to make the catch.

What killed Chicago today wasn't the Lions, it was the Bears. Mistake after mistake, the two fumbles were killer, you had a couple holding calls on the line, Rashied Davis's hit out of bounce on special teams, #25 Garrett Wolfe got a call on special teams, and even Chicago's beast man Julius Peppers shouldn't have put his arm around Stafford's head, but part of that was due to the momentum of Pepper's almost 300lb body falling, but you get my point. Chicago needs to fix these types of mistakes before they start playing some better teams.

I'm not gonna comment on the Bears offensive line, but wow? This is gonna be a problem this year, they gotta get better. In the offensive lines defense, Detroit's defensive line is gonna be great, Suh, Vanden Bosh, and Williams are gonna be a heck of a front, maybe the NFC norths best once big Pat Williams retires next season for the Vikings. It was an ugly win but a win nonetheless, the only thing I got to say to any Lions fan out there is this, ITS A PROCESS, ITS A PROCESS!!! Now GO BEARS!!

Kevin you have to give detroits D-Line some credit in this game, they played pretty darn well. The stopped the Bears in short yardage situations time and again and while the Bears where able to pass all day on that secondary which pretty much the worst in football, running on the Lions was a different story and they spent all day buzzing and hitting Cutler. Bosch was getting tripple teamed, and running up the middle was almost impossible.

The lines ultra coservative Turner esq play calling cost them more than anything. They ran wide and at the teeth of the Bears defense all day.

Forte worked well as a reciever but the running game was a joke.

As for the mistakes you are right that is what killed the Bears. But how many mistakes did the O-Line have, how many holds, how many false starts? Plus while Forte and Cutler seem on the same page, the recivers are a different story. Knox Hester and Olsen where non-factors for the most part, DA dropped a TD with that horrible basket catch attempt, which he tends to do on over the shoulder throws. The offense can't fully cut loose either because they are using 8 guys to block. Plus lets not foget some of those coaching blunders, Lovie showed his brains again, one of the worst coaching choices I ever seen.

I hate to break it to about the Process but the league and the competition committee are reviewing the process. In fact the league tried to explain to the competition comittee and they didn't understand it. Do you know why. Becuase process is undefined.

He took three steps then went to the ground he was not in the process of going to the ground when he caught the ball. Which would mean the rule was misused. Either way it should have never come down to that. I would say Forte had a great day but he was also part of the problem after he fumbled twice. Why did he fumble because he kept leaving his feat and exposing the ball.

It's kinda of a dirty win. By the way it's not just Lion fans or Bears fans, this is the talk of the league. It was highlighted twice on Sunday football.

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