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Devin Aromashodu was Jay's go-to receiver

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Devin Aromashodu may be No. 3 on the depth chart, but he was quarterback Jay Cutler's top target in the season opener.

Aromashodu was targeted on a team-high 10 of Cutler's 35 pass attempts. More surprisingly, though, Aromashodu was the intended target on five of Cutler's 10 third-down pass attempts.

Aromashodu converted two of them, gaining 29 yards, but he wasn't able to get a first down on the other three attempts.

Here's a full break down of who Cutler went to with the football:

1) Devin Aromashodu caught five of the 10 passes intended for him for 71 yards.

2) Johnny Knox caught three of the seven passes intended for him for 52 yards.

3) Matt Forte caught all seven of the passes intended for him for 151 yards, including two touchdowns.

4) Greg Olsen caught four of the six passes intended for him for 37 yards.

5) Chester Taylor caught three of the four passes intended for him for 44 yards.

6) Devin Hester caught the one pass intended for him for 17 yards.

The Bears were six-of-14 on third-down conversions. Cutler attempted 10 passes, completing just four of them.
* Aromashodu caught two of five passes for 29 yards.
* Johnny Knox caught one of three passes for five yards, including one that was intercepted.
* Olsen converted the one third-down pass intended for him for 13 yards.
* Taylor was not able to connect with Cutler on one third-down pass.

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Hester is our number one. Hahahahahaha

DA did not have a great game, he dropped a perfect pass for a TD because he tries to basket catch over the shoulder throws.

I give him credit for taking a beating though, Detroit was not covering very well but boy they where laying the wood.

By the way Sean, I have not read this anywhere yet but nobody is talking about the fact that Cutler got so banged up at one point that Collins almost came in the game.

Does that O-line get paid, because after watching the game they shouldn't...I think Chris Williams should give money BACK TO THE TEAM ! He was standing around doing nothing more than anyone else.

Johnny Knox had the better pre-season, but here we are in the regular season and Devin Aromashodu seems to be picking up right where he left off from last season after leading the Bears with 22 catches for 282 yards with 4 tds over the final 4 games last season. Its pretty obvious he's getting ready to be Chicago's #1 receiver. I think its a matter of time before you see him in the starting lineup.

Cutler and his receivers weren't on the same page yesterday, but like I've been saying all off-season, they won't be right out of the gate, its gonna take some more game time reps. Once they are, look out, this offense is gonna be pretty good.

As far as Knox, I think because of the good pre-season, Detroit paid the most attention to him, if you remember the Cutler pick, Knox was in triple coverage. With Aromashodu coming on, him and Knox could end up being a heck of a combo, its gonna be hard to double them both, then you got Forte and Olsen underneath, again, this could end up being a heck of an offense GO BEARS!!

I am with you BEAR-A-HOLIC many the Bears line sucks. I will at the game agaist the Cowgirls and it will be a blood bath unless they are able to protect Cutler. Ware may have his 10 sacks in one game...ugh...Better yet Cutler may need a body bag.


I am with Creighton DA didn't have the perfect game but do give him credit he got hammered.

Anyone else think we are in major trouble when teams start to jam the WRs at the line all game long because there is no way our line will hold up giving Cutler enough time for the WRS to come off the jams?

Jeff what did you just write?

"...Better yet Cutler may need a body bag."


Are you mental? Your rooting for the Bears but you want Cutler to get killed? He is one of the few offensive players that can hold his head up high. Behind that line he had 350 yards or so and 2 TD's and you want him dead? Why are you an Orton fan? Orton who just lead his team to a loss and looked lousy against the Jags?

The guy is not perfect but no QB is.

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