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Devin Aromashodu isn't going to walk "on eggshells"

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Despite his disappointment, Bears receiver Devin Aromashodu isn't going to let pressure overwhelm him.

"We don't want to put too much pressure on ourselves because when you're walking on eggshells, you really can't play well," he said. "You still got to go out there and let it loose and do your best. I mean, you're not going to be perfect every play. That's something they have to understand. I mean, as coaches, they're not going to make the right call every play.

"We just have to learn from our mistakes and try to do our best."

Aromashodu isn't sure what he can work on to get back on the field -- he was deactivated for Monday's game against the Green Bay Packers -- and he hasn't been given an explanation by receivers coach Darryl Drake or offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

"We've talked, briefly, but not as far as a reason why I didn't play," the receiver said. "But, obviously they saw something that I didn't do that other players brought."

But he knows he'll get a chance at some point.

"I just got to keep working," he said.

"I know I'm capable of doing it, so it's always good to have the confidence. I know I will get a chance, whether it's this week or whether it's Week 10. I just have to be ready.
and I'll eventually get my chance, like last year."

Meanwhile, Aromashodu said he was getting used to playing in the slot, although Martz said that the receiver isn't comfortable in that role.

"I mean, I like to play outside receiver, but I was playing the slot, and I kind of got used to playing it. Outside receiver, I like it. But I got used to playing slot receiver," Aromashodu said.

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Devin, just tell Lovie to stick it, relax on the bench and collect money. Lovie doesn't play with a full deck most of the time.

Can't run scared going across the middle. I love the new approach of the coaches this year. Everyone is held accountable, and if your're not doing your job, time to ride the bench.

I was really surprised when Earl Bennett got a start in week 2 and DA sat for most of the game. But watching Bennett block all game long, I was really impressed. He makes DA looks even worse by comparison. I know that WRs don't get snaps just because they can block, but DA has looked less impressive in the middle, fighting off the jam, and going across the middle. DA needs to get better doing the dirty work or he won't see the field again, which is too bad, because he could be a serious weapon to pair with Cutler's ability.

The bears are not smart if they don't utilize Devin Aromashodu because he a dynamic player that posses a great mis-match on corner backs...and if you have a player that posses a great threat to other teams then you cause other teams to double team Devin....thus causing other wide receivers like Hester and Knox and Olsen to be open. i also didn't see any mistakes the Devin did in the first game. He was at his place about 98% of the time. I believe that since Hester and Knox were not thrown to that much during the first was time for them to shine...thats why the benched Devin Aromashodu

Wow, keeping one of your quarterback's favorite target on the bench because he doesn't like to play the slot and dropped a few balls in ONE GAME just does not make sense? If LOVIE is ever evaluated as a coach and on the many boned headed decisions he has made, he would of been cut a long time ago! I can see deactivating Devin for one game to grab his attention, but this is getting ridiculous!! Then again, it's LOVIE making the decisions here.
I guess LOVIE finally grew a sack, in that I mean he is FINALLY holding his players accountable! I guess it takes maybe (hopefully) losing his job to finally start thinking outside the box! Mike Martz is the real savior for the BEARS right now, not LOVIE! Mike's creative offense is keeping drives alive (not something Lovie's previous and hand picked coordinators (buddies) could ever do), which is keeping the defense off the field more and alot fresher!
I think the BEARS offense is refreshing, and the defense is playing with a lot of tenacity! GO BEARS!!

Hey heres a crazy idea - put Hester in the slot and Aromashudu outside. Hester will get more balls in open field space to make big plays and the other Devin can get those deep jump balls win win

YOU HAVE TO BLOCK, DA. You might be able to catch everything thrown at you, but in Martz's scheme if a receiver can't block also he's not on the field on game day. You're no dummy, improved your blocking and get more playing time.

I think this has a lot more to do with the dropped TD pass in the Detroit game than blocking or playing in the slot. Martz designs his offense to strike early and quickly, and put the pressure on the opposing offense to abandon the run, making it easier for the defense to prepare. Aromashodu kept that game from potentially being blown wide open, and Martz is nothing if not petty and spiteful.

All of these "innovative" coordinators on both sides of the ball in the NFL have big egos, and they pretty much have to. Just like players, they have to believe that they are better than the person they are up against, or else they would be paralyzed by analysis and never be able to do the job. When you fail Martz, he holds a grudge, and transfers the blame for a poor performance to those who fail in their assignments. He did it in St. Louis, and every stop after that. Guys were in and out of his doghouse all the time.

He may be a very good playcaller, and has a pretty dynamic offense, but like all of those that came before him, he is an egomaniac.
Granted, I would rather have a guy like that than someone who Lovie can push around calling the offense.

Y'all are missing the important point here.

We are blogging about which healthy player should be left off the 45 man roster and have to sit during the games. That is the best news the Bears could hear. Think the Pack is worrying about which running back to sit down right now? I bet the Queens wish they had fans complaining about the good receiver they had de-activated against Green Bay. I haven't heard anything about the Jets fans fussing about their best corner getting benched for missing too many tackles.

I bet this stuff is music to Lovie Smith's ears.

I mostly agree with sportman about Aromadoshu. He is simply too good a weapon to keep on the bench. He was one of Cutler's favorites last year and should be able to repeat that role this year if given the chance. It will be interesting to see who is inactive for the Giant game.

Hey DA, what's the point of being the big physical reciever if you play soft? Grow some nads, or hang up the pads.

wow, it surprises me that DA hasn't been playing as much as we thought he should. What happened to the chemistry Cutler and DA had at the end of last year? Either the Bears are saving him for later (which is dumb), or he was a one-hit-wonder (which would suck).

3 or 4 dropped balls, depends on who you listen to cost DA his spot, and I think it was the right call. Run your route, catch the ball, and try to get as many yards as you can is the main rule of thumb here. It's kinda hard to do the last one if you don't catch it.

I don't care how talented you are, CATCH THE BALL!!! Olsen was treated the same way last year.

hmmmmmm, is this really a way to Punish Jay? After all, he is a fav of his....AND hardly any of Jay's completions were 'precise timing routes.' I am thinking this to get Jay to trust "fired four times Martz", and to stop winging it. I realize he is running for his life most of the time......which sums up Mike Tices ability.
I could not go on living...not another breath, If I was replaced by Brad Childress-even at doing the laundry(I run a cover 2 scheme-detergent AND softener).

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