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Cuts are final

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Here they are: safety Al Afalava, center/guard Josh Beekman, cornerback Cornelius Brown, defensive linemen Jarron Gilbert, offensive linemen Levi Horn, receiver Juaquin Iglesias, quarterback Dan LeFevour, linebacker Kevin Malast, offensive linemen James Marten, receiver Greg Mathews, safety Quentin Scott, linebacker Tim Shaw, linebacker Kelvin Smith, cornerback Woodny Turenne, defensive end Barry Turner, center Tim Walter, safety Aaron Webster, fullback Eddie Williams, guard/center Edwin Williams, defensive end Mick Williams.

The Bears also said goodbye to tight end Richard Angulo.

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Okay, I know we've seen most of these cuts coming for sometime, so there's really no surprises here, and with that said, here goes...Please read this with the tone of a raving lunatic who is pulling his hair out. Jerry Angelo, Lovie Smith, are you freaking kidding me? Two third rounders from last year, our first two picks from last year, cut? Are you outta your ever loving minds? First you draft them high and then you cut them? If you're not qualified to pick them, what even makes you think you're qualified to chop them? You (Lovie and Jerry) are so incredibly fickle it makes me want to puke. I know, I know: we've all come up with nice little sayings in order to somehow process your insanity. We say things like, "Let's not compound the error by hanging onto people too long." Again, have you lost your minds? And yes, I know that I should be numb to all this because it's been done so many times. The list reads like a who's who of wasted picks. Remember Rosevelt Williams? Third round pick from way back that Jerry wasted, and then said, "that's a pick I really wish we had back." Jerry, you do this incredibly stupid stuff every stinking year. Don't you ever, ever, ever learn? You don't get the pick back when you cut the guy. You have to (have to) evaluate the players a little bit before you draft them. You can't draft them, and then figure out if you want them or not! No one else runs their professional team like this. The only small solace I see in any of this is sixteen more games, and then Jerry and Lovie will be gone. Maybe, with luck, sooner than that. And then, if only we could get new ownership. Right now we're stuck with morons who keep Jerry and Lovie because it would be too expensive to get rid of them. Then ownership goes out and goes hog wild on past their prime free agents. It would have been cheaper and better to get rid of Lovie and Jerry in the first place. Who's next year's big cut Lovie, Major Wright? I'm on the edge of considering the unthinkable: becoming a Packer's fan. Help me out here!

Jarron Gilbert being waived is HORRENDOUS!! I know that Angelo, being as brilliant as he is, just doesn't always see the real picture. BAD, BAD people on this blog such as Cr-HATE-on weren't impressed. They ran him out of town, just as they ran Saint Kyle out on a rail. Hey, Cr-HATE-on, contemplate this:

It should go without saying, but I'll say it. TOTAL BEAST!!

Actually, Jason, there are a few NFL franchises that run their teams like this, drafting high and then evaluating the player later. The Oakland Raiders. The Cardinals. Lions. Browns. Welcome, Chicago Bears, to the sports world's equivalent of direct-to-video moviemaking. This is what comes of a business being run by a family, which is what kills many family businesses: the McCaskey family cannot release Ted Phillips because he is like family. Jerry Angelo is a really, really nice guy (a little like our favorite doddering great-uncle who rambles on during long holiday evenings but whom I would not want running my $1 billion operation) whom the family adores and cannot think of hurting his feelings with a pink slip. Bears fans, face the facts: three wins this season is about right; a top-5 draft pick for Jerry, which he will then either parlay into a Michael Haynes-Rex Grossman fiasco or a straight-up bonehead pick like Ced Benson. So, in this new age of corporate loyalty (love your bank? love the company that has shipped your job to Asia?)I have decided the Bears Corporation can just hold their pants. Join me. Buy a television package. Watch another team. I lived and died with the Bears until last year's Bengals nightmare where it looked like they had not even practiced for the game, and have now come to realize I enjoy watching good football and/or entertaining football, which this year will be the Jets. Say it with me: "Rex is our coach."

I'm too depressed to say anything.
besides its all been said before; above and prior.
One thing i will agree on is now that i am in thailand
i have bought the NFL package and watching good football
games is fun; except i keep thinking; god, if only the changes suggested above came through ( yeah i still believe in santa claus
too), that could be us playing like greenbay, etc, etc, etc.....

It seems intuitivly obvious to the most casual of observers that the fans who post on this blog are smarter than ANYONE employed at 1000 Football DR. in Lake Forest.We have ALL been saying Jerry and Lovie have to go for 3 seasons now, is any more proof required ? This sad example of talent evaluation can no longer be tolerated. PLEASE Bears fans, boycott the McCaskey family. Do not attend games this year. The ONLY thing these people understand is the bottom line. Empty seats = less $$ in their pockets. Want to see Jerry and Lovie fired ? Quit going to the games. Want to support a winning team ? Move to Wisconsin !

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