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Cutler knows pressure is coming

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Jay Cutler has a good idea of what he's going to face in Sunday's season-opener. Given the problems the offensive line had protecting him during the exhibition season, the Bears' quarterback said he fully expects Jim Schwartz's defense to be in attack mode Sunday at Soldier Field.

"I would think so, some stuff off the edges," Cutler said when asked if he expected Detroit to bring pressure. "We struggled containing the edges and they have some good pass rushers. I look for Olin [Kreutz] and Chris Williams and Frank [Omiyale] and Lance [Louis] to be fine up there."

The Lions defense has been bolstered with the acquisitions of free-agent defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch and No. 2 overall draft pick Ndamukong Suh.

"His hype is well deserved," Kreutz said of Suh. "His talent is rare. Anybody who is No. 2 has earned it. We'll go out there and play against him and see what he's about."

Mike Martz's offense requires more five-and seven-step drops, which can expose a quarterback to more sacks. Still, Cutler said a quarterback can't prepare himself for punishment.

"That's why we have Mike Tice here," Cutler said, referring to the team's first-year offensive line coach. "Mike Martz is very sensitive to the issue of quarterbacks getting hit. We've talked about it many times. A lot of our stuff is timing. The ball is supposed to be out. If everyone is doing their job and Mike is calling good plays the ball should be gone."

Cutler is more mobile than many of the quarterbacks who have thrived in the offense. Although Martz may prefer his quarterback remain in the pocket, Cutler said he'll use his feet when necessary.

"I'm going to move," he said. "There are going to be instances in this game where I move around a little bit and see what happens. Once it breaks down I've got to go. I'm not just going to sit in there and take a sack."

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Howdy y'all.

Just got back from an all expenses paid trip to L.A. where my lil' bro and I competed in a Wii tournament and took home the gold. It was a blast!

Then I came on here and read some of the posts and my euphoria kind of subsided. Whatever, I'm still psyched that football is back up again in a day's time. The Lions may have a disruptive force in Suh for their D-line however, Cutler can move and I doubt anyone on the Lions' defense can run with either Knox or Hester. It should be a sweet game and I trust Martz in his game smarts and strategy. If Lovie doesn't get in the way and start calling timeouts followed by challenges then it should be a Bears win. Either way, I'm just happy football is back.

I'm happy to read that Cutler is not just going to "sit in there and take a sack." On the other hand, he has not exactly avoided all that many even when he did move. Unquestionably, the Bears' offense depends a great deal on that line providing some decent protection. Opening a hole or two for the backs to contribute would also be a big plus in helping the quarterback survive.I will cerainly watch that first game closely and hope all the happy hype the coaches are throwing to us in fact materializes. Go Bears!! Please!!

Mike I thought you where old school and liked the old Sega games like Sonic, Mortal Combat and Mutant League football? What's with all this WII talk? So did you take the gold in? GT Pro series or Chicken Shoot?

I would pay for a video to see you and your brother playing with a WII. Jumpin all over the place and waving your hands all around with those crazy controlers.

Did you and your brother form Voltron and save the Universe from the evil Galaticons? Please tell me you did. Who got to be black lion?

Was it a Pokemon tournament? I will never let you live this post down.

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