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Cutler: "It's good to get out of the pocket"

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Quarterback Jay Cutler said how much he moves around in the pocket when not scrambling to avoid a pass rush will mostly be determined on a game-by-game basis.

In Sunday's 19-14 win over the Lions, the game plan just so happened to call for bootlegs and other plays that allowed him to use his feet.

Considering the Bears are playing against defensive end DeMarcus Ware and an attacking Dallas Cowboys defense this week, expect more of the same.

"It depends on what the ends are doing, whether they're crashing down or getting up field," Cutler said. "A lot of that's going to play into whether we move the pocket. But Mike is going to change the drop point for those defensive ends. We want to move it around so they're not always crashing down at 8-10 yards. We want to keep them guessing a little bit.

"It's good to get out of the pocket. We do well when we get outside so it's going to be part of the package every week."

Cutler said Ware was definitely a player that he had to be aware of. When asked if offensive coordinator Mike Martz might devise some special ways to contain him, Cutler said: "You probably might be right."

Receiver Devin Hester spent several minutes answering questions about his making only one catch for 17 yards against the Lions. Cutler said not to read too much into it.

"If Devin would've gotten open, I would've thrown him the ball," Cutler said. "We talked about this before the first game. It's going to be game by game who's getting the ball, depending on what coverage, if they're rolling strong, rolling weak, we're going to go with the matchups. They were doing some stuff to Devin, putting some guys over top of him, but Devin's going to have his games. I'm not worried about that."

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Jay Cutler rolling out of the pocket is one reason Mike Martz was brought in, Martz's seems to have a little more depth in his play calling vs Ron Turner. If you remember last season, thats one thing Ron Turner didn't do with Cutler very much, roll him out. I think Jay Cutler is the type of QB who can be a lot more dangerous on the move vs standing in the pocket, although, Cutler can still kill a defense in the pocket, but its nice to have a little more depth to what Cutler can do.

DeMarcus Ware is gonna give Chris Williams a run for his money. Ware went down with an injury sunday, nothing serious, and still had a sack. Williams is gonna have to come to play sunday, this is gonna be one of his biggest test of the season at left tackle for Chicago. I wouldn't sleep on the other rush linebacker for Dallas either, Anthony Spencer isn't no slouch, Omiyale isn't gonna have an easy game either. The outside protection simply needs to step up for Chicago's offense to take that next step, Williams & Omiyale have gotta improve, heres for hoping.

On the flip side, Bears defensive end Julius Peppers should have a field day vs Cowboys left tackle Doug Free. But Israel Idonije and Mark Anderson, like Chris Williams and Frank Omiyale, have gotta step their play up a notch for this defense to improve to its full potential. Idonije and Anderson have got to start getting off their blocks, with Peppers in the lineup now, their getting a lot of one on one matchups, Idonije and Anderson stepping it up would go a long ways in making Chicago's defense dominant again. If they can't improve, I say give the rookie Corey Wootton a shot and see if he can bring some pressure off the edge going against so many one on one looks, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Kevin to be fare to Turner he didn't role Cutler out because of Lovie, not because he didn;t have the plays. Lovie said it too, when asked about not rolling Cutler out he said: "I don't want to limit the offense to half a field" As for Martz he prefers a pocket passer. Jay Loves rolliing out, he is great at, but Martz does not do it very often.

Love the Hester quote, hahaha he couldn't get open against the Lions secondary, classic.

I don't think Peppers will have a field day against Free. As the only real threat on the Bears line they can double him and chip him.

Kevin I notice you are talking about the Bears O-Line vs. the Boys D-Line. But you left 2 guys out. We know Ware will give Williams fits and Spencer will be tough for Omiyale, but you forgot Spears who is a stud and the best player on the Cowboys defense Jay Ratliff the best NT in football.

Anderson should have a big game against Barron, that guy is just brutal. If he does not smoke him he should be benched. However Harris will have his hands full with Leonard Davis, Gurode is solid and ..... Wait just heard Colombo is practicing and so is Kosier. Could be a problem.

If I had a dollar for every time a bears fan brought Peppers in the same sentence with Ware/Spencer (listed as the best linebacker tandem in the NFL) I would be a millionaire. Breaking news people: Kosier/Colombo practiced and should be ready to play Sunday. The Cowboys have faced Peppers before and nothing happened so get over it. He's not in their league and by the way: who is going to cover the receivers and real TE? Free is very well capable of handling himself and Jay can scramble if he wants. The problem will be the Cowboys interior lineman are far superior than the Bears offensive line so if he wants to get blasted go for it. No one fears the bears linbackers, Harris has been put on blast alert by Sapp. Don't assume anything about Doug Free because he filled in last year and did the job.

Well Party, Peppers is as good as Ware but he does play a different position. Put Ware in a 4-3 scheme and let me know what his numbers are, same for Peppers at ROLB. Oh and Free has never faced Peppers, he needed help against Orakpo, this is not Flozell in his prime, don;t kid yourself. True last year he did not have a great game against the Boys but he was also not playing all that hard. In 2007 he did not play against the Boys. In 2005 he had 3 sacks against them, in 03 he had a sack, and in 2002 he had 3 sacks against them. So in 3 out 5 games against the Boys he had good games.

As for Coverage. It depends where the recievers line up. It's usually not the same guy all game long. Calvin Johnson is better than anyone on the Lions and didn't do much so it can be done. Bryant is a nice young reciever but watch his game, he doesn;t know how to run routs yet and Roy Williams hasn;t tried to be good in years. Bears play zone most of the time so more that one Bear corner will have help over the top. Tillman is very solid and Bowman is a question mark. Urlacher is one the best coverage LB's in NFL history. He, Pisa and Briggs will be on JW most of the time. JW didn't exactly explode in his first week and he is not used in the endzone very often. The Boys really only have one stud reciever and JW. Not to say it's not enough, but it really depends on if they get the run game going and stay with it. If the happens the Boys can do what they want in the recieving game. Game planning is game planning. The dropped the running game last week for no reason and it was working. Who knows what's going on with them. I do like Ware though, I Ratliff better but I like 3-4 defenses, but that's just me and while those guys are great, it doesn't make Peppers bad. He has been a great player for a long time. I will ask you again why is a Cowboys fan hangging out on a Bears blog. We all know they are 20 point favs and should win the game rather easily, but if they don't what a sorry place you will be in. The Bears don't really have anything to lose. Last I checked nobody considers them a real playoff team, nobody is picking them as a super bowl fav, and if they have a bad season we can get rid of Lovie and crew. It's win win for us, bit for your team, Super Bowl favs, all that talent and yet they manage to come up short every year. I don't think they are as good as the Giants. The last team to win the Super Bowl in your DIV and you already lost a DIV game to an under dog. To bad your team was not as smart as Baltimore and didn't grab Boldin, enjoy Roy Williams.

Still not a great O-Line in Dallas even when healthy at least not for passing.

Still saying Peppers is not good is ludacris. Also how would you know who is or is is not affraid of the Bears LB's what are you in the mind of ever coach in the nfl. What kind of crazy claim is that. By the way Spencer is not in Peppers league and who said they are the best LB tandem in the league? Heck Washingtons Tandem looked better than your guys and Harrison a Former Defensive player of the year and Woodley are also better, not to mention all 4 of their LB's are better than your teams 4. The best player on your defense is Ratliff. Why do you think the year Ratliff became a starter Ware saw his numbers take a big jump. Not saying the Boys have a bad defense they are great, but please their are damn good players around the NFL and Spencer and Ware are not the only guys. Trent Williams shut down Ware more than once last week and he is a rookie a good rookie but a rookie none the less. It happens all the time if it didn't Ware would have sack on every down. Cooley did a nice job on Ware too.

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