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Cutler feeling the hits

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Jay Cutler admitted that he was moving slowly on Wednesday morning after taking several hard shots in Monday night's game against the Packers.

"The older you get the harder it is," he said. "The more hits you take the longer it's going to take. Today was a rough one with some of the hits you take. It was a Monday night game so we only had one day of recovery. That's why we're taking it a little easy today. That's the thing in the NFL. You have to be able to do it 16 weeks."

The Bears were just holding a walk-thru on Wednesday instead of their typical full-bore practice.

Cutler also said his offensive line did a good job against the Packers considering that the line had to be reshuffled after Chris Williams was injured in last week's win over the Cowboys, but that doesn't change the fact that hits like the one Cutler took on Monday night, when rookie linebacker Fran Zombo put the crown of his helmet under his facemask, add up eventually.

"Some of those you hope the next play is a run but it doesn't always happen like that," Cutler said. "Those hits are tough. You get hit in the head like that under the chin and you know you have to get right back up. The clock is ticking . It could be third down, it could be second down, you never know. That's was kind of a crucial part of the game when we had to go down there and score."

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I'm not a big Cutler fan, but he has shown a lot of toughness.

However, I wonder why the Bears keep him on the field in the Wildcat formations. If I were an opposing defense and saw Cutler lined up as a wideout, I would definitely deliver the hardest shot ever to Cutler. I would line up one of my linebackers across from him and let him loose.

Get him off the field in those situations.

I see the O-line improving every week, but they have got to do better. If watching the film and seeing their QB getting mauled like Cutler was a few times does not keep them working, then we have the wrong players and the wrong coaches. It's still a work in progress. Getting the running game to click would really help too.

The good news is that the Bears might have played one of the toughest stretches in their schedule in terms of pass rush. Both Dallas and Green Bay are good, and Detroit has a good D'line too. Maybe the last three games agains the Queens, Pack and Jets will be as tough, but the O-line has already faced some tough tests.

Seedy you can't hit a guy just cause he is on the field. He is at WR in Wildcat, at 6'3 235 pounds Cutler is a big reciever and only has to worry about the Jam. They are not going to throw him the ball, however if you watched the game Cutler did try to throw a block during the Wildcat and he missed. I guess he wated to hit someone for a change. Even a LB can only Jam Cutler, he can't start taking shots on the guy unless the ball comes that way.

Besides I don't think Cutler is affraid to be hit, he gets hit all day long. Week three and he is really starting to feel it. Only 13 more to go.

I bet if Williams had started they would have shut down the Packers pass rush he is that good.

Seedy, the whole point of the Wildcat is a changeup using normal personnel. Hence Martz's shifting in and out of it forcing defensive adjustments.

Creighton, you can hit a receiver as hard as you want within the 5yards it's just not that easy to do. If you wanted you could cut block him as long as he's not thrown the ball on the bubble as then you'd be risking pass interference.

Obviously hard hits take their toll, and one is going to feel them the next two or three days.I assume you are joking, Creighton, when you say Williams would have shut down the Packers'pass rush.As I remember, you were the one who said the Bears would not miss him and that he was maybe faking his injury. Clay M. being kept in check for the most part indicates that Williams is noy missed all that much, but I still think he can develop into a great offensive lineman.

I'm not a Cutler fan myself,but Jay if you're out there and you see this........Son you made a true beleiver out of me so stay well and keep that cannon oiled,because I'm with you all the way.


You are the man. Go, man, go.

I actually had a little trouble with Cutler's ball security against the Packers. To me at least he looked a little too much like the Cutler of last year.

There was that one interception in the end zone, but there were also at least three other instances where a Packer got his hands on the ball. Two were nagated by penalties and one was dropped by the Packer, but those were plays that could have bounced either way; what if penalties weren't called, what if the guy hung on to the ball?

The pressure by the Packers and the hits may have contributed to some of the questionable ball placements, but I hope he returns to form against the Giants.

Let's go 4 and 0!

Cutler has a lot of courage and toughness. Its hurts less when you're winning then it does when you're losing. I believe the line will improve as the season goes on. J'Marcus Webb looks like a keeper with that long reach. I could see him eventually starting at left tackle with Chris Williams at right tackle and Frank Omiyale at left guard. Mike Tice is methodically putting together a good offensive line. Go Bears!!

bearshatersstop, I like your style and most of your ideas, but if they move Omiyale back to guard, I'm moving to Libya to get away from any possible Bears news. The concept of Prohibition was more effective than the Omiyale at guard idea.

When Williams comes back I think Webb is going continue pushing for playing time at right tackle. If Omiyale keeps playing well at left, it's going to be interesting to see who he will be pushing.

Creighton, et al --

My point is this: If you knock Cutler out of the game, you end the Bears hopes of winning.

If you line Cutler up as a wideout in the Wildcat scheme, he is fair game for anyone to hit. I may be wrong, but every play out of the Wildcat has been a run. That means the defender opposite Cutler can assume Cutler will try to block him.

If I were a defensive coordinator, I would line up a linebacker on Cutler in the Wildcat and tell him to put the cleanest, but hardest lick possible on Jay. He may be big, but he ain't used to blocking.

How dumb would Martz look if Cutler gets injured playing WR in the Wildcat?

Do you see the Colts, the Saints, the Packers, the Falcons or the Vikes lining up their elite QBs as WRs????

Think there is a reason for that?

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