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Collins what Bears thought he was

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CLEVELAND --- If nothing else, Todd Collins gave the Bears peace of mind Thursday night.

With Jay Cutler watching from the sideline, Collins started and looked like the solid backup the Bears expected him to be when he was signed on Aug. 23. He completed 10 of 15 passes for 139 yards and threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Greg Olsen against the Browns in the team's final preseason scrimmage.
It was the kind of performance general manager Jerry Angelo expected from the 16-year veteran who was brought in when Caleb Hanie injured his shoulder.
The desire to get Collins extended playing time in his only preseason appearance was a factor in Cutler not playing. Angelo said the decision was a difficult one because of the offense's struggles this preseason, especially in last week's loss to the Cardinals.
"You could look at it from a couple perspectives," Angelo said. "Obviously, with the performance we had last week it makes sense [to say] 'Why not end on a feel-good in the preseason when you have the chance?' On the other side of it, we got Todd late in the process and he still needs playing time. Injuries happen. You want to get him up to speed as well. You could go either way with it. This is the way we chose to go and hopefully it's the best thing for us now and in the immediate future."
The Bears carried two quarterbacks last year, but Angelo said he will keep three this season, which means rookie Dan LeFevour will land on the practice squad if he's not claimed by another team.
"Our dynamic is different this year, in part because Caleb did get an injury," Angelo said. "We had to adjust our plan. We're still sound. We'll have to do something with the roster a little bit that we didn't think we'd have to do coming in."

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This is the type of JA garbage I spoke of last week. Why doesn't someone from the media question him on it? I don't know what the "love affair" with JA is all about.
I have not seen the game as of yet, but I did listen to it on satelite radio where I got the Browns' play by play guys. They made it perfectly known to whoever was listening that the Bear's had their #1's out there {minus Cutler & Olin} against the Browns' #2's. What did this prove? it was a setup is all. Are you telling me that Hanie couldn't have done the same in that situation? Hanie has done that very same thing against backups playing with backups.
NEWSFLASH, NEIL: If Cutler gets hurt the other team is not going to replace their starters for backups.
With all the talk this week of the struggles of the starters with this offense and the need to instill some confidence into the starting offense, wouldn't it have been wise to let Cutler enjoy some easy success for say 2 drives or the first quarter and give Collins the much needed work the rest of the game?
And I am so sick and tired of hearing about "vanilla" schemes in preseason. I am guessing it's like a political "talking point." Very few people understand it's meaning, but it's very "hip" to throw it around. #1. Your game plan might be pared down a bit, but your fundamentals always stay the same. There is not one version of OL fundamentals in the preseason then another on opening day.
#2. This isn't the NFL of the 1980's or 90's. In the HOF game I saw zone blitzes and the Bengals walking in and out of different coverages before the snap of the ball. You want to see real "vanilla"?" Watch the Pro Bowl.
Neil, I ask you for a favor. If LaFevour does or does not make it through waivers, can you please ask JA if it was a mistake taking a QB when so many other pressing needs were on the team at the time with limited resources. Ask it on my behalf and blame it on me if you want.

Yeah Neil playing against 2nd and 3rd stringers is not the same as playing against starters. Heck the Browns gave the Bears a gift with that TD.

Gearhead reporters and Beat writers are not going to ask many hard nosed questions until they are sure Angelo, Smith and Phillips are out the door. Until then it's softball questions, some sucking up and trying to maintain a working relationship. Which unfortunatly they have to do, this isn't the 50's. You ask to many hard nosed questions and your banned from the locker room, and no one will give you an interview.

Although some writers are a little softer than others. Print media can't figure out why it is dying. I don't know maybe it's because you can go to a dozen different places on the web and get the actual facts and truth and not an opinion piece written like a childs storybook. Writers are affraid of sports organizations it's that simple. Look at Vaughn McClure the guy has written two pieces about Urlacher and how awesome he is and how they where drinking and partying together. What kind of writing is that? Pompei is running around talking about the fresh crisp fruit that is the Bears and the grey but not dark skies that are forming.

Compared to that garbage Neil, Sean, Mully and Brad are not really Lobotomizing you. They are often trying to kill the Bears with kindness but they are not drilling into your skull. Personally I think they could take some lessons from the NY media, so could the fans of Chicago.

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