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Clark hopes diminished role is temporary

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This is by Mark Potash. I'm just posting it.

Desmond Clark has been the closest thing the Bears have had to a real NFL tight end over the past eight years -- a dependable pass catcher and capable blocker. After last week's opener, it looks like he still is.

But that's little solace for Clark, who appears to be fading into the background with the Bears. Now the second-team H-back behind Brandon Manumaleuna, Clark saw limited playing time against the Lions -- a role he surely isn't thrilled about but isn't complaining about either.

''I know where I'm at,'' said Clark, who peaked with 45 receptions for 626 yards and six touchdowns in 2006. ''I'm the H-back on the team. I just didn't get that many plays. But this week I look to be in the game a little bit more hopefully. And if I am I'll play well. If not, I'll be on the sidelines trying to get my teammates to play pretty good.''

Clark is not spectacular, but he is as dependable as he is productive -- a quality that can't be underestimated with the small margin for error the Bears have. Clark hasn't lost a fumble since Lovie Smith's debut as Bears coach against the Lions in 2004.

And while Manumaleuna's blocking is better suited for Mike Martz's offense, Clark probably couldn't have hurt on the key fourth-and-goal from the Lions 1-yard line in the fourth quarter. The three tight ends the Bears used on the play -- Manumaleuna as an H-back and Kellen Davis and Olsen, were beaten on the play.

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Clark should play over BM who had a bad game.

For once I agree with you Creighton. A $15M blocking tight end should be pancaking people. Didn't see that out of him last week.

We probably should give the dude a chance. It's just the first game and he missed camp coming back from a knee. That said you can't sit Des Clark for long if somebody isn't getting it done.

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