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Chris Harris: Bears against the world

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Bears safety Chris Harris called Sunday's performance "a big for us."

His explanation?

"Nobody had us picked to win," he said. "We kind of like it that way. We were eight or nine point underdogs. To go down, on the road, I think that showed a lot of character, and showing what kind of team we have."

Some players downplay the negativity, but Harris said he doesn't.

"We have - I wouldn't say our backs against the wall - but kind of everybody is out against us. Nobody is picking us to win. We like it like that," he said. "That's fine with us, 'cause in the locker room, we're all we have anyway. So we don't let outside forces - outside voices - dictate how we play."

Harris said his wife even told him all the analysts who picked the Bears to lose.

"So that was kind of impressive to me," he said.

Here is Harris on a few other topics:

* On playing physical as a defense: "The thing we want to do is, when guys come across the middle, we just want to make sure they know they're going to get hit. 'We're going to punish you for catching the ball, if you catch it .so that's kind of the mentality we want to have. That's one thing that coach Rod Marinelli is bringing back here, that whole Monsters of the Midway thing. So we're buying into it. We just want to send a message that, if you come across the middle, you're going to get hit."

* On his role (worth noting that rookie Major Wright, who was rotating with Harris suffered a hamstring injury Sunday): "That situation, it kind of is what it is. Major is a very good safety, a young safety, and they drafted him for a reason in the third round. And they definitely want to get him in the game. There's no experience (better) than the game experience... While I was out there, I just wanted to make plays, just do my job, and I hope I've been doing that the last two weeks, and hopefully continue to do that."

* On the Green Bay Packers offense: "We love the challenge. They're 2-0. They played great last week, against Buffalo, so we know we're going to have our hands full. They throw the ball, so we have to make sure we're on our keys and doing everything we're supposed to do."

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The Bears played a physical game sunday and showed they are pumped for this season. The hit that stood out to me that game was Charles Tillman's hit to knock the ball out of the offenders hands into Moore's hands. Why Tillman isnt a Caption is a very good question. This guy year in year out is a class act. He doesnt get enough credit. 2 out of the 3 turnovers sunday Charles Tillman was involved in. Last week one with the INT. I counted 9 tackles for Tillman vs the Cowboys. My defensive game ball go's to Tillman.

Everyone picked them to lose, except you Sean!

Very cool!

Welcome back, Chris. I could care less what motivates you as long I'm seeing bruising hits like the one you put on Roy Williams.

So far, I have been a "doubter" --- hate to admit it! I am a huge fan, but have had much trepidation due to '07-'09. Still, that doesn't mean I haven't been rooting for the team.

Anyways, it seems that the coaching staff is light years ahead of the previous three seasons. I just hope they continue to "do what they do!"

Keep it up, Bears!


Screw Chris Harris I want Steltz back! And bring back Orton and Ron Turner! Common REAL Bears fans who is with me???

Sean, I was a regular on Full Court Press with Roman. I always had 3 main mantras...Dominate in the trenches, aggressive playcalling, and a very accurate QB.

When they picked up Cutler, we should have gotten Martz as well. I was never off the Bears, but I do sip the Kool-aid once in a while.

This game against GB will show who they really are. GB would beat us with their skill, but also the play-calling. This will be the first time in about 20-25 years our offense is dangerous again with the gameplan and adjustments. I want to see how GB can adjust to this evolving offense, and all the intricacies of Mike Martz and his non descript playcalling. A good offense changes the game as well as a good defense, this will be a high scoring game, just like last week. GB better bring their track shoes, their defense WILL get exposed this game.

Before the season, I wondered who the Bears were definitely better than on their schedule. I said Carolina, Seattle, Buffalo, and Detroit. That is 5 games.

I thought for sure the Cowboy game was a loss before the game. Didn't think they had it in em. But I am glad they did. I hate the Cowgirls.

Now, I think they look better than the Jets, Pats, Vikings, and all the teams in the NFC East. That is 8 games.

Right now, the Dolphins and Packers still look better than the Bears, but that could obviously change with a big victory on Monday Night.

The offense is explosive. The defense relegates the opposing offense to be one-dimensional. They are really shutting down the run game.

Problem with GB of course is that leaves Aaron Rodgers to do all the damage himself, which he can.

I hope the Bears win obviously, but I don't make predictions because I think it jinx's my team.

Go Bears!!!

I am impressed by what I've seen on the field by the Bears, but I'm still holding to my 8-8 finish for the team.

Martz makes defenses think. Early in the season that is a real advantage for the Bears. Later in the season, when the rest of the league has more tape on the Bears offense, things will even out.

Didn't Martz and the Lions start off 6-2 during his first year as OC, but finish 8-8?

The o-line still concerns me.

On the positive side, the Dallas game was the first time in a long, long time that we saw in-game adjustments that made a difference (Tice o-line changes and Martz's OC adjustments to Cutler's drops, receiver routes, etc.).

Those two coaches saved Cutler's life.

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