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Bears release Beekman

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Josh Beekman went from veteran center Olin Kreutz's heir apparant to the best candidate to fill he vacancy at left guard to being released by the Bears.

That leaves veteran right guard Robert Garza to serve as the backup center. It also means Johan Asiata is likely to make the team at guard.

James Marten, the third-year player from Boston College who impressed at guard and tackle during the preseason, was also released, although the Bears will likely try to sign him to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

Tim Shaw is also expected to be released. The Bears' tried to trade the linebacker who set a team record with 30 special teams tackles last season despite playing in only 15 games but was unable to find a taker, according to sources.

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Of all the things I believe in
I just want to get it over with
tears from behind my eyes
but I do not cry
Counting the days that past me by

I've been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old
Looks like I'm starting all over again
The last three years were just pretend and I say

Goodbye to you Josh
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I love
The one thing that I tried to hold on to, but Creighton was right again, I hate him so much

I still get lost in your eyes
And it seems like I can't live a day without you
Closing my eyes till you chase the Defensive tackles away
To a place where I am blind sided by the tackle anyway

Goodbye to you Josh
Goodbye to every sack you let through
You were to small to start,
The one thing that I tried to hold on to, darn you Creighton

Ohhh yeah
It hurts to want everything & nothing at the same time
I want whats yours and I want whats mine
I want you but I'm not giving in this time Mr. Angelo bring back Josh.

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew Josh
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to, Creighton rules, I smell
The one thing that I tried to hold on to, Creighton knows more than me, I am a stinky boy

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to every sack you let through
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

We the stars fall and I lie awake
Your my shooting star Total beast Josh

I Kevin will not get to upset with the great Creighton because this is just a joke, which means he is funnier then me to. Oh man this has been a rough day first Aflavalava now the Beekster. At least I still had LeFlavor, I would totally lose it if I didn't......... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

If Donovan Raiola is picked up again then you know 'ROLIN into the backfield' Kreutz had a lot to do with Beekman getting cut. Kreutz is like Mayor Daley as they both wield too much power, have too much influence, and things would be better without them.

If you look at this organization as a whole, the power is in all the wrong places. The players run the team...There's no hitting in preseason, veterans get all kinds of time off, and they play like crap because they have gone soft. The guys in the front office have trouble identifying their a@@ from a hole in the ground, yet they continually are allowed to waste draft picks, money, and time for this team. It all boils down to the McCaskey family not caring as long as the season tickets stay sold.

This regime needs a serious blood-letting. New front office, new coaching staff, new players. We all know that as long as they let senile, insane Al Davis run a team, nobody is going to say BOO to the McCaskeys, so the owners won't change, but everything else has to...except Cliff Stein. He is the only one who earns his paycheck.

Hopefully, they won't hire Gruden or Mariucci, but an offensive coach is the right way to go this time. We have a potential franchise QB, and we are wasting him on Lovie and the Re-treads....Sounds like a really bad lounge music band Murph and the Magic-Tones...

Time to start compiling a list of good, innovative offensive minds, and see who floats to the top. Or you go defense, and hire Leslie Frazier away from the Vikes, or Ron Rivera back from the Chargers, and get some attitude in here to replace this country club luncheon mentality and get us back to physical, competitive football.

@ Joe Felicelli:

I agree 100% that the patients are running the asylum and it seems more so after Cedric Benson was let go. IMO the players have been calling a lot of the shots since then, like practice times/durations, asking for an easier go at it for the veterans, and the players 'in the know' seem to alienate certain players and the coaches follow along (one of them I believe was Beekman).

Beekman was the best pulling lineman, got movement off the line on drive blocks, and was more than adequate on pass protection. The only knock I could see was he did get 'bull rushed' and driven back into the QB at times. But, he wasn't giving up sacks like candy at Halloween. And, when a turd like Kreutz says he was helping him a lot when Beekman started, well that's BS as Beekman handled his own and every guard would need the center's help when they're having a tough time with a DT and the center is uncovered in pass run blocking, Kreutz got/will get blown up so much into the backfield that he can't help anyone and when he pulls, he often whiffs at people or just runs around and then falls down or trips over Garza.

I was rewatching the Browns game and while they did play their backups as well, Beekman played well and the Bears got mov't at the POA and got guys going backward from the LOS. All things that are a rarity with Kreutz.

And, when I question any of Chicago media people about Kreutz, they say other teams say he's playing great and one of the best or the best in the league..Geez, what do you want them to say? Kreutz is 'over the hill' and criples himself in his stance and once he's set, he can't adjust his stance to pickup a late shift or blitz. And, when you jam the a gaps Kreutz freezes and the inside run is non-existant.

Now, don't get me started on Moe (Lovie), Larry (Marinelli), and Curly (Babich) all being on the sideline

Bears will go 6-10 with an upset loss @ Detroit

I was surprised to see Beekman get cut. I wonder if he'll be picked up and utilized by another team this year and end up making the Bear management spin their decision. I agree that Kreutz is a liability and wonder why he has not been replaced. I was shockd by the earlier rating of him as the best offensive lineman and seriously question the rating system used if that's the resuly.

I don't get all this dumping on Kreutz. Sure, he's not what he used to be, but he's the best lineman the Bears have, despite the fact that that's not saying much.

Dumping Beekman tells a lot about how lame this organization is, though. He was on the team for years and was supposed to take over when Kreutz retires. Cutting him either means that the Bears were unable to develop him, like a lot of other players, or that they were dead wrong about his abilities. Either way, big screw up.

I don't get cutting Shaw. Special teams have declined over the past two or three years due to loss of talent, why lose another good special teams player? Again, more incompetence and/or cheapness from a bad organization.

Re the more fundamental and therefore more important point made by Joe: Without ownership that's committed to winning above all else AND competent to do so, there's no chance of having teams that consistently challenge for the Super Bowl. I don't think the McCheapskys are capable of creating and maintaining a winning team, but it's even worse that they're more concerned with their profits than winning.

It's hard to make owners do anything, but it can be done. Bear fans need to pressure the McCheapskys into either selling the team to someone who will prioritize winning over profit, or change their attitude to do so. We forced George Halas to change his outmoded ways by not going to the games in the '70s, it can be done again. But as long as fools go to games and buy Bear paraphernalia, nothing will change. And a little direct pressure on the McCheapskys wouldn't hurt either, like a nice rowdy picket outside their home once in awhile or inundating their phone lines and emails with angry messages.

I've been a Bear fan ever since I was old enough to have a minimum understanding of football, which is about 45 years. I went to every game in Chicago when I lived there, now I travel two-and-a-half hours round trip to a sports bar to watch the games. Enough! If Bear ownership and management care more about keeping the extended McCheapsky family living in opulence than about winning, I will no longer waste my time, money, and energy on the team. (I'm more excited about the Raiders this season than the Bears.) I'm more discouraged about the Bears this season than I've ever been, because I see no hope so long as the current bunch of selfish, greedy jerks continue to own and run the team.

Some reasons for dumping on Kreutz: missed snap counts,faulty snaps leading to fumbles, a center of the line that never yields over a two-yard gain, pass rushes on the bear quarterback right down the middle coming in untouched, punching out teammates who point out his inadequacies to him, but mostly his open-door policy that prevents the quarterback from stepping ahead in the box to get a clear throwing lane.

I always told my buddies that Kreutz is a lot like Mayor Daley. Both have done SOME good things in the past, but, each wield too much power, have too much influence, and now both need to go before things can get better.

Though, now that Daley isn't running for re-election, it's only a matter of time before we can be rid of Kreutz. And, with the possibility of lockout next year, I believe this is finally Kreutz last year. (crossing my fingers)

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