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Brian Urlacher fined $5,000 for unnecessary roughness against Lions

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Brian Urlacher was fined $5,000 for unnecessary roughness/ late hit on an attempted block during Tommie Harris' return after a fumble recovery late in the first half.

Julius Peppers sacked and forced a fumble of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford with less than 30 seconds remaining in the first half. Harris picked the ball up and headed for the left sideline. Urlacher was trying to help Harris get to the end zone, but Urlacher was flagged for a personal foul for his block on Lions guard Stephen Peterman.

The 15-yard penalty pushed the Bears to the Lions' 37, and they settled for a field goal to end the half.

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Fined by the league, right? The story doesn't say.

Seems like they're being a little tough on the Bears this week, but in light of the no-reception call, I guess we can't complain.

This fine was unnecessary considering the fact that the team was penalized for the play...

Why fine the man when the team was penalized for the infraction. Unnecessary...

He just pushed the guy...NFL is really making money of defensive players. Doesn't sound fair to me. I see a lot of offensive linemen\running backs doing chop blocks out there and ruining defenders knees.

5Gs for pushing some guy in the back. What a joke. For that he should have rolled up the back of his legs and twisted his legs like a pretzel. Gene Washington or whoever is in charge of these fines at the NFL office needs to be bichslapped.

What is going on?? Fines for playing football? No wonder tackling has disappeared in football. It used to be a hardnosed game. Now it's dancing with the stars.

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