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Bengals claim LeFevour and dump veteran O'Sullivan

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The Bears can take it as somewhat of a compliment, that the Cincinnati Bengals released veteran J.T. O'Sullivan and claimed Dan LeFevour.

The Bears had hoped to slide LeFevour -- a sixth-round pick -- onto the practice squad, but the Bengals claimed him and placed him on their regular roster.

LeFevour was clearly not ready to contribute early this season, but the Bears saw enough in him to try and develop him behind starter Jay Cutler and backups Todd Collins and Caleb Hanie.

But the Cincinnati Inquirer pointed out that his head coach at Central Michigan (Butch Jones) is now the head coach at the University of Cincinnati.

LeFevour broke numerous records at CMU.

O'Sullivan, meanwhile, has started eight NFL games, but he was just average during the preseason with two touchdowns and two interceptions. The Bengals obviously wanted to develop a young player like LeFevour as opposed to O'Sullivan, who is 31 years old.

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This is Cincinnati's way of getting back at the Bears for stealing DT Matt Toeaina off of their practice squad back in 2007. Toeaina, like LeFevour, was a 6th round draft pick for the Bengals, so in a way, Chicago and Cincy swaped 6th round draft picks, they were just from different seasons Toeaina was a 6th rounder in 2007 for Cincy, and LeFevour was a 6th rounder in 2010....c'mon, thats one way of thinking of it.

Chicago cutting Jarron Gilbert didn't surprise me, like I said on here the other day, the guy didn't develop into the under tackle Chicago thought he would when they drafted him in 2009. Chicago did get an under tackle from that draft in Henery Melton. Melton and rookie DE Corey Wootton made Gilbert expendable.

The Beekman cut proves one thing, heading into the 2011 draft, Chicago's #1 need is going to be center, especially with Kreutz coming to the end of his contract and being so long in the tooth. In the end the cuts were for the best, but I do wish LeFevour would have made it through waivers, oh well GO BEARS!!

Too bad the Bears could not have found a way to keep LeFevour?

Lots of potential and would have been a good one to develop. The must win now attitude of Lovie and Angelo won't allow for much development but then again the word development is not and never has been in their vocabulary.

Despite the fact that I think these two should have been gone after the last three years of poor performance, I still think they will put a team on the field that this year will compete better than in the past.

They have made some good moves out of necessity like obtaining Peppers, Manumaleuna and Chester. The real problem is the Chicago Bears young talent is dwindling and the old talent is who they still rely. Ultimately they better get younger pretty quick, particularly on defense where age is starting to show and may cause some major holes. Maybe this year they can still perform but Urlacher, Tillman, Tommie Harris (injuries) Briggs (is no young buck) Indonije, Hillenmeyer and including Peppers are getting a little long in the tooth.

I hope this nucleus can stay together and perform well for 2-3 more years but that may be stretching it. The next few drafts will hold the key, the needs are many, Offensive and Defensive Line for at least 3-5 positions, Middle Linebacker, Corner, Receiver, etc.

Either the Bears better start drafting better soon or the Bears in the next few years may really decline, the only hope is if their franchise QB can be protected and that Cutler can make good decisions in the games but many areas in the future need bolstering or it will be the same mediocre performance we have come to expect the last few years.

I'm a life-long Bears fan but they will rue the day they waived LeFevour. The guy is a stud in every record breaking way he played in college nevermind the fact that both his former CMU coaches are now head coaches at Cincinnati and Notre Dame repsectively. What more of a resume could they ask for? Hanie is good, but LeFevour will go on to greater glory that Hanie ever will. That was a huge mistake by the Bears.

So the 5 tech went to the Jets, why exactly did they draft him again?

Good think the Bears didn't draft Max Unger right Kevin? Cause nobody on this board wanted him. Bears sure don't need help at guard or center. Beatty and Loadholt were on the board to but the Bears don;t need guys like that.

Boy I bet Tice would hate having Beatty or Unger on this roster cause he hates big very athletic linmen.

Or how about Vasquez, could have traded down and still got him. Oh thats right Omiyale was going ot fix everything. Cause everyone want's a guy whose that bad. He got what 11 million man, the guys I listed would have cost the Bears a third that money.

It's amazing the Bears are figuring out already that they need a future center, that's quicker than with Tait who only told him he was retiring and then retired. Only to have Angelo say we where shocked he retired, yes he told us at hte end of the season that this was his plan but we said we wanted him back bad ankles and all. So they ignored the position.

Could have had Mangold at guard for a year or two or cut Olin back in 2006 but the Bears new better and got Manning instead. Slick move. They did have Metcalf, Brown, Garza, and Olin so no help needed at all. It's amazing how some teams know they need to draft guys for the near future and the Bears can't seem to figure that out.

Oh and Kevin Tackle will be the biggest need. But you go ahead and hang your hat on Omiyale and Williams. They look great, really.

Dan Lefevour will be a top quarterback in the NFL within 5 years. He does nothing but makes plays and all he needs are reps. You watch - if Carson Palmer goes down, Dan Lefevour WILL be the starting quarterback of the Bengals and the Bengals will be a great team with Lefevour under center.

Seems to me that any young quarterback drafted now is playing for a back up role since Cutler is young and has enough talent that the Bears will stick with him for several years to come.

Every year, the Bears draft a defensive lineman or two and say "you can't have enough lineman". What is not said is that they keep drafting linemen because they don't draft the right lineman. Same can be said about Safety. I am not impressed with the way this team drafts and develops players.

This team will go as far as the offensive line takes them imho. Waiting till game 14 for the line to gel (or get lucky) will not save this teams coach's jobs. They know it so I expect to see a sense of urgency that Lovie displayed in his first couple of years...remember that?

I'm starting to doubt Cutler, and Hanie will be a career back up. Another STUPID move in a long list by Jerry Angelo. I wonder how difficult it must be for Chicago sports writers Dan Pompei, Larry Mayer and the rest to complete their columns with their lips firmly planted on Angelo's backside ? I won't bother to list all the busts, or point out all the QUALITY players this pinhead passed on. Jerry should be fired TODAY !!

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