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Beekman drawing interest

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Offensive lineman Josh Beekman, who was released by the Bears on cut-down day, will work out with the Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday with hopes of signing a contract, according to an NFL source. The Houston Texans have also expressed interested in Beekman.

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Ahhh Seattle they always did love Bear castoffs, he can join Mike Hass. Oh wait he hass sense moved on. Mike Hass has joined the Omaha Nighthawks as a backup.

Are the Seahawks running a zone line this year? The Texans do and I could see them looking at an undersized guy like Beeker.

Ahhh.... i told you loosers taht beekers was a BUST ans wahtdo you now? man i am ALLWAYS RIGHT!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! wow i am king.

aww wahts rong kevin BU

but you guys now me old crap-ton just trying to be poractive...

ps kevin i cant give you a tishue for you r nosie...there no pockets on these pink panties! :)

So how is it you fools can keep saying that Beekman is undersized when he is exactly the same size as Garza, an inch shorter and yet 5 lbs heavier than Lance Louis and is the same height and 20 lbs heavier than your beloved Kreutz?

this bunk about Beekman, formerly our best and most technically sound lineman, being undersized is such trash. the fact is, our entire line is undersized, so Beekman is NOT undersized.

good grief.

Hey, Cr-HATE-on. The Beekster and Hass rock. They're proof that Angelo, while a misunderstood genius, is only 99% perfect. They'll be joining Dusty in the Omaha lineup. Total beasts and HOFers!

Yeh I'd expect them to be running a lot of zone with Carroll and Pat Ruel now coaching OL.

Bobby Engram had a pretty good career in Seattle after he left. Beekman may not have fit the Bears plans (if they have a plan)but he will be signed by someone for sure.

Part of the reason Josh Beekman was let go was because Bears line coach Mike Tice likes 2nd year guard Johan Asiata's upside, and the upside of rookie tackle J'Marcus Webb, Beekman kind of got lost in the numbers. The Bears liked Asiata and Webb enough to keep them both on the 53-man roster and didn't want to risk losing either one of them by putting them on the practice squad.

I think the biggest reason Beekman got the axe was his play, especially vs the pass, and with a new pass happy offense being implemented in Chicago, that wasn't a good thing for Beekman. Josh Beekman got his job back last season at left guard after losing it to Frank Omiyale, Beekman then lost his starting job on the left side again vs the 49ers last season after struggling against the 49ers Justin Smith. When Lovie Smith was asked why he went back to Omiyale, he said "we just like Frank's ability to pass block." Beekman seems to struggle in his pass blocking, that was probably why he was let go.

Myself and many other Bear fans thought Beekman would stick as a center, but what a lot of people don't realize is Josh Beekman never really played center in college at Boston College. He only got 2 starts at center during his senior season the rest at guard, and during his first couple seasons in the pros was primarily a guard. The last 2 pre-seasons he got a lot of reps at center, but thats all, obviously he didn't impress the coaching staff enough while he got his reps at center to keep him around as Olin Kreutz's eventual replacement.

This off-season the Bears need to break down and use their first rounder on a stud center, someone like Florida's Mike Pouncey, the 6-5 320lb lineman might be this years top interior lineman coming out. Another good one is Penn States Stefen Wisniewski, the nephew of Steve Wisniewski. Scouts say, like his uncle, he's a tough, durable athletic interior lineman. The Bears need to bring one of these guys in next april, but thats a long ways away, Olin will do for now GO BEARS!!

@ discdoc.

Funny thing about Beekman, he became 6-2 when he became a Bear. He was just over 6 feet at the nfl combine. Oh and Garza is small as well. It's not about weight, it's about frame. 320 means nothing, 320 pounds of poorly distibuted body mass does not mean you are big. 6-4 well built broad frame, square built, and strong. Beekman has some decent strength but he is thicker than wider and not very athletic, he is slow. Look at picks of him in the huddle, you could tell who was the smallest guy. He was smaller than Garza. Their is a reason Tice made a height joke about him.

Now quit your complaining, he was cut, he desereved to be cut, and I am glad he is gone.

Whoever continues to make the Crap-ton comments is just slow. Seriously? How much time of your day do you spend making up a fake message board persona to make fun of someone else on a message board?

I personally always liked Beekman. He's not special, but he got the job done and I thought he could be a decent center some day. Oh well.

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