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Bears to work out receiver

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Wide receiver Keenan Burton will work out for the Bears on Tuesday, the Sun-Times has learned. The Giants also had interest in the former Kentucky standout who was a former fourth-round pick of the Rams.

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Can someone tell Angelo that jerseys for WRs over 6' tall don't really cost more !!!

Can someone tell Angelo that jerseys for WRs over 6' tall don't really cost more !!!

With out saying the words Martz is already saying what he thinks about the bears current wideouts. They need to get Aroma the ball often as he is the only thing they got that resembeles a #1 WR.

Can he play tackle?

You don't wait until the start of the season to go hunting for a receiver. All the elite ones are gone via draft, contract, or trade. They could've gotten Boldin but heaven forbid they part with a second round draft pick. As it has been said before, Miles Austin was FREE. Collie/Garcon were low draft picks. They caused this problem for themselves.

This pisses me off to no end...we have been hearing for two friggin years how wonderful our receivers are (and the Martz endorsement this year)! We use one our high draft picks last year on Iglesies (sp?), who never plays a down and we release him, and NOW we're looking, when their won't be anyone better than what we have now?
I have so had it with Lovie that it is even hard to enjoy the games.
Don't go away mad Lovie, JUST GO AWAY!

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