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Bears tied atop NFC North

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I was obviously having some fun with the title to this entry. But, the Minnesota Vikings are officially trailing in the NFC North, since they lost 14-9 in the season opener last night to the New Orleans Saints.

Bears coach Lovie Smith was asked about the Vikings.

"They have a loss, and we don't have one," Smith said. "I can't say I ever pull for any of our division opponents; its easy to say that.

"[But] they don't affect us. We have a 0-0 record right now, and we can get a win. We get that win, we're in great shape, and we'll have as good a record as anyone, and we're not looking behind."

The Bears open with the Detroit Lions, and the Green Bay Packers will play the Eagles in Philadelphia.

The Bears are grateful for one thing heading into the season opener: they're very healthy.

Lance Briggs was the only starter listed on the injury report, and the Pro Bowl linebacker will be listed as probable for Sunday's game.

The only player who is questionable is reserve safety Craig Steltz, who is recovering from a high ankle sprain.

"That's all you can really ask for, to have everybody," Smith said. "You have this plan, on who you want at every position. For us, we're going to have all of those guys on the football field. That's big for us.

"That's the best position we can be in right now. Our best group, playing for the Bears."

Other highlights from Smith today:

* On talking to Jay Cutler about his turnovers: "You're constantly talking about those things, but guys know. Not just Jay. We took a hit; we were 7-9 last year, and haven't been to the playoffs in three years.

"We realize all that. But, that's what's exciting about a new year. It's a clean slate."

* On if he wants to shut up the critics: "We want to get off to a good start for the Chicago Bears, for us to have the season that we're capable of having. We're a good football team. But talk is easy. Anyone can talk about how good you are, how bad you are. Opinions about what you are. Now, all that talking doesn't mean a lot. We're going to show up at 12 o'clock, ready to go."

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ZZZZZZZZ, listening to this guy talk makes watching paint dry a THRILL ! Same rhetoric he's been spouting for the last 3 years, why should we believe him now ?

Come on, mrmick, What would you have him say? He's absolutely right that "all that talking doesn't mean a thing. His point is that it's put up and/or shut up time. Believe him because that statement is indisputable. Everyone is healthy, and that means no excuses are possible at this stage. What's wrong with that concept? Give the man a break, acknowledge how many changes have been made, and let's see if those changes result in a solid Bear season.

What happened to his three priorities when he first became coach? Remember them? 1) beat the Packers 2) Win the division 3) Win the Super Bowl

Now the bar has been lowered to just winning a game against the Lions? Sure, winning starts somewhere, but he does not have a championship goal and lost his swagger just like the players. In 2007 after firing Chico, Lovie said 'trust me'. In 2010, he said 'just stay with us'. In 2011, he will say 'I used to be the head coach of the Chicago Bears'.

'It's a clean slate' - That's what Bears fans will say next year as the rebuilding starts.

Lovie smith has the character of a door knob.

Bears tied on top...

They better enjoy it because after sunday, they won't even be close the rest of the season.

Paul Manter,
Just how many breaks do you want us to give this guy?
I think he has gotten more breaks than everyone on the board put together. The guy has fired 28 coaches in 6 years. That is how many people he has blamed other than himself. He should have been fired last season. He gets no breaks here. He needs to go away along with angelo, phillips, marinelli, martz, and babbage. Did I forget someone?

Hey babbage? Was that a software store?

The Vikings have the worst record in the league, and Favre leads the NFL in interceptions.

I can't take anymore of Lovie. Please get Cowher after this year when Lovie fails to make it to the playoffs again.

No more excuses for the Three Stooges it is playoffs or don't let the door hit you in the rear end.

No more mediocrity, no more EXCUSES, period.

Val is right!

Hey, Val, read more carefully. I was not supporting Lovie per se, but just what he was quoted as saying in this blog.I agree that he is about as low-key as a typical valium addict, but what he says in this blog is absolutely to the point.As far as being low-key goes, I don't see that as all bad.Perhaps it is true that when everyone around you is going crazy and you're not,it's because you don't really understand the situation,but even so,is joining the others who have lost it a positive response?

I have to add a P.S. One of the media mavins, on either Fox or ESPN, predicted that Grossman would beat out McNabb as starter and play better than he will.

By Paul Manter on September 10, 2010 4:08 PM
"Come on, mrmick, What would you have him say? He's absolutely right that "all that talking doesn't mean a thing. His point is that it's put up and/or shut up time."

By Paul Manter on September 11, 2010 2:35 PM
"Hey, Val, read more carefully. I was not supporting Lovie per se, but just what he was quoted as saying in this blog."

I think you missed the point. The Bears have been doing nothing but talking for years. They have been doing more talking this offseason than anyother team in football that I can ever remember. And this article is just more talking. Everytime they say they are going to do something it explodes in their face and then they say it doesn't matter and make excuses.
Pre season game three they said boy we are going to come out and show you some stuff, we are going to open up the playbook a little. This is the one that counts, not the other pre-season games.

Boy they talked up that game, but after the game. Oh that game didn't count, we didn't really try.

Before the Pre-season games, oh man wait till you see our offensive line, they are looking good. After the pre-season games, they are not talking so much about their line.

They keep saying they are gonna do all this stuff and just wait and see. And then boom, well it doesn't matter let the excuses flow.

Angelo is making excuses for the players, Lovie is making excuses for the system, the players are making excuses for the coaches, Phillips is making excuses for the stadium and the organization. And Paul, Kevin, Tripper, Brando, and a lot of you are making excuses for all of them. People who make excuses identify with people who make excuses.

Actions speak louder than words and their actions have not supported their words. But that has not stopped them from spewing the same garbage year in and year out.

I am sure they will give the fans the "see I told you so" after the first win of the season like they do every year. You never hear it at the end of the season when they are going home early again do you?

Time for some more "Bear Down" from the organization. BS, Bear up or shut up.

That's the most I've seen Lovie admit or say to the media since he's been coach. I don't agree that it's the same old speak we hear. Talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words.

Creighton this one is for you, no it is NOT a Budweiser!

Jay Cutler:

“You have to run the ball in this league, especially in November or December in Chicago,” Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said. “If you can’t run the ball, it’s going to be hard to win. If you can’t run the ball successfully in second- and third-down situations and pick up first downs, it’s going to be difficult. We understand that. Lovie puts a lot of stress on running the ball. We’re going to pass it, absolutely. But we have very good running backs that need to get touches too.”

This season if healthy on offence the Bears could be a wrecking ball.

Win Bears Win!

Thanks, Jabberwocky, at least you understood what I said. I even like Lewis Carrol, whether "'Tis brillig" or today at high noon when the Bear chips are thrown into the game. I do indeed hope that the easy justifications we have heard from the Bear administrarion people prve true enough that the bears have a great season. There have certainly been plenty of changes, in personnel if not in philosophy, but even there, I can't see Martz running four times on first and goal when the first three net one yard.

Brando. What's cookin, never gonna be good lookin?

Can't ask for a better opening day. Enjoy the game boys,

Marcus Harrison will not dress. Hahahahaha

Oh and Brando I know you need to run the ball, that's why for like 3 years I have stressed, running the ball in the Winter at Soldier field. I have also pointed out the conditions of the turf and pointed out that the Martz offense is not an outdoor offense and will have problems late in the year passing the ball and recievers being able to make sharp cuts on the frozen mud. But thanks for your insight, not sure why you brought it up.

Time to go get a Jamba Juice, should be a fun game.

Oh and Brando thank you for illustrating my point about excuses so well

By Brando on September 11, 2010 10:25 PM
"This season if healthy on offence the Bears could be a wrecking ball."

If healthy? Cause everyone else in the nfl is so healthy all the time? You either do it or you don't.

By the way how did you enjoy that ND game. Hahahaha, I swear they are the Bears of the college ranks. Then again Michigan is the Lions of the nfl too.

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