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Bears sit atop league in offense, defense

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No matter how bad the Bears looked at times during Sunday's 19-14 win over the Lions at Soldier Field, they look awfully good in many statistical categories.

The Bears are tied with the Colts for No. 1 in the league in total offense after putting up 463 yards against the Lions. Let me repeat: The Bears are tied with the Colts for No. 1 in the league in total offense.

The defense is ranked second after holding the LIons to 168 total yards. Miami is No. 1 with 166.

Jay Cutler ranks second to Manning in passing yards with 372 while running back Matt Forte's 151 receiving yards ranks him third in the league.

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Yes, but....The Colts lost the game. Statistics obviously can be very misleading. I'm as happy about a Bear victory as anyone out there, but the fact remains that most of the other teams in the NFL would have beaten the Bears the way they played in this game, and they only won this one by a rule fluke.They have to eliminate the miscues and were fortunate the Lions were not a team able to capitalize on those miscues.

This is my second post here because , after reading some of the other blog entries, it strikes me that we Chicago Bear fans get off on a tangent and then keep beating it to death. Creighton will probably correctly accuse me of random thoughts here, but the attacks on Lovie time after time remind me of poor Rex Grossman who, along with Lovie and a great defense, took the Bears to their last Super Bowl after a fairly long time of not even making the play-offs.I know we have been patient for a while already, but could we give Lovie and the new coaching staffs a little more time before rinning them out of town?

Neil the ever optimist! Now you are the type of guy I would love to have on a project team.

But Neil, get back to us with the offensive and defensive rankings and / or standings after eight games have been played.

I still like your optimism though! And boastful too! You go Neil!

I'm tired of all the negativity surrounding this Bears team.

The Defense is obviously back. Matt Forte will be explosive. Aromashodu will not drop many touchdown passes and Knox and Hester can only get better after 1 and 3 catch performances.

If not for the Olsen and Forte fumbles, the Bears would have won this game by two touchdowns.

If Omiyale finishes a few of his blocks, the sack and hit total will drop down. It's not like he was getting destroyed out there consistently. Chris Williams has struggled, and probably should be a right tackle, but lets not just forget how solid he was in the last 4 games of last year. Mike Tice will get him right.

Lets enjoy this ride back to respectability. Bear Down!

In your face Creighton!

Won't last long.

Cowboys got beat on the road by a hated division rival who no matter how bad the team is during the season always plays the Cowboys tough. Plus, the Redskins had Donovan McNabb, a pro-bowl caliber QB at the controls.

Now compare that to the Bears, who were lucky to win at home against a team that had won 2 games in the past 2 seasons and was playing with its back-up QB. The Lions offense was one dimensional pretty much the entire game.

I think the Bears will be lucky to stay within 14 points of Dallas.

That shows how worthless statistics are.

What do all the Cutler doubters think now?? I told you all, Jay Cutler 2010-2011 Pro Bowl!!

It is nice to be near the top for a change. The win-loss record is all that really matters though, and Chicago was acquitted of a loss to the Lions by a lawyer-like interpretation of a rule. The Colts LOST by the way, and stats cannot win the next game for you.

Checking out Chester Taylor tonight at Chili's @ 6:30 hosted by Dan Jiggetts on Comcast. Should be a good time!

371 W. Townline Rd.
Vernon Hills, IL

Too bad we can't play the Lions every week. The score was an anomoly; with those kind of numbers on O and D, the score would catch up eventually and reflect more of a blowout.

If the Bears had not shot themselves in the foot repeated times, with unforced turnovers, penalties, dropped balls, they could have gained 550 yards and scored 32+ points. But it was their first game, with new coordinators, and a lot of new or returning key players, so you gotta feel good about their potential.

lets just wait till game five or 6 before we hang them out to dry.. patience bear fans!!!

Once again, there needs to be a football I.Q. test that people should be required to take before being able to post on here. In one post I saw more "ifs" than Aromashodu catches on Sunday. Hey Milton, if frogs had wings they wouldn't hit their butts every time they landed.
Tripper, put the Koolaid laced with Wild turkey back down and take a deep breath. I have been a huge supporter of Cutler from the day they made the trade. And yes, I was impressed by his poise on Sunday, but I would like to see a little bit more "McMahon" out of him as he settles down in his second year as the Bear's starter. Like for instance. On the 1 foot line if he looks over the defense and sees 7-8 guys in the box, check out of the play and make something happen on his own.
And all this crap over the INCOMPLETE pass to Johnson. Fans B***h, moan, and complain when the refs are left with "judgement" calls, and now when a rule is cut and dried and the player did not follow the rule, there is a call for a conspiracy. All he had to do was tuck the ball in the cradle of his arm and he would have been fine. And for those who said he intentionally flipped the ball down. You're either insane or blind. I just watched the game on the NFL network. He put the ball down to brace himself. And I saw someone say that he took 2 steps? How? He was 1/2 - 2/3 of the way through the endzone before he started the attempt at a catch. BTW...even if he had caught the pass it wasn't a "game winning' catch. There was 24 seconds on the clock and the Bears had at least 2, if not 3 time outs. Their kickoff returns were getting out around the 30-35 yard line which would have left them with roughly 35 yards to get with 2-3 timeouts AND a very accurate kicker.
Wait, the Cowboys played a division rival? Hmm, last i checked the Lions were in the same division as the Bears. And here's a news flash for you, Seedy...I would take the Lions talent over the Redskins any day. Outside of McNabb, and Arackbo what do they have that really impresses you? The Lions have made some pretty good personell moves the last couple of offseasons.
Hey Paul, did Rex Grossman NOT have the Bears ready to play time and time again last year? Did Rex not make halftime adjustments time and time again last year? Was it Rex who was so stubborn over his defense that he ran a great DC out of town and have had 3 since? I agree that Rex was unfairly blamed for things that happened in Chicago, but the criticism of Lovie is warranted and fair.
I don't think the Bears will be in the top 10 in offense this year because the receivers are horrible. Year 3 of the Hester experiment is still mired in mud and the great Johhny Knox needs Martz's playbook in the yellow and black cover that reads "Greatest Show On Turf for Dummies" since he was out of position on at least 2 different routes on Sunday.

Not only shows how useless stats are, but especially how useless total yardage stats are. (Actually, none of this matters after only one game, but hey, I'm having fun here.) The stats that matter are 3d down efficiency (Bears 43%, Detroit 29%); red zone efficiency (Bears 0-4, Detroit 2-2); net yards per pass attempt (Bears 9.3; Detroit 4.1); and number of running plays (Bears 31, Detroit 21). However, in order for those stats to be useful, they must be used to tell you something specific to each stat.

For example, the most telling stat of this game is red zone efficiency. You can cry all you want about how IF the Bears didn't turn the ball over they would've won by a bigger margin. But like Gearheadboy said, "if" doesn't matter. The Bear are going to have trouble in the red zone until they can run the ball, and they won't be able to run until they get a much better line.

Be optimistic all you want if it makes you feel better, but I'm already cringing in embarrassment in anticipation of playing in Dallas. BTW Creighton, Columbo might be back for the Bear game, he begins practice Wednesday. If he is, I give the Bears less than a 1% chance of winning.

Paul the Bears made the playoffs the year before the Super Bowl. And you deservend the random thought comment. Blue Chip? Coward? Ring any bells. One guy on this blog just told me the Bears don't have a stadium and went off on a tangent about the Cowboys. So yes this board is full of random thoughts.

I did think you wrote a good post here, but then for some reason I see you bringing up my name up again. Jauron went 13-3 in 01 and was fired after not making the playoffs for two years. Lovie has had 3 and has been to the playoffs twice in 6 seasons. By the way that 2006 team, well most of the best players on it where either FA or here before Angelo and Smith. If you want to build a team that way that's fine. But you have seen the results of their efforts. As for Running Lovie out of town, he is doing a good job of that on his own. The fans didn't make him, Angleo and the Bears Organization do what they have done. Nobody made him go for it on 4th and goal when he could have taken the lead with a kick. They had been rejected on the goal line earlier in the game as well. He let his ego get in the way of good coaching.

They Bears did not play a good game just like Dallas didn't play a good game, just like a lot of teams didn;t play good games. The difference is we really have not seen a big difference in the team over 4 years now. The Bears played better against them last year, destroyed them. People say well they had turnovers and mistakes, they always have turnovers and mistakes. What do you think they will never throw another int or have a fumble. Every team has those problems. Detroit had fumbles, mistakes and turnovers too.

If it makes you feel better it is pretty clear we don't have a say in if Smith stays or goes. Either he has a good year or another mediocre year. That's not up to the fans.

As for Angelo if you are not smart enough to build an O-Line through the draft and invest in that line you do not deserve to be a GM.

I don't think your a bad poster, you want the Bears to win, they have Lovie, IE you need Lovie to be good so thay are better. I get that. I myself go with what I see.

Not sure what you want me to say about Grossman, he lost his job and that was on him. Lovie could care less what the fans think I think that's pretty clear at this point.

Gearhead Cutler can not check out of a play in this system. Martz calls the play and the Bears execute the play. No audibles. Part of the system. Also last year he did what your saying and a lot of times the recievers didn't go hot and the line didn't pick it up. It doesn't help having a weak supporting cast, a horrible OC and a tough offseason to begin with for him last year. He will never be Manning, but he could be Elway. Or he could never get a good chance to be a star with the talent he has around him.

The game is blocking and tackling a very good line will make most QB's look good. And a great defense can make a great QB look terrible. Who knows. All I know is Cutler has more talent at the QB position than anyone sense Elway. Will it mature into a great player? You got me, but it's not like he is in a great position to do it right now.

As for the rule, most think it's a bad tule and it is. Their is a reason the NFL has been discussing it every year. He did take three steps and the NFL network pointed that out and his rear and hand where down. Your guy Hub called it a catch. You can argue with him about it. He knows more about football than I do.

As for Washington you need to check out that roster. They have some decent talent. They don't have the young rising players that Detroit has but they are better than them right now. Put McNabb on the Detroit offense and how do you think they would have looked. Throw Portis on there, Jammal Brown and Trent Williams on the line. Actually if you combine the two team they would easily be Super Bowl contenders.

Dallas is overrated every year, who cares. They are missing two starters on the line as well. All teams have good and bad points some more than others. Some match up better than others and Div games are usually battles. We will find out this week who is better.

With all the bad games last week and all the fingers poping up I am wondering if the barganing agreement is starting to effect the game.

Oh and you may want to re-read your Grossman remarks. Last year?


Enjoy it while you can. When you play the worst team in football, one that only won 2 games in 2 years (that is 32 games to you in case you can't count too), you are going to have better statistics. If the stats were against Green bay or vikes or saints then they would have meaning along with a win. Otherwise, what you are spreading is nothing but bull. Stop wasting our time with your gibberish. The fans are a lot smarter than you have been treating them.

I've read and heard a lot of sports-dopes yammer the line, "The Lions, who won 2 games in the past two years ... ."

They won ZERO games 2 years ago with Rod M as head coach. Last season, they improved on their previous season's record by 2 games.

Did the Bears?

It's easy to parrot a line you hear off TV, but think about what it means. In this case, it means nothing.

Man, there is always at least one hater on these boards...

So, Gearheadboy, if you are the omniscient NFL dude you claim to be, who is going to win the Super Bowl? What will be the Bears' regular season record? Which QB throws the tightest spiral? Which teams are the most hated division rivals? What lineman can blow the biggest bubblegum bubble?

I mean, you're always right, right? The rest of us would deeply appreciate your insights on the season ahead. It would give us a benchmark to measure ourselves against.

I'm sure your wisdom will de-value all of us low IQ-ers out here in Bears land.

Please, educate us.

The offense was good except for the running game, which was poor. The Detroit D line controlled the line of scrimmage against the Bears O line.

The red Zone offense, particularly the running game cost the Bears which of course includes the turnovers.

Lovie's decision making was atrocious on the four plays from the one yard line, you have to take the points in that situation, the Bears defense was dominating and it would have given the Bears the lead fairly late in the game.

I know some are saying we are piling on with Lovie, but the last three years he has earned it.


Not a hater here, just stating facts which I didn't see you arguing with. And you don't have to be a football "genius" to understand basic X's and O's. And that seems to be something you lack so pay attention and you might learn something. It might be hard with your head up Wade's backside. That is a team in complete dissarray. And it all started with the great GM/Owner JJ saying this Dallas team is as talented as any since the SB years. A sandstone dike has more of a chance to stop water than your offensive line does to stop defenders.
Creighton, I have looked at both rosters and I would take the Lions over the Redskins any day. Everyone gets all up in arms over McNabb. Philly got the better end of the deal. You send this guy to a division rival who is way farther away from a SB than you are {and McNabb couldn't win it in Philly with much better talent} so now they are stuck with him at QB for at least another 2 years and in return you get a very high 2nd round pick who many consider to be as good as a first with the deep draft last year. Receivers? Detroit. OL? Maybe WA, depending on how the rookies pan out. DL? Detroit. QB? Present, WA, future, DT. Coaching? Def. WA. Running Backs? Detroit. TE? I like Detroit with Scheffler and a young Petigrew. LB's? overall, Detroit. Secondary? WA. It's a good debate though.
I did hear Martz say that about audibles when he was on AM-1000. I forgot about it.

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