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Bears sign seven to practice squad

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The Bears have signed offensive tackle Levi Horn, wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias, offensive lineman James Marten, wide receiver Greg Mathews, defensive end Barry Turner, fullback Eddie Williams and offensive lineman Edwin Williams to the practice squad.

They have one remaining spot.

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With three of the seven signed being offensive linemen, these selections seem very sensible to me. I also like Igesias there.I hope the one remaining is Gilbert because I think his size and development could turn him into a solid player, if not on offense, then on defense.

I was sad to see the Bears lose out on Dan Lefevour. Quarterbak is and has been a weakness for far to long. I thought the Bears mgmt. could have done a better job of protecting him.

The thing that jumps out at me is there are no corners or any defensive backs on Chicago's practice squad. First time in a long time, although the Bears do have some young corners on the 53-man in Zack Bowman, D.J Moore, Josh Moore, and Corey Graham. All 4 players have been in the league for under 4 seasons, and all 4 have pretty good upside, especially Bowman, that might have something to do with why no corners were added to the practice squad.

I'm surprised wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias made it through waivers, I figured some team that runs a west coast scheme might have brought him in for at least depth. Iglesias might have been a good fit in a west coast offense. I am glad Chicago got to keep him although, he does add nice depth in the event any of the top 5 receivers were to go down.

Eddie Williams is a good player to develop at h-back as an eventual replacement for 12 year veteran Desmond clark.

Out of all the players on the squad, rookie DE Barry Turner might have the most upside. At 6-3 265lbs, and his speed he brings off the edge as a pass rusher, he fits the mold for the type of end Chicago needs in their scheme. Last season with Nebraska he had 5.5 sacks and 16 tackles for loss, he could turn out to be a pretty good player with some time to develop, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Listen carefully and you can hear Ron Rivera quietly laughing to himself. It was Rivera who ordered the blitzes in that first preseason game that knocked out Hanie. Which consequentially led to Lefevour signing elsewhere. Don't think for a minute he wasn't trying to prove a point about the gross inadequacy of Lovie Smith as a head coach in the NFL. -LH

Bottom line, our team stinks and it does not matter who we put on the practice squad. We don't have any depth of talent on this team and it starts with our evaluation of talent. There is no reason to have our top 2 draft picks last year on the waiver wire already. The Bears consistently miss in the first 3 rounds which are the rounds that build a championship team. A more logical approach, based on our history of draft busts, would be to trade away these picks and bring in more proven players then what Angelo is getting in the draft.

2009: Jarron Gilbert and Juaquin Iglesias waived, 3rd round picks.
2008: Chris Williams, Injury prone and shaky starter. 1st round-14th overall. Matt Forte, Starter. 2nd round. Earl Bennett and Marcus Harrison, non-productive, 3rd round.
2007: Greg Olsen, Starter, 1st round- 31st overall. Dan Bazuin, Cut after 1 year, 2nd round. Garrett Wolfe, on the bubble, 4th string, non-productive, 3rd round. Michael Okwo, Cut and never saw the field, 3rd round.
2006: Danieal Manning, borderline starter, 2nd round. Devin Hester, 2x All Pro, 2nd round. Dusty Dvoracek, Cut after 3 years, 3rd round.
2005: Cedric Benson, Cut, reborn in Cincinnati, 1st round- 4th overall. Mark Bradley, Cut after 4 years, 2nd round.
2004: Tommie Harris, 3x All Pro, 1st round- 14th overall. Tank Johnson, Cut, 2nd round. Bernard Berrian, Let go, 3rd round.
2003: Michael Haynes, Cut after 3 years, 1st round- 14th overall. Rex Grossman, Let go, 1st round- 22nd overall. Charles Tillman, Starter, 2nd round. Lance Briggs, 5x All Pro, 3rd round.
2002: Marc Colombo, Cut after 3 years, 4 year starter in Dallas, 1st round- 29th overall. Roe Williams, Cut after 1 year, 3rd round. Terrence Metcalf, Cut, 3rd round.
2001: David Terrell, Cut after 4 years, 1st round- 8th overall. Anthony Thomas, Let go, 2nd round. Mike Gandy, Let go, 3rd round.

During the previous 9 years under the Angelo regime, we have drafted 28 players in the first 3 rounds. 11 of those players remain on the team, 8 are currently listed as starters, and 3 of which have made the Pro-bowl. Bottom-line, it does not matter who makes the practice squad. This team needs a GM who can bring in talent from the top rounds of the draft to compete with other teams.

Dennis Bryar:

I agree with you on all counts about Angelo. What was forgotten to be mentioned is that the coaches, primarily Lovie have done a worse than poor performance of developing whatever talent they did have.

Columbo went on to play effectively, Cedric Benson had a great year last year and if he ever can keep his head on straight could be exceptional, they traded away Harris and then bring him back this year.

Lovie and Angelo need to go and while they are at it send Phillips on the same slow boat to China.

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