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Bears release Johan Asiata, promote Edwin Williams

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The Bears today promoted offensive lineman Edwin Williams from the practice squad and released Johan Asiata.

If Asiata clears waivers, he will likely be added to the practice squad but that may not be a given, since teams around the league are struggling for depth on the offensive line.

Asiata started training camp at left guard, but his starting spot was quickly claimed by Lance Louis, a 2009 seventh-round pick who moved to right guard. That left veteran Roberto Garza to swing to left guard.

Williams played center at Maryland but has also played in the NFL at guard. His versatility was a key to the decision.

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Interesting. I guess this means they had a couple weeks to kick the tires and really do like Williams? You have to believe that not really having a backup at center was making somebody nervous.

Sean is there any way to know if the Bears had gotten wind of another club looking at him?

Wasn't this guy supposed to be a does this happen in 3 weeks?

Tommie Harris just got benched and will not play this game.

Da Chi,

How does it happen in just 3 weeks, you say? I'll tell you. These coaches are lying thru their teeth. You can't believe anything that they say. You are a fool if you do. As for smith, he says nothing anyway. Listening to a door knob would be more fun than to listen to anything he has to say.
Trust no one. This team is going nowhere. As they start playing teams that will be making it to the playoffs, you can also start counting bears losses. If they miraculously make to the playoffs, they will loose the first one and Lovie will stick around for another 5 years of mediocre football.

This is HORRIBLE!! Letting Pro Bowl talent like Asiata go. I think Jerry might be getting senile in his old age.

"Wasn't this guy supposed to be a does this happen in 3 weeks?"

It happens because A)Bears coaches are prone to exaggeration. and B)They usually have no idea what they are doing

i like coaches who have no idea what they're doing -- especially when they're 3-0!!! and how about all the great thinkers on this board who have been raving about that Packer safety Burnett who supposedly the Bears wanted -- he cost Green Bay the ball game with his horrible interference penalty against Bennett. just keep posting all you football geniuses -- i'm sure you'll figure it all out someday when you get Angelo's job.

Lovie almost blew it again (as in the Lion's game) by not taking a sure 3 points to tie a close game. I bet on the Bears, not many did. But I think the Pack is way over rated. They will end up 8-8 according to my computer, they cannot beat a good defense.

He looked like a starter in shorts and a T-shirt, and never played up to that level in pads. Tice wanted Williams, so here he is. I like the better size as a backup at center, and a swing guard who can at least provide some help with the 3-4 DTs we are going to be facing.

Strange to see Asiata let go, but not surprising. We have won all 3 games by mostly luck (and GB being scared of Peppers), and our O-line has been nothing short of absymal in the run game and pass protection. And as weird as it may seem, the Bears are making in-season moves and adjustments to try and improve it. It certainly has not been Lovie's style, but Martz and Tice are obviously in charge of that side of the ball this year, and are doing what they feel they have to do to improve the play on offense. Aromashodu inactive, Asiata gone....don't be surprised if Garza gets pulled in the next couple of weeks for Williams. The Bears need to get stronger at the point of attack. How many attempts from the 1 do we have to fail before they start looking at the offensive line as a real problem? Kreutz, Garza, and Louis are not getting the push on the goal line. Shaffer is really the only power blocker we have on the line, and he only got to play because Williams got hurt.

Val, if "This team is going nowhere(caps yours),"where is Green Bay going? You sound like a disgruntled Packer fan. I would have enjoyed this game even if the Bears had lost because it was a great game played as hard as it gets. Clearly the Bears won because they were more disciplined ( look at the Packers' stupid penalties ), but no one seeing that game should be able to fault the effort and intensity of either team. In almost every way, this game seems to me what professional football is all about.

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