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Bears questions? Ask me on a live chat at Windy City Gridiron

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Windy City Gridiron invited me to chat for 15 minutes today at 3 p.m. Starting now, you can post your questions, and I'll answer a bunch of them when I log in at 3.

If you can't make it, send questions to me at, and I'll answer some and post answers Friday.

If you can't make it, I will post some questions and answers on this blog afterward.

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can somebody please tell me why the bears are not exploring a trade for Vincent Jackson? instead it looks like a division rival in the vikings might be making a play for him

Matt is the man but why didn't the Bears use Chester on some of the goal line attempts? when Matt got stopped 4 runs in a row, I think CT could have pounded the ball in with no problems. Also what happened to the Ron Turner play action pass. That was there bread and butter when he was round.

What do you think will be the biggest factor in the upcoming game against the Cowboys? I can the line play on both sides of the ball being the deciding factor, but I would like you take on it.

Last week was one of the most bi-polar games I can remember.

We'd make a great play...fumble. We'd move the ball down field...nothing from the red zone. We go down, we come back. And the defense looks good.

I am eerily reminded of the tumoltuous '05 Super Bowl-run season...where the offense was up and down and the defense kept us winning.

Is it just me - or are we in for another crazy season like that one?

And is that a good thing?

Because then they would have to admit they made a mistake moving Hester to WR.


Couldn't agree with you more there. I have been saying that on these posts since the end of July. The only thing I can guess is that JA still believes he will be around to draft next year, and he's coveting all those mid round picks so he can draft some more 5'9" cornerbacks or safeties. Or better yet, he can draft another DE that just happens to "fall to them."
The Chargers are going to get a compensatory 3rd round pick if they keep him then lose him to FA. When the Bear's lost Berrian they got the 99th pick that next year. If I were Angelo, I would offer the Bear's 3rd and 4th round picks for next year. That way, you have filled a major void {I know, I know, Hester is still a #1} for next year and you still have your first and second round picks to draft offensive linemen with both if you so choose. If I am correct, the 3rd and 4th picks are what Baltimore gave up for Boldin and the GREAT NYJ had no answer for him the other night. You could have Jackson and Aromashodu as your 1 & 2, and put Knox in the slot. Hester could even be dealt before the trade deadline.
Adam Shefter used the deal between Miami and Denver as a boiler-plate, but I don't agree. Yes, Marshall has had some off the field issues in the past, but the last couple of years he's been a very good citizen. And on the surface Denver didn't have to trade Marshall whereas everyone could agree that Jackson's time in San Diego is over. I also don't think Jackson is quite the caliber of receiver that Marshall is right now. Anyone want to venture a guess as to why Marshall's TD production was down last year? Maybe the absence of Cutler had something to do with it.

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