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Bears offense among elite

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The Bears have the fifth-ranked offense in total yards and the 12th-ranked defense after two weeks.

The Bears offense ranks behind only the Texans, Colts, Chargers and Cowboys. The unit is ranked third in the league passing and 28th in rushing.

The defense boasts the league's No. 1 rush defense while the passing defense is ranked 27th.

Individually, quarterback Jay Cutler's 649 passing yards are third most in the NFL, behind only Peyton Manning and Tony Romo. Cutler owns the league's top passer rating at 121.2.

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27th pass defense with GB coming to town. Uh-Oh

Well, this is what Martz does. Eats up huge chuns of yardage, and puts up points. Based on the offensive line play, the part that still has me worried is that QB hits, pressures, sacks allowed, and turnovers also increase in Martz's offense.

Cutler has done a very good job looking after the ball with all the hits he has taken. The 1 pick he threw last week was just a bad throw, and he got stripped for his other TO last week because Williams whiffed on the block. But he is making good decisions with the ball, and some of his throws are amazing. He is threatening all parts of the field every time he drops back, which is something we haven't seen in a long time.

We just have to keep getting better at protecting him, and we have a chance to compete every week.

The defense needs to stay on the attack, even if it means they have to rotate DBs and LBs in addition to the DL. We can't keep allowing the opposing team to work their way down the field and then try to tighten up in the red zone. When we attack, we are doing well. We also need our DTs to step it up a notch or two against a weak OL coming to town next Monday.
This should be a fun game, at least I hope so...

That's really where you want to be on defense. Stop the run, get turnovers, and don't worry too much about yards between the 20s. This Bears defense has been under the radar a little because the offense has been getting the ink. Really it's just that the Bears finally have an offense that is able to hold up their end while the defense is winning the games. See what Detroit was able to do to Philly on the ground?

I think the running game will come around on offense and we will see more balance with the passing. The old book on the Bears is to stack the line scrimmage, get after Cutler, and make them beat your man coverage in the secondary. Mike Martz has read that book too. He now has the talent and scheme to exploit the man coverage with individual matchups. When teams start playing the Bears straight, the running game will start being more effective. As the year goes on, the o-line will continue to develop and help that too.

Being ranked 27th in passing defense is at least a bit scarey. Rodgers is obviously a terrific passer when he has a little time, and his receivers are not exactly pushovers either. The only hope I have for combatting that is a pass rush with Peppers blasting through all over the place and Cutler scoring a bundle with few or no picks.I think this might be a high-scoring game with the last touchdown winning.

Jay Cutler is the main reason Chicago's offense ranks among the elite, the guys really starting to come on. The 649 yards, the 5tds to 1 int, and the leagues highest passer rating prove he's coming into his own, but I think it started last season in week 16. Over the final two contest last season Cutler put up 8 tds to only 1 int, in the last 4 regular season games, Cutler has thrown only 2 picks, he's on his way to becoming one of the leagues elite. Forget Aaron Rogers, Cutler is the best gun in the north GO BEARS!!

they need to run better or it will turn into a long season, they don't need to rush for 200 yards but they need to be able to run when needed to keep defenses honest.

Teams are daring the Bears to pass, 8-9 in the box, exotic run blitzes. Pass it till they back those safeties out the box. Put it down their throats then. Martz is a smart guy...yes he gets a little pass happy at time, but I would rather have a pass happy OC than a run happy OC with the way the rules are now.

And speaking of GB's vaunted 3-4, didn't Dallas play 3-4? Wasn't Cutler's Broncos a 3-4 team? I like our chances since week 1. It's in my predictions.

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