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Bears moving up power rankings

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The Bears moved up to eighth in's weekly power rankings, trailing the Steelers, Jets, Colts, Ravens, Titans, Falcons and Saints.

The Packers are ranked ninth.

This week's opponent, the Giants, are ranked 20th. The Bears play the Panthers after that. They're ranked 30th. Then it's the Seahawks (17th).

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Hey Neil,

I admittedly go on PFT often to bash Florio and other Bears haters in the comment section, but how about you stop giving credibility to their overglorified blog. We could care less what Vikings fans think of our team(no personal offense to any writers who use to cover them).

Why doesn't the Sun Times staff make their own rankings? At least tell us about ESPN or Peter King's rankings. they are also inconsequential but at least people care what they think... a little. Maybe.

Behind the Falcons and the Titans?

I'm not surprised about the Titans and Falcons, but wonder a bit about the Steelers and Jets. I don't really think these rankings mean much, but it is still interesting to see which way the wind is blowing.

I saw it, and it made no sense. The Chiefs are lower than the Bears, and probably lower than some 1-2 teams. Those rankings are a bunch of crap. 3-0 in conference, 2-0 in division. Best pack can hope for a split.

Them guys frat buddies of yours or something, Neil? That list is horrible.

These rankings are just for fun - they mean absolutely nothing because everything will be decided on the field. Unfortunately, polls like these mean everything in college football.

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