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Bears move up PFT's power rankings

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The Bears went from 21st to 16th on's power rankings and could vault even higher with a win over the Packers at Soldier Field on Monday night.

If they defeat Green Bay, they could vault into the top 10 or maybe top five.

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I believe in optimism as much as anyone, but let's not get too carried away here.The Bears have the advantage of playing the Packers at home, and I think they'll win the game because of a pass rush against a relatively weak Packer O-line, but I still would not give odds.Let's hope the Bears can contain the Packers' pass rush and give Cutler time to use that great arm.

they go 3 and 0 and i may just start believing... bear down!!!

PFF has their weekly review of team performances up. Here are the Bears and the packers. Bears will be under the surprise of the week article as well so more insight on the team than usual.

"Dallas fans may not agree, but that was one fun game of football."

"Despite taking away the Bears running attack the Cowboys couldn’t stop the Bears passing attack making a number of big plays, and conversely their receivers coughed up the balls with tips and a fumble that saw them lose the turnover battle."

"One of the things people look to when they declare Ryan Clady the best left tackle in the game is that he didn’t give up a sack as a rookie. What they don’t realize is he gave up more pressure than any other left tackle, and that it was Jay Cutler who was largely responsible for that number. In this one Cutler (+7.1) faced pressure often but moved about to avoid it and did a good job of getting rid of the ball to only take 1 sack and pick up 94 crucial yards from the 12 times it got to him. Last year pressure looked like it would force him into mistakes, this year he seems to have become the player he was in Denver and that’s a great thing for Chicago. His talent is unquestionable, his temperament seemingly in check, the sky really is the limit for the former Bronco."

"One player that continues to disappoint Bears fans is Tommie Harris. Gone are the dominating days of yesteryear and they show no signs of returning. He was poor in this one (-1.7), registering two quarterback pressures but nothing else. But for his red shoes you would have struggled to notice him on running plays. This was in stark contrast to Matt Toeaina (+2.0). He saw 13 less snaps and was very active in run defense with two stops. Is it getting to a stage where the Bears think about cutting back on the amount of action Harris sees?"

"The investment of Julius Peppers looked a shrewd one in this game. Regardless of which side of the line he was on (though on the right he made life very tough for Marc Colombo), Peppers harassed the Dallas quarterback all game long even if he drew a blank on the official stat sheet. 1 hit, 5 pressures and a batted pass represent a good day at the office, and over a third of the total pressure the Bears got."

Also Neil I am throwing in the remarks about Ware sense you are under the beliefe that Omiyal shut him down.

"DeMarcus Ware who was sensational (+11.3). Ware didn’t get on the sack sheet (a Keith Brooking face mask penalty nullified that) but he drew penalties and beat whoever the Bears put in front of him. Such was his dominance that he got pressure on 25% of the total plays he rushed the passer. Throw in a couple of big tackles and it was a nice all round day for the NFL’s top outside linebacker."


Second year defensive tackle B.J. Raji has been asked to step up this year and in this game passed expectations. He has been given the most snaps amongst the Packers defensive lineman so far, and put together an excellent rating of +5.0. This made it not only the best game of his career to date but also the best game by a Packers defensive tackle since we started recording PFF statistics. Raji came up with three pressures, and a +2.8 rating against the run.

After playing no snaps with the defense last week, LB A.J. Hawk (+4.2) played in 44 this week and also performed well. Against the run he had a +1.9 rating. In the past Hawk’s weakness has been in pass coverage, and this year he had lost his job to Brandon Chillar on passing downs. The Packers didn’t believe the Bills would throw much of the time, even in three receiver sets so they left Hawk in. He had four QB pressures and one hit on just six pass rushes, and was never thrown at on any of the 10 occasions he did drop back in pass coverage.

The only Packer to have more than 30 snaps and a score in the red was guard Daryn Colledge. While the rest of the line only allowed one hit and one pressure on Rodgers, Colledge allowed three pressures. This resulted in a -1.7 pass protection rating and a -3.1 rating overall. This was Colledge’s worst game since early on in the 2009 season, and leaves the option open for Brian Bulaga to replace Colledge if he doesn’t permanently replace Chad Clifton.

PFF are now doing spread sheets for teams. It tells you where each player lines up and how often. It also tells you every formation the team uses and how often they use it and what formation they used it against. It's more of a thing for fans of stats and reporters.

Who would of thunk it after another dismal preseason. Now week 3 for 1st place in the division. Come Monday we are going to see NFC Central football the way us midwesterners like. Hard,HARD hitting. The most physical team left standing will have the most points. I can't wait!

You could be right, Jim C., but I think the Bear victory will hinge on Cutler getting time to throw pinpoint passes and the Bear D. generating a solid pass rush. Hard hits might be a factor, as they certainly seemed to be in Dallas, but I don't think the Packer receivers are likely to be intimidated.At least the Bears' defense should not have to worry much about the running game. Unfortunately, their weakness on pass coverage makes them vulnerable to Aaron R.'s and G.B.'s good receivers.

Actually Paul "Pass rush" is the big thing the Bears defensive line has lacked. Both teams matchup well with the other.

Both teams are missing their starting LT's. Not a big a loss for the Bears though. Packers have aggressive corners that have beaten up the Bears recievers in the pass. They use zone blitzing which may give Martz a problem.

The Bears run a WCO and the Bears run a Tampa 2. The Tampa 2 was designed to beat a WCO. Both teams have stud young QB's, both teams have mediocre O-Lines, both teams are questionable in secondary at Safety, although the Bears Corners have given up some big years.

They have a crazy LB who is raking in the sacks.

The Bears have Peppers.

It's actually a pretty good matchup and both teams can exploit the others weaknesses. The Bears have home field advatage and the advantage of years of game film on this team. The Packers have years of experience in their offense and know the Bears defense really well.

Field conditions could pose a problem for the Bears defensive speed and Offensive speed. As Pisa pointed out this weak, "They are faster and better on turf."


Let's start talking superbowl. Who needs to be vaulted. You have already elevated them to sainthood. are out of your mind. Monday will be their first test. Monday, they play a team that is doing other words...their defense is doing well and the offense is scoring high points.

Wishing and hoping don't make it so. They will have to earn everything they get.

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