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Bears may be looking to trade for a linebacker

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With one spot available, after placing Hunter Hillenmeyer on injured reserve yesterday, the Bears have yet to fill that roster spot.

Former Bears linebacker Rod Wilson, a seventh-round pick in 2005, arrived Tuesday night, and he took a physical this morning. But, Wilson is apparently in a holding pattern.

Indications are, the Bears are exploring trade options. Whether they can strike a deal, though, is a whole other story. The Oakland Raiders are shopping Thomas Howard, a 2006 second-round pick. He started his career strong but has fallen out of favor in Oakland, according to a league source. But, the Bears are not believed to be pursuing him.

One team that has plenty of linebackers is the Kansas City Chiefs. They presently have 10 on their roster.

Hillenmeyer was a valuable backup, as he showed last season, and one of the team's positions of strengths now has taken a serious hit.

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Heck yeah you bring Howard in if you can! The guy's a consistent performer with playmaking abilities. However, he's an olb. So two questions come to mind: Who would backup Urlacher and would Howard accept a backup role?

if Mike Brown can no longer play safety in the NFL maybe he can put on a few pounds and line up at MLB! i have no doubt he could at least do it situationally. While I'm thinking pie in the sky, has anyone remembered that Ogunleye is still available -- there's no doubt in my mind that paired with Peppers he would be a much better option than Anderson and that would allow Idonije to return to DT where he plays better.

If i'm not mistaken, Wale signed with a team this week. I guess the Harris trade isn't working out so well, he's losing playing time to rookie Major Wright, and the Bears are wishing they had kept Jamar Williams ! Another head scratcher courtesy of Jerry Angelo, BRILLIANT !

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