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Bears hang on for 19-14 victory over Detroit Lions

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The Bears got the result they wanted, but certainly don't get any style points.

Here's a story I filed right after the game ended.

I'll post more on this blog later, after I write my column for Monday's paper.,chicago-bears-detroit-lions-updates-12.article

Swing away!

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Please lets not talk as though the Bears went out and took down the Patriots. It is what it is, a complete failure to draft better talent. Forget about next week, move forward.

That's what you call fanagling a win.

Both teams where so inept at times, it wasn't even funny. The Lions offensive play calling made Turner look like a genius. And the Bears did everything they could to give that game away. Typical Martz offense lots yards not a lot of points. Run game was joke, and the O-line are you kidding me? Can't run block and playing Max protect more than I have ever seen a Bears team play and they still where dogging Cutler all day. Williams was getting burned on every down, both tackles where getting ripped. You know who the best blocker is on the Bears offense? He is the only one who can pick up a blitz, and he is gonna get killed at this rate.

The Bears best reciever is Forte.

The Bears defense showed up but my god Detroit made it easy for them, they attacked the strength of that defense all day and where terrified to take a shot down field. Peppers, Briggs, and Urlacher where all playing really well but the rest of the Bears line didn't do much. They played run first all day the Lions ran first all day.

Then towards the end, Lovie makes an insane 4th down and goal call, even though the Lions had eaten them up on short yardage all day. The Inside the 20 that offense shuts down. Then on defense Lovie goes typical soft coverage and lets them march down the field. A backup QB marched down the field and Johnson scored. Oh wait it wasn't a score because of A "RULE" I still trying to understand.

At times both teams defenses really stood out, but the play calling at times just had me shaking my head. And the mistakes, how many holding penalties, false starts, fumbles?

Even the 3rd down and 20 when Cutler threw that pick. I was like run and punt the the guy was standing on wobbly legs from the play right before that. He probably say three Bears recievers instead of one.

The Bears should have one that game by 20. Instead they can call the league front office and thank them for the favor.

Good luck in Dallas. I doubt they will be affraid to throw down field and they got a damn good defense.

By the way everything aside this was a 4th quarter come back win led by Cutler.

Ugh...the Bears got so lucky today, and they (the Bears) need to pay that ref more money that made that call. The Bears are going to die next week with that no-show line. And Lovie...that was pathetic, go for the freaking win...what a dumb a$$ he needs to go. If Cutler exits next week or even the week after it will be in a body bag.

I've never seen one team outgain another by so much and almost lose the game. The offensive line can't block -- no surprise there -- and Lovie Smith still thinks passive defense works -- it would have lost the game for them if not for that idiotic rule about maintaining control after coming down, which no one understands.

Should be 0-0 next week; Dallas's offense looks even worse, at least the Bears racked up a lot of yards.

WrigleyFieldBEar, You must be a youngster or have a short memory. I too vividly remember the Bear and Packer games when the Bears would win everything but the score and game.Particularly vivid is a field goal attempt that the Bears blocked but that the kicker picked up and ran into the end zone for a toucchdown when the Bears were over three points ahead.I'll take the wins, even ugly ones.


I don't know what Packer games you're talking about. When I started watching, Vince Lombardi was the Packers' coach and they were much better than the Bears every year except for 1963 when the Bears won the championship. The Bears didn't march up and down the field and lose, they just lost. After Lombardi, both teams sucked until Ditka, when the Bears beat the Packers both games every year.

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