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Bears fine Brandon Manumaleuna for missing team meeting

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The Bears have fined veteran tight end Brandon Manumaleuna for failing to attend a mandatory team meeting last Saturday night, a league source confirmed.

ESPN Chicago reported earlier that Manumaleuna, who was fined $22,000, mistakenly was operating under the preseason schedule, which had meetings taking place earlier on game days. All four preseason games were at night, while Sunday's season opener against the Detroit Lions was at noon.

Manumaleuna has had a rough start as a Bear, after signing a five-year, $15 million deal. He had offseason knee surgery and missed a chunk of training camp with a knee injury.

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last time I saw a spin like this it was sock hop night at the VFW Hall. Come on Sean. Are we to believe that a positional coach or coordinator didn't tell, txt, or memo these guys about team meetings? This guy, we just had to have, has been nothing but a waste.


One other thing and since there isn't a blog post about it, I will ask it here. Is there any way you or someone from the ST could ask JA why they aren't one of the teams interested in Vincent Jackson? And please, if you do get the chance to ask him and he hits you with the "we're happy with our crop of receivers" garbage, ask him what about this crop makes him like them enough to not persue a potentially game changing WR like Jackson. I mean is it one of the following?

*The dissapearance of Hester against the Lions? {Or the ongoing debacle of him being classified as a #1 receiver?}
*The "deer in the headlights" looks Cutler got from Knox on Sunday?
*The fact that his last two 3rd round WR's are mired on the bench or practice squad?
*The several drops by Aromashodu on Sunday when for the first time in his career he was playing as a "starter'?

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