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Bears fans represent in Big D

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Bears fans showed up en masse for Sunday's game at Texas Stadium. There were times when the roar after a big play by the Bears was so loud it almost seemed as if they were the home team.

"When we first came out, we didn't know for sure that we weren't at Soldier Field," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "The fans were outstanding. They really gave us a boost."

Cornerback Charles Tillman agreed.

"They do travel and they support us whether we win or lose," Tillman said. "I can definitely say that we have the best fans in all the NFL."

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Real Bear fans support the team through thick and thin. It took Lovie Smith 3 years to get the Bears to the Super Bowl and fair weather fans have been calling for his job. They put up with Wannie & Jaron when neither one of them are as good as Smith. It took Ditka 4 years to get to the Super Bowl. His coaching style got stale with the players and he still had support. Bill Walsh and Chuck Knoll made Super Bowl appearances and had a 3yr play-off drought. So if you are a real Bears fan support them and stop hating on Lovie Smith!!! Go Bears!!!

As a former Chicagoan now living in Dallas, I was at the game today. My guess is that close to 7,000 Bears fans were on hand. In my section (maybe 25 Bears fans), we sang "Bear Down" every time we scored. The walk back to the car was filled with high fives from as Peanut calls us, " the best fans in all the NFL."

Da Bears!


Can you Lovie and Bear haters find another team to hate on now??? The more they win the more egg you haters will have on your face. Go Bears!!!

I was at the Bears game today. Half the stadium was Bears fans. In fact when the Packers score came up on the big screen, all you could hear was a loud boo across the stadium. Bears are the real Americas team.

I'm a big Bears fan that made the 3 hour drive down from Oklahoma City and I loved seeing all the orange in the stadium. Bears fans are the best in the NFL, and from my experience today, Cowboys fans are the most obnoxious and whiny. I loved making them wear it!! Bear Down!

I was at the Bears game yesterday as a Bear fan who lives in Dallas, it was awesome to see them handle the home team. And I will be at the game next week in BEAR DOWN!

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