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Bears fans make impact --- again

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Give yourself another hand, Bears fans. Last week, you showed up en masse at Cowboys Stadium and impacted the game but negating some of the Cowboys' homefield advantage. This week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers stated the obvious: Fans at Soldier Field were a big reason why the Packers had 18 penalties for a whopping 152 yards.

"You've got to give their crowd some credit --- they were loud tonight," Rodgers said. "We had a couple of back-to-back penalties on the one-yard line ... I was screaming as loud as I can at times. It's just very uncharacteristic for our guys."

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" It's just very uncharacteristic for our guys."

No it's not, the Packers where the most penalized team in football last year. Dream on Rodgers, try a silent count. He also showed his great character again when he threw Donald Driver under the bus. Choke artist. Neck beard senior strikes.

I think Bears fans are the best in the league. Most of them anyway. Hey doom and gloom fare weather fans how are you feeling now? Pretty stupid I bet. We real fans dont need you here. Go root for the vikes and pack. Bye bye loosers.

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