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Bears claim interior offensive lineman Edwin Williams

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The Bears claimed offensive lineman Edwin Williams off waivers today, according to the player's agency Eastern Athletic Services.

The move adds to an already crowded unit.

With the final cut down Saturday, the addition of Williams means the Bears have already done their homework on him. But, the Bears get a closer look at him, over the next two days and then get to figure out whether to keep him or release him Saturday. Williams is a guard and center.

It would appear his signing could endanger veteran Josh Beekman, a fourth-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, or Johan Asiata. Beekman, who has started 20 games, was quickly bumped from the starting lineup during training camp by Lance Louis. But, one NFC personnel director said Beekman is better than Williams.

Undrafted out of Maryland, Williams played in three games for the Redskins in 2009 and started two games. It's also worth noting that Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice attended Maryland, and he's never shied away from Terps.

UPDATE: To make room for Williams, the Bears released running back Brandon Minor, the team's website said.

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Edwin Williams was waived, that says something. But he does add some much needed size inside for Chicago at 6-3 315lbs, and we all know Mike Tice likes bigger linemen. Williams got 2 starts last season at right guard for the Skins. He's only appeared in 8 regular season games, that means he's still practice squad eligible. A player is not practice squad eligible if they have appeared in more than 9 regular season games or if they have been on a squad for 3 or more seasons, which Williams hasn't. The fact Williams has 2 starts under his belt is probably why Tice wants to get a closer look at him before the cut downs. And obviously Tice has done his homework on the guy. In the end, I think Williams will be a practice squad guy unless he shows something over the next couple days.

Lance Louis could end up being a find for Chicago, once he gets this new scheme down, and doesn't have to think so much, he could turn out to be a heck of an interior lineman. Louis is clearly better than Beekman, that and the fact Chicago likes Beekman better at center is why Beekman was bumped at guard. Beekman still adds nice depth inside at all three line positions, I think Beekman sticks because of that.

In the end your starters inside are Garza, Kreutz, and Louis. Your depth will be Beekman and either Marten, Asiata, or Williams. It should be interesting as always GO BEARS!!

Sean, while we are still in the pre-season mode I think it would be great if you posted a question about who the fans have thought has stood out thus far for the Bears in preseason. Specifically the sleepers or some of the players many fans may know less about but are making plays. For instance I have really taken notice of undrafted rookie free agent DT Mick Williams, particularly his explosiveness,aggression and ability to instinctivly play his gap responsibilities when he's been in at the three-technique. He has outplayed bigger names like Melton and Gilbert, and has certainly deserved a longer look on Thursday night in Cleveland. Another player I love who cureously continues to get minimal time in the preseason games is CB Woodny Turenne. Unlike some of our corners he plays tight coverage and seems to play with excellent instincts. He really needs to have more opportunities out there in the game situations to show all his ability. James Marten has also looked physical at guard, and certainly LB Brian Iwuh has been impressive. I think it should be interesting to see Josh Bullocks on Thursday night for the first time. When you look at the free safety position, he might be the most natural fit there athletically after Major Wright.

Kevin being bad at 3 positions instead of one does not equal good depth. Thats not a slam, it's just the truth.

"In the end your starters inside are Garza, Kreutz, and Louis."

So your saying the guys who have been starting will be the starters. Intresting, provacative and daring insight.

Kevin I think Cutler will be the starting QB, plese share your thoughts.

Oh and Kevin Beekman didn't compete against Louis, he competed against Asiata who beat him out but was also not good enough to start so they moved Garza. So he is the 4th or 5th guard on the depth chart.

Bill who has Mick been facing off against, has he spent anytime with the ones?

Yes, I really have taken a notice of Mick Williams. For instance he has legs that go on for days! What a man.

As for Woodny whatever he's doing with his hair I LOVE it!!!! looks more and more like last year. The experiment at the O-line will be going on all season. The more Cutler gets sacked the players they will try...until they get the right mix which may not happen this season.
In the mean time, Cutler better have a good pair of running shoes...and the running backs can sit back and rest. They aren't going anywhere.

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