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Aromashodu remains in dark

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Devin Aromashodu said he has not received an explanation for why he wasn't more involved in the offense against the Cowboys on Sunday and hasn't asked for one.

"I don't know how to take it," he said.

Aromashodu has become one of Cutler's favorite receivers until last week, when he spent the vast majority of the afternoon on the sidelines.

"He was banged up a little bit," quarterback Jay Cutler said. "It's going to happen. Devin is still one of our receivers. We're going to count on him sometime down the line."

Aromashodu did take a beating against the Lions in Week 1, and although he wasn't surprised that he wasn't the focus of more of Cutler's passes, he's still having trouble understanding why he wasn't even on the field.

"They haven't mentioned anything about it to me," he said.

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OK, in hopes of avoiding another epistle from a certain adolescent with a simple machine above his shoulders who obviously has a man-crush on DA......let it be known:

I like Aromashodu and think he can help the Bears on the field. In my opinion the Bears have good young receivers. In fact I agree with Martz when he said the receivers are a strength on the team.

I just don't see the big deal here. Isn't he like the 4th or 5th receiver? If he is behind Hester, Knox and Bennett, and those guys are healthy and playing well, why would he need to hear additional explanation on why he is on the sidelines? He played on special teams, which is what the 4th and 5th receivers are supposed to do. He played more the first game, but Bennett wasn't healthy then. Aromashodu did some good things, but he also got knocked around some and dropped some passes.

Last week the Bears were 21-29, for 277 yards and 3 TDs through the air. Obviously there were some favorable matchups out there. The issues with the passing game were because of the protection.

There is no DA conspiracy that I can see.

"I don't know how to take it," he said.

Hahahaha. Wow waht a joke. He is benched and now he is afraid to ask why. I dont blame him though sense Lovie and Drake are going to tell him that he is worse then Hester.

Didnt I tell everyone that DA was garbage? I think I did. Remeber he played with the Colts and they let him go. Peytom Manning nos a good reiever when he sees one and he didnt see anything in DA. Oh but Creighton he had 4 good games in '09 didnt you see DA was juist like Brandon Masrhall and Randy Moss only better sense he plays for the Bears.

Looks like I am #1 again but that doesnt mean the rest of you our last. In fact your all #2s. Hahahaha!

The Bears are winning, and in the end, thats all that really counts. So the fact Earl Bennett got on the field over Devin Aromashodu in Sunday's win over the Cowboys isn't really a problem per say, again, the Bears still won. Bennett's a great possession receiver who isn't gonna give your team a lot of big plays, but he is a reliable set of hands nonetheless, wheres Aromashodu is a bigger target that can stretch the field and give your team the big play. I think what happened was Aromashodu had to sit out a few practices due to being banged up going into the Cowboys game, there by giving Bennett the bulk of the reps in practice, Bennett probably made some plays in practice and earned a right to play, and thats probably why Bennett got on the field over Aromashodu as the #3 receiver. I have no problem with that.

Again, the Bears are winning, so this isn't really a problem, myself I would actually start Devin Aromashodu over Devin Hester, because with Aromashodu on the sideline, your leaving a lot of big plays off the field for your team. I think Devin Aromashodu is a more complete receiver vs Hester, Knox and Aromashodu should be the starters with Hester as your third option. But as fans, theres a lot that goes on that we don't see on the practice field? The only thing I know is Aromashodu made plays all day in the win over Detroit, and Knox made plays in the win vs Dallas along with Hester, this is actually a good problem for Chicago having a deep stable of receivers GO BEARS!!


Typical fool running their mouth vs. their brain. #1: Be a man and don't hide behind inuendos. It's funny you calling me an adolescent, but you don't ever refute anything I say with facts. And let's see, now I have a crush on DA just because I defended him with facts? That is something right out of high school. What's the matter? You wanted to take DA to homecoming?

He wasn't a 4th or 5th. He was supposed to be their #3 receiver. And you agree with Martz do you? Martz has to say that, you on the other hand are an idiot. What about this young receiving corps that impresses you the most? Is it the fact that going on 4 years we have been told Hester is a #1 receiver? When in fact he will have 1 decent game then dissapear for a couple of games. Or was it the "deer in the headlights" look that Knox gave the sideline on more than 1 occasion during the Lions game? Or could it be Earl Bennett's blazing speed, size, and jumping ability that make him just another run of the mill WR {I almost forgot, he had 5 catches for a whopping 29 yards on Sunday..oops, my mistake}. Wait, I know, it's the untapped potential of Iglasias standing on the sidelines slapping players on the back. Although I would rather see him out there than Rashied Davis.

Ut oh, now I am going to be accused of being a "hater" for pointing out facts. When Hester can step on the field and Cutler can go to him at ANY point on the field with confidence and other teams construct their defenses to stop him as a receiver, then he will be a #1.

Keep trying, you may make an intelligent comment yet. The season has just begun.

Wow someone is upset at me over DA. Creighton why are you speaking about yourself in the third person? You know that is no healthy right? What did you listen to some talk show that said the Bears are going to lose and now you are upset at me.

Pay not attention to GearheadToy MSBearsfan. He's just a little nervous about the upcoming Monday night game because his favorite team, projected all offseason to be Super Bowl contenders, faces a Bears team that has proven to be no pushover. Just let him vent.

"Although I would rather see him out there than Rashied Davis."

Would you now? You want a guy that has been demoted to the practice squad in his 2nd year over a player that not only has experience starting at WR, but has also made clutch catches and is a proven STs contributor? "Keep trying, you may make an intelligent comment yet." Hmm, that is good advice. Now follow it.

Also what is this?

"Ut oh, now I am going to be accused of being a "hater" for pointing out facts."

Dude, that's Creighton's catchphrase. Geez, you're not going to make any friends on here the way you're going...

There you are Mikey,

Did your mother let you have access to the internet? First off, you really must be new on here. As I have said many times on this board, ANY time you want to put your Bear's "fandom' up against mine you will lose. Plain and simple. 2 kids named after Bears, haven't missed a game {pre, regular, or post} since 1976. To you that must be the stone ages. But, it's like a little kid to try and turn things around. I came out of my mother's womb hating both the packers and the vikings. But it's hard for you to concentrate, type, and breathe with your lips planted squarely on Angelo's behind. or do you have one lip on his and 1 on Lovies?

Riddle me this, brainiac...start listing the "clutch" catches on Rashied Davis' resume? ....zzzzzz...zzzz still thinking? I can think of 1 in all these years and that was against the Falcons in the Georgia Dome with Orton as QB. And this proven ST contributor? What? did Dave Toub send you the talking points before you posted? You mean the same special teams contributor that cost the Bear's 15 yards on a punt return in game 1 for shoving a guy while he was out of bounds. Gee, Mikey, I would think a PROVEN special teams contributor would know better than that. So, yes, genius, I would rather have a 2nd year bigger receiver on the active roster than him. And oh, by the way, look at the management team that demoted him to the practice squad. Your guys, Jerry A & Lovie. They recognize football talent like you do intelligent statements. Although, to their credit, they actually stumble upon one every so often. Hmm, you need to catch up, Mikey. been stalking me again, haven't you Mike? How else would you know I wear a helmet like you. See, the only difference is that mine says "Harley Davidson" while yours says "Property of Cook County Hospital".

I wanted to name my kids after Bears, but for some reason my ol lady wouldn't go for Mike and Dick as names for her two daughters? It's hard to understand women.

Gearheadboy, dude you may want to lighten up just a little. Calling people names, especially when it's anonymously in a blog, is probably not the best way to get people to respect your opinion.

I'm just sayin.

Creighton, lighten up, your man-crush for Peyton Manning is showing. It's difficult to take an illiterate knucklehead like you seriously. Get spell check or something, you tool.At the end of last year you were blasting JA for NOT playing DA after the way he played the last 4 games.Last week I saw Hester drop a long pass that hit him in the hands, and miss a block on a screen to Forte. Does Lovie sit him this week ? No, because He's a draft pick, DA was not. Simple as that.


If you look at all the posts, I never start the name calling. I have had pleasant debates with several people on here {Creighton, Joe, Kevin, etc.} and they're always done with respect. But when it goes down that road, I will follow.

My ex also had a problem with Stephen Michael Ditka ______ and Bryen James McMahon ______, but finally gave in.

My ultimate sports wish is for multiple Bear's Championships. Someone on here, on a different blog topic wrote that they wanted to see the same defense as 05/06. I didn't go back and look before writing this, so if it's you, no offense, and I mean that sincerely, but I want a defense like 85-87. the 05 and 06 defenses were good, {and it wasn't the defense that led to the SB loss}, but those defenses in the late 80's were special. And I also know the scemes are different, but the Tampa version of the late 90's early 2000's could put pressure on the QB and cause turnovers {See Henry Burris, Cade McNown & K. Stewart, just to name a}. Romo is everyone's poster boy, but Rogers is the one that scares me to death. He hardly makes mistakes. And all this talk about Clifton scares me too. Same things were written about Columbo last week. "Coming off an injury and all".

As a lifelong Chicagoan {I have been in WV for 5 years, but will always (with respect to sports & food) be a Chicagoan} I get sick and tired of the "2nd city" syndrome. And that even applies to our GM's drafting ability. Don't settle for the 7th best Tackle in the first round, take the 2nd, or possibly 1st best RB and address the T spot later. And that is where this whole Wright Vs. Burnett thing came about. You know when the 3rd round started that the Bears and the fans who are draft nuts {like me, I admit it} were ticking off the picks and seeing Burnett there and then to get out foxed by a division foe just burned my A**. I would love to see Wright have a great career. I'm married with children, it's not like I haven't been proven wrong before. I hope he gets on the weight program and comes in next year looking like Ed Reed, or Daniel Manning for that matter.

I am always up for a healthy debate and will leave the personal barbs at the door. Good Day.

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